Apex Legends: How to Level up Fast

Become a master strategist & level up like a pro! This guide unlocks Apex's hidden XP secrets.

Sometimes it feels like a craps game when you level up quickly in Apex Legends’s fast-paced world. However, there are 12 different ways for players to earn experience points, which are needed to move quickly through the game and are the key to unlocking the highly-coveted Apex Packs. In this guide we showed how to level up fast in Apex Legends

Every action you take, like killing enemies, dealing damage, healing teammates, or just making it to the final circle, adds to your overall experience. Doing daily and weekly challenges, going to events, and placing high in matches are all other things that give you a lot of experience.

You can also speed up your levelling by using the Battle Pass bonuses, playing with friends to get extra XP multipliers, and picking legends whose abilities work well together. The path to fast progression may seem random, but if you understand and improve these 12 methods, the odds are in your favor.

How to level up fast in Apex Legends

  1. Rate Apex Legends and play it.
  2. Stay alive longer in the game (3 XP per second).
  3. Do more damage (0.25 XP for every 1 damage).
  4. During special events, getting XP boosts.
  5. Help out with the 200 XP per respawn.
  6. Get a BattlePass to get extra XP boosts.
  7. Get a 5–10% bonus if you play with a friend.

Understanding Leveling in Apex Legends

Level of the Player (1–500):

  • XP rules: Getting Experience Points (XP) is important for moving forward. You can get XP by doing things in the game, like killing enemies, helping others, reviving them, winning, and even just staying alive for a while.
Apex Legends: How to level up fast
  • As you level up, you’ll unlock more valuable items, such as Apex Packs with cosmetics and Legends, Legend Tokens for buying Legends and cosmetics, and Crafting Metals for making certain items.
  • New level cap and smoother curve: As of Season 14, the maximum level has been raised to 500, and the XP needed to level up has been lowered from levels 20 to 58. This makes the initial climb easier for new players.

Name of the Level (Bronze-Apex Predator):

  • Skills-based ladder: This is a separate system that judges how competitive you are and puts you in a dynamic tier based on the Ranked Points (RP) you earn by placing well and doing well.
  • Seasonal resets: Ranked seasons happen about every three months and reset your rank, giving you a new chance to climb.
  • Reward and pride: As you move up the ranks, you’ll unlock special badges, weapon skins, and dive trails that show off your skills to other players.

Importance of Leveling Up Quickly

Games for video:

  • Reaching endgame content: In games where reaching the highest level opens up new areas, challenges, or skills, it can be very important to level up quickly in order to get the most out of the game. It speeds up progress and keeps you interested in the main gameplay loop.
  • Competitive edge: In multiplayer games, levelling up faster can give you a short-term edge over other players by letting you get better gear, skills, or access to areas that other players can’t see. But this advantage might not last as long as everyone levels up.

Real-life skills and facts:

  • Getting ahead in your career: In some fields, quickly getting new skills and certifications can lead to promotions or better job opportunities. This is especially important in industries that change quickly and where staying up to date is very important.
  • Personal growth and happiness: Learning new things all the time can help you solve problems better, understand the world better, and feel like you’ve accomplished something. Even though learning doesn’t happen as quickly as in games, the long-term benefits are big.

Tips for Solo Players to Level Up Quickly

Getting dropped and looted:

  • Does it drop hot or not? Early kills give a lot of XP, but you should think about the risk vs. reward. You could hot-drop to get into a fight quickly, or you could land safer to keep looting and staying alive.
  • Set goals High-Tier Loot Zones: Hot zones like Skull Town, Fragment, and others have better loot and more players, so the action moves faster and there are more chances to kill or assist.
  • Loot Smartly: Focus on valuable items like backpacks, body shields, and weapons that you’re good at. Don’t waste time on attachments that aren’t needed.

Fights and Engagements:

  • Choose Your Battles: Stay out of bad fights, especially ones where you are outnumbered. Focus on attacking weaker teams from the outside or going after single players.
  • Use Cover and Positioning: Learn how to move and use cover. You have an advantage because you are on high ground and in a good spot.
  • Play to Your Legend’s Strengths: Pick a Legend whose skills fit the way you like to play and learn how they work. Go to their official website to find out more.


What is the fastest way to level up in Apex?

That being said, the best way to level up quickly in Apex Legends is to stay alive as long as possible (to get Survival XP). You get 3 XP for every second you stay alive, and that’s for your whole squad, not just you.

How long does it take to get to lvl 50 in apex?

Now, you have to reach level 50 in Apex Legends to play in ranked mode. That’s 609,650 XP all together. We get 35 hours of nonstop play if we divide it by 17.500. so we’ll have to grind for 8 hours every day for at least a week to get to level 50.

What gives most XP in Apex?

Staying alive during the whole match is one of the best ways to get XP. It’s not enough to just stay alive; you also get XP for finishing in the top five and for any damage or kills you get during that time.

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