LEGO Fortnite: How to Get Shells from Rollers

Ditch the struggle! Learn the fastest and easiest ways to get Shells in LEGO Fortnite and start crafting like a pro today!

Shells are one of the most important things you can get in Lego Fortnite game. This tool is needed to improve your bench, make health charms that will heal you, and do many other things. It goes without saying that you should have a lot of shells in your bag. In this article we will explain you how to Get Shells from Rollers in LEGO Fortnite.

Shells are not the easiest things to get in the game, which is a shame. Rollers are a rare enemy that hides in the ground and fits in with rocks and other debris. This item comes from them. That is why you need to know exactly what to watch out for and how to beat this tricky enemy. Ready to build and battle in LEGO Fortnite? The official website holds the key to unlocking endless adventures!

How to Get Shells from Rollers in LEGO Fortnite

  1. Roller Shells are obtained by defeating Rollers, crab-like enemies with strong attacks.
  2. Rollers utilize rolling attacks that deal significant damage.
  3. Dodge their rolling attacks to avoid damage.
  4. After rolling, Rollers are momentarily dazed – this is the prime opportunity to strike.
  5. Beware, Rollers hurl projectiles even when out of melee range.
  6. Rollers are attracted to Bones – dropping them nearby distracts Rollers, allowing for easier attacks.
  7. Each defeated Roller drops one Shell.
  8. Three Shells are needed for the first Work Bench upgrade.
  9. You must defeat at least three Rollers to gather the required Shells.
  10. Shells are also used in crafting charms.

Leveraging Tools and Techniques in LEGO Fortnite for Shell Acquisition

  • Tools for gathering: As soon as possible, improve your pickaxe and other tools for gathering. Higher tiers give you more shells per hit, which makes it much easier to collect them.
  • Gadgets and Vehicles: Use gadgets like the glider and grappler to quickly get to resource-rich places or find hidden shell deposits. You can also get around the map quickly with vehicles like the Battle Bus.
  • Building and Destruction: Build buildings in a planned way to reach high-shell zones or destroy structures that hold a lot of deposits. Remember that damaging the earth often leads to shells.
LEGO Fortnite: How to Get Shells from Rollers
  • Shell Hotspots: Look for shells in places like beaches, quarries, and building sites where there are lots of them. Keep an eye out because these places often have clear visual cues.
  • Daily and weekly challenges: Complete these to get extra prizes, which are often shells. They often point you in the direction of places with lots of certain supplies.

Advanced Strategies for Expert Shell Gathering in LEGO Fortnite

  • Mastering Gadgets: Do more than just use them. Learn advanced glider moves, how to use the grappler to quickly grab shells, and how to use the deployable shield to protect resources in a smart way.
  • Building Tips from the Pros: Advanced building methods, such as turbo building and ramp rushes, can be used to find secret shell deposits or make shell-farming machines that work well.
  • Creative Destruction: Use environmental hazards or explosives in a planned way to destroy big structures, which could show huge shell deposits that were hidden inside.
  • Planning routes on the fly: Change the way you collect shells based on the daily tasks, changes to the map, and where the enemies are. Put high-yield places at the top of your list while minimising risks.
  • Shell Forecasting: Use clues in the surroundings and enemy wave patterns to figure out when shells will spawn. This lets you plan where to be so that you can collect as much as possible quickly.


Can you repair tools in LEGO Fortnite?

You cannot repair tools in LEGO Fortnite. Sadly, there is currently no way to repair tools or weapons in LEGO Fortnite.

What are rollers on LEGO Fortnite?

Rollers are mean animals that look a lot like wild crabs. Most of the time, you can find them in forests, like the Grasslands biome. Rollers are hard to spot because their bodies look like rocks, so they fit in well with their surroundings.

What is drawstring used for in LEGO Fortnite?

Drawstring is a common item that you can use in various recipes in LEGO Fortnite, such as Crossbows, which will be indispensable when fighting enemies who are too strong in close combat.

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