How to Install YouTube Kids on Amazon Tablet

YouTube Kids on Fire Tablet: Safe Watching for Little Ones!

Here’s how to Install YouTube Kids on Amazon Tablet. When you have kids and want to give them a fun and safe place to watch videos, YouTube Kids is the best choice. On the other hand, you can’t get YouTube Kids from the Amazon Appstore. This may make you wonder if you can even get it on your Fire Tablet.

There is a way to get around this restriction, though, so you can still watch YouTube Kids on your Amazon Fire Tablet. Let us walk you through the steps to make it happen so that your kids can see information that is appropriate for their age and you can relax.

To begin, it’s important to know that this method requires getting the YouTube Kids app from a different source. Not to worry, it is a safe and sound answer, and we will show you each step to make sure you can follow along.

How to Install YouTube Kids on Amazon Tablet

Running a Windows PC-based Script

  1. Enter Settings > Device > Device Options on your Amazon Fire tablet.
  2. Click Serial Number at least 7 times.
  3. Select Developer Options.
  4. Press Enable ADB. Accept the warning to continueβ€”this functionality is for developers only.
  5. Connect your tablet to Windows via USB. If you have issues, install Google USB drivers manually. The drivers should be immediately downloaded by your PC.
  6. Download from Root Junky.
  7. As needed, unzip the file to a computer folder.
  8. Click Allow USB debugging on the tablet. Close Command Prompt and relaunch the.bat file if it fails.
  9. On the first screen, write 2 and press Enter. This tool installs Google Play Services and Store on tablets.
  10. Click OK on the installation prompt to restart your Amazon Fire. Hold down the tablet’s Power button to display the prompt dialogue box.
  11. Start the tablet and disconnect from Windows.
  12. Disable ADB.

Safety and Parental Controls on YouTube Kids

Age-Based Content Levels:Choose from Preschool, Younger Kids, and Older Kids levels, with curated content appropriate for each age group.Ensures kids are exposed to age-appropriate content based on their developmental stage.
Search Filtering:Filters out inappropriate content from search results, even within chosen age levels.Adds an extra layer of protection against unwanted content.
Timer and Lock:Set time limits for kids’ YouTube Kids usage and lock the app with a passcode.Helps manage screen time and prevent unauthorized access.
Channel Whitelisting Manually approve specific channels you want kids to watch and block unwanted ones.Provides granular control over the content kids can access.
Video Review Queue:Review videos before they appear in your child’s recommendations and remove any unwanted ones.Gives you the final say over what your child watches.
Reporting and Flagging:Report inappropriate content to YouTube Kids team for review and removal.Contributes to a safer platform for all users.
Limited Ads:Ads are limited and reviewed to be age-appropriate and non-intrusive.Protects kids from potentially harmful or confusing advertising.

Tips for Using YouTube Kids on Amazon Tablets

  • Take some time to watch YouTube Kids with your kid. You can then steer them towards material that is appropriate for their age, talk about what they’re watching, and start a conversation about online safety.
How to Install YouTube Kids on Amazon Tablet
  • Check out Offline Watching: You can download approved movies to watch when you’re not online. This is useful for trips in the car, on the bus, or when you can’t connect to the internet.
  • Being honest: Talk to your child about how to stay safe online and how to use the internet responsibly. Explain why it’s important to keep personal information to yourself, treat others with respect online, and stay away from inappropriate material.
  • Keep up to date: YouTube Kids regularly adds new features and material. Every once in a while, check back to see what’s new and make any necessary changes to your settings.
  • Make a child profile. This lets you change the settings and material for your child. When you’re in Amazon settings, go to “Profiles & Family” and click “Add a Child Profile.”


Can you download YouTube Kids videos?

If YouTube Premium and YouTube Kids are available where you are, you can download videos to watch on your phone when you’re not online by becoming a YouTube Premium member. If you pay for YouTube Premium, learn how to change the settings for downloading.

Can you watch Netflix on Amazon Fire kids tablet?

You can now download Netflix to your Fire Tablet! Here’s what you need to do to add Netflix to your child’s name on your tablet: You can control your child’s Amazon Kids content on devices that work with the Amazon Parent Dashboard, which is an online service. Start by going to the Amazon Parent Dashboard.

Is YouTube Kids safe for 5 year old?

While YouTube Kids is mostly safe, there is a small chance that kids could see ads for junk food, being naked, or just plain weird stuff. According to our study, 27% of the videos that kids ages 8 and under watch are actually made for older audiences. The most common type of bad material was found to be violence.

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