League of Legends: How to Get Riot Points

Do not forget that patience is a virtue! It takes work and time to get free RP, but the feeling of accomplishment is unbeatable. Now, go out and get your League money!

League of Legends is an online multiplayer game that makes sure everyone has a fair chance to win by making sure that in-game customizations don’t change how the game is played. It’s possible to buy things in the game with Riot Points (RP). also how to get Riot Points in League of Legends.

Players use RP to get a variety of items in games that make the experience better for them without giving them an edge over other players. These purchases can include skins, which change how champions look, ward skins, which customize in-game vision points, and emotes, which let players show how they feel during matches.

The fact that these deals don’t give direct advantages in the game keeps things fair and competitive, stopping a “pay-to-win” situation. Riot Points give players a way to customize and style their in-game experience. This lets each player express themselves without changing the way the game is played competitively. This method supports a strong in-game economy while upholding the values of fairness and competition based on skill.

How to get Riot Points in League of Legends:

Do things in-game to earn RP

  1. If you play your first game of the day, you’ll get some experience points. To get this bonus again every day, you must log in and play at least one game.
  2. Challenges and Missions: Riot regularly adds new challenges and missions that give you RP when you finish them. These can be as simple as playing a certain number of games or as complicated as reaching certain ranked play milestones.
  3. Crafting with Hextech: Disenchanting unwanted skin and champion shards can earn you Essence Emporium tokens, which can be exchanged for RP or other rewards.
    Honor System: When you get to high levels of Honor, you can get gemstones. You can use these to make skins that give you extra RP.

Take part in events in your community

  1. If you have an active Amazon Prime membership, you can link your gaming account to get special rewards like extra RP and sometimes even free RP.
  2. If you watch official League of Legends esports streams and events, you can earn viewer points. These points can be exchanged for RP and other rewards.
  3. Riot holds community contests from time to time where players can enter creative content or take part in challenges for a chance to win RP prizes.

Understanding the Importance of Riot Points

League of Legends: How to get Riot Points
  • Individualization and Customization: RP lets players buy different cosmetic items, such as skins, champions, emotes, and ward skins. These make their characters look better and make the game more fun, encouraging personal expression and enjoyment.
  • Progression and Advantage: In some games, RP can be used to get champions or other content that gives you an edge in the game. Even though they don’t always have a direct effect on win-loss records, they can make the game more fun and give you an edge in the competition.
  • Convenience and Time Saving: RP can be used to skip some grinds or get content faster than by progressing through the game on your own. This can be helpful for players who are short on time or who want to get items right away.

Earning Riot Points through Refer-a-Friend Programs

  • Get your friends together: There is a Refer-a-Friend program for each Riot Games game, so you’ll need to find the one that works for the game you want to a reward in. You can make a unique link or code to share with your friends once you’ve found it.
  • Your friends join the game: Your friends will be credited as your referral when they sign up for a Riot Games account after clicking on your link or code. Then, they’ll have to play the game for a certain amount of time or get to a certain level before you and they can both get the rewards.
  • Get rewards: When your friends meet the requirements, you’ll both get Riot Points, in-game items, or other cool stuff. Reward amounts will be different for each program and game, but they can be a great way to get more in-game money or cool new stuff.

Community Tips for Maximizing Riot Point Acquisition

League of Legends: How to get Riot Points

No cost RP

  • Happy First Win of the Day! This is a tried-and-true way to get extra RP. Get 50 RP when you play your first game of the day in any mode.
  • Missions and Challenges: Riot often adds new missions and challenges that give RP when they are finished. There are simple ones, like playing a certain champion, and more complicated ones, like winning a ranked game with a certain team. Always check the missions tab for new chances.
  • Practice Tool: This feature is easy to forget about, but it gives you 5–10 RP every time you finish a practice session. It’s not much, but over time, it adds up.

How to Spend Smart

  • Packs of Champions: Wait until champion bundles go on sale before buying single champions. Bundles often have big discounts, especially for champions that are already out there.
  • Like with champions, wait for skin sales before buying that expensive new outfit. Riot has a lot of themed sales and discounts all year long.
  • BE to RP Conversion: If you have a lot of Blue Essence (BE), you can turn it into RP at a 6:1 ratio. You can do this if you don’t need BE and want a quick RP boost.


Can you get riot points for free?

Premium lootboxes contain RP cards and smurf accounts with a 1350 RP skin of your choice, making them one of the few ways to get free RP.

How much RP does 100$ get you?

Riot Points can be purchased in various amounts using multiple methods. Best Buy, Walmart, Gamestop, 7/11, and EB Games sell $10, $25, $50, and $100 cards with 1380RP, 3500RP, 7200RP, and 15000RP.

Can I sell Riot points?

Selling is simple: you tell us how many RIOT POINTS your account has, and the system shows you the price we will pay for them. Attention: After advertising your RPs on ELOJOB HIGH, you must wait for a buyer to pay.

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