LEGO Fortnite: How to Get Iron and Make Iron Bars

Find out the secrets of iron and make strong tools in LEGO Fortnite! Mine, smell, and take over!

In LEGO Fortnite’s huge world, the fight to stay alive and be creative takes place in a thrilling mix of action and creativity. Iron is a resource that is essential to this adventure game. Iron is important as players level up because it’s needed to make tools reach the coveted Epic level. In this guide we provide how to Get Iron and Make Iron Bars in LEGO Fortnite.

It also helps players improve their growing villages. Iron is harder to get than other resources because it doesn’t show up right away, forcing players to go on a strategic quest. For the player’s virtual domain to do well as the game goes on, gathering a large amount of Iron becomes essential. The struggle is made more difficult by how scarce it is, which adds another level of difficulty to the game.

This complete guide tells players where to find Iron and how to master the complicated process of turning it into the sought-after Iron bars, which open up new possibilities in the world of LEGO Fortnite. Every quest for Iron is an exciting adventure because of the thrill of discovery and the strategic skill needed to get this important resource.

How to Get Iron and Make Iron Bars in LEGO Fortnite

Iron Ore Mining

  1. Go to the Snow Biome: Only snowy mountain caves contain iron ore. Explore the area for cave entrances.
  2. Dress for the Cold: The snow biome is cold, so bring cold-resistant clothes. Torch and spicy food like a Spicy Burger or hot pepper will help.
  3. Iron ore mining requires an Epic Pickaxe: Use your crafting menu materials to make it.
  4. Mine the Ores: Look for grey, metallic deposits on cave walls. Nodes of iron ore. Mining them with your Epic Pickaxe yields iron ore.

Making Iron Bars

  1. To unlock the Metal Smelter Recipe: You must reach Level 9 and raise your village rating.
  2. Build a Metal Smelter: Gather materials and build one in your village.
  3. Smelt Iron Ore: Put one iron ore and two Brightcores from lava caves into the Metal Smelter slots.
  4. Collect Iron Bars: After smelting, collect the Iron Bars.

The Role of Iron Bars in LEGO Fortnite

Craft Material

  • Iron bars are needed, Make swords, axes, and crossbows. Additional iron bars are needed to upgrade these weapons, making them valuable.
  • Tools Pickaxes and shovels may need iron bars for construction. These LEGO Fortnite tools are needed to unlock new areas, resources, and secrets.
  • Iron bars are rare Advanced building materials, but they can add strength and functionality. This could help build defensive fortifications or unique devices.
LEGO Fortnite: How to Get Iron and Make Iron Bars

Progress and Gating

  • Blocking Areas, LEGO Fortnite gates and puzzles may require certain amounts of iron bars to unlock. This encourages players to actively collect and manage iron bars.
  • Iron bars can be used to trade with characters or complete quests. This adds economic depth and lets players get valuable items or information.
  • Certain character upgrades or abilities require iron bars as a tribute or sacrifice. Character progression becomes strategic, forcing players to prioritise resource use.

Best Practices for Efficient Iron Collection


  • Find scrap: Map workshops, construction sites, junkyards, and homes. Partner with local businesses or communities for regular collection.
  • Sort scrap: By cast iron, wrought iron, and steel for better processing and value.
  • Purchase: Sorting stations, magnets, balers, and shredders for efficient handling and transportation.


LEGO Fortnite: How to Get Iron and Make Iron Bars
  • Systematise collection: Create drop-off points, collection drives, or bulk pick-up services.
  • Use sturdy: Large bins for bulky scrap.
  • Safety: Train staff to handle heavy or sharp scrap metal safely.

Transport and processing

  • Sort and clean: To improve processing and value, separate ferrous from non-ferrous materials and remove paint, oil, and rubber.
  • Size reduction: Shred or bale scrap for transport and storage. Densification lowers storage costs and boosts furnace efficiency.
  • Logistics optimisation: Optimise transportation routes to save fuel and time. Cooperate with scrap transport networks.

Trading and Economy: Iron Bars in LEGO Fortnite

  • Resource scarcity: Fortnite resources matter. Players may trade iron bars because they are scarce.
  • Crafting and Building: LEGO Fortnite players could use iron bars to build structures and weapons. This boosts bar demand, encouraging player trading.
  • Marketplace Builds: LEGO builders could build Fortnite marketplaces where characters trade iron bars. Different stalls or shops may specialise in specific goods, encouraging player interaction and trade.
  • LEGO sets could have trading posts: for minifigures to trade resources. Iron bars could be a universal currency, emphasising their importance in-game.
  • Transportation Challenges: Create LEGO vehicles or structures to move iron bars across Fortnite. This makes trading strategic and logistical.


How do you make iron bars in Lego fortnite?

The Metal Smelter workstation makes Iron Bars. With Brightcore, you can unlock the smelter crafting recipe.

How do you make an iron bar?

Smelting 5 Iron Ore in a furnace with 1 coal or crafting the “Transmute (Fe)” recipe (3 Copper Bars into one Iron Bar, unlocked at mining level 4) creates an Iron Bar.

How do you make iron bars in Minecraft?

Put 6 iron ingots in a 2×3 grid in the 3×3 crafting area to make iron bars.

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