How to Install and Run Nginx Server on Windows

Power up your website with Nginx! Learn how to easily install and run this lightweight, high-performance web server on Windows in just minutes, even if you're a beginner.

Nginx makes the download process easier for Windows users by giving them pre-compiled binaries. This means that users don’t have to deal with the hassles of installing compilers and setting up a full development environment. In this guide we showed how to Install and Run Nginx Server on Windows.

This streamlined method makes things a lot easier for beginners, so they can quickly start setting up a web server. By providing ready-to-use binaries, Nginx improves usability and user-friendliness, making things easier for people who aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of compilation. This ease of use is especially helpful for people who want to get things done quickly without getting into the details of setting up a processor.

Nginx’s dedication to user convenience is clear in the simple solution it offers, letting users start web server projects quickly and easily without having to deal with the hassle of compiling processes. This makes it a good choice for a wide range of users, from beginners to experienced developers. For more information go to official website of Microsoft.

How to Install and Run Nginx Server on Windows

How to Install Nginx Server on Windows

  1. Get the Windows Nginx installer here.
  2. Get the Nginx archive.
  3. Start Nginx.
  4. Check the installation of Nginx.
  5. Set up Nginx as a Windows service.

How to Run Nginx Server on Windows

  1. Open your main browser.
  2. Type in localhost in the address bar.
  3. Check if Microsoft Edge is the browser being used.
  4. Verify that the Nginx web server was successfully installed and is now running by looking for a screen with this message.
  5. End Nginx from the Task Manager to stop it.
  6. If unable to end it from the Processes list, right-click and choose “Go to details.
  7. Identify all instances of Nginx.exe.
  8. Right-click on each instance of Nginx.exe.
  9. Select “End process” for each instance.
  10. Disregard warnings such as “Do you want to end Nginx.exe?”
  11. Click “End process” to complete the ending.
  12. Check your browser’s online page; it will display “can’t reach this page” when typing localhost.

Benefits of Using Nginx on Windows

Performance and the ability to grow:

  • It is lightweight and uses few resources: Compared to some Windows web servers, Nginx’s event-driven design may make loading times faster and allow for better scalability.
How to Install and Run Nginx Server on Windows
  • Handling a lot of connections at once: Nginx can handle a lot of connections at once, which is good for websites that get a lot of traffic.

Ability to adapt and work:

  • Load balancing and reverse proxy: Nginx can load balance traffic between multiple servers to improve speed and reliability. It can also act as a reverse proxy for other web servers.
  • Caching: Nginx has advanced caching features that can make servers less busy and websites run faster.
  • Security: Nginx can handle SSL/TLS ending, which means that your web server doesn’t have to handle encryption. This could make your site run faster.
    Other possible benefits:
  • Configuration syntax that you already know: If you know how to use Nginx on other systems, it will be easier to learn how to use it on Windows.
  • Active development: The Nginx team is working on the Windows version right now, and future updates could make it faster and more useful.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting Tips

Startup and Configuration Issues

  • Syntax errors in configuration file: Use nginx -t to check for syntax errors in your nginx.conf file. Carefully review error messages for specific lines and issues.
  • Port conflicts: Ensure no other application is using ports 80 and 443. You can use netstat -aon to check port usage.
  • Incorrect file paths: Verify all paths specified in your configuration file exist and are accessible.

Problems with installation:

  • Syntax errors in configuration file: If your firewall blocks ports, make sure that ports 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS) are open.
  • Antivirus interference: To avoid problems, temporarily turn off antivirus software while the process is going on.
  • Not having the right Visual C++ Redistributables installed: Put in the right ones for your Nginx version.


How do I run nginx on startup Windows?

In the Windows startup area, make a shortcut to nginx.exe and put it there. Use this answer to find where your startup is. In your run window, type “shell: startup” to get to the startup location. Every time you log in to the server, Nginx will run by itself.

How to install Nginx on Windows server 2012 r2?

You can get Nginx already built from their website, so all you have to do to install it is download a file and extract it. Go to to get the most recent mainline version. You can extract the file to a place like C:\nginx where you want to run Nginx.

How does Nginx server work?

The NGINX server uses an event-driven design that is both scalable and asynchronous. NGINX is made up of a master process and several child processes. The master process is in charge of managing worker processes and reading and evaluating setup files. At the same time, the worker processes handle actually handling calls.

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