Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How to Get the Hang Ten Trophy

In Marvel's Spider-Man 2, learn Manhattan's tricks in the air and get that perfect ten!

Hang Ten is a tough trophy in Spider-Man 2 game that requires players to master a tricky aerial challenge. To get this achievement, players must do an amazing 30 different tricks while flying through the cityscape of the game. The challenge is difficult because of the large number of tricks that need to be done and the need for accuracy and variety. In this article we talk about how to get The Hang Ten Trophy in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Spider-Man’s acrobatic skills are put to the test as players move through the city skyline, switching between flips, spins, and grabs with ease to get the required number of tricks. Each move in the air requires a precise balance of timing and skill. This makes Hang Ten a thrilling display of virtual athleticism.

As gamers try to find this elusive trophy, the open-world setting lets them be creative, pushing the limits of Spider-Man’s flying skills and creating a one-of-a-kind and satisfying gaming experience. Learning how to play Hang Ten shows how skilled and flexible a player is in the face of an exciting, high-flying challenge.

What is Hang Ten Trophy in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The “Hang Ten” trophy is a bronze achievement that can be obtained in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 by successfully completing thirty air tricks in a row without making contact with the ground. Providing that you do not land in between any of the aerial manoeuvres that you perform while swinging, each of those manoeuvres counts as a trick.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: How to get The Hang Ten Trophy

In essence, you need to maintain your airborne position and continue to perform a variety of flips, spins, and other acrobatic feats in order to maintain a continuous streak of thirty tricks simultaneously. Always keep in mind that variety is essential; performing the same trick over and over again will not advance the counter. If you want to check price of this game on amazon.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: How to get The Hang Ten Trophy

  1. Before you start a trick, use Web Wings to glide and get higher.
  2. Use webswinging between buildings to get up and keep from falling.
  3. Do not touch the ground in any way, including when you fall or hit something.
  4. Make sure that neither Miles nor Peter’s feet touch the ground.
  5. If the trick chain comes into contact with something, start it over.
  6. Do 30 air tricks in a row without touching the ground.

Tips and Strategies for Achieving The Hang Ten Trophy

  • Practice and Patience: It takes time and practice to get good at aerial tricks. Don’t give up if you don’t land them perfectly the first time.
  • Getting things done: Before you try any tricks, swing through the city to get faster. You can do more complicated moves when you’re going faster.
  • Use Focus: Turn on Focus mode to see time more slowly, which lets you control your tricks more precisely.
  • Web Zips: Connect several web zips together to quickly change your speed and height in the air.
  • Grinds and Wall Runs: Use these to keep going and get more airtime while collecting points.
  • Air Tricks: Learn basic flips like somersaults and spins before you try more difficult moves like handstands and corkscrews.

Importance of Hang Ten Trophy

  • Individual Concerns: The trophy provides Peter Parker with a normal life. Winning it would make his secret life as a superhero easier, and it would also help his Aunt May and Aunt Sarah out financially. His normal life, which he wants but struggles to keep up, comes to mind.
  • Opponent of the movie, Otto Octavius, sees the trophy as proof of his scientific brilliance. Using the prize money to pay for his experimental sun reactor is blurring the line between science and personal goals. Sadly, his desperation brings him closer to breaking the law.
Marvel's Spider-Man 2: How to get The Hang Ten Trophy
  • For example, the trophy represents the film’s duty. The competition’s focus on both individual skill and teamwork is similar to Peter’s struggles to balance his personal life with his identity as a superhero. Focusing on the importance of balance, winning requires skill and teamwork.
  • Backstory: The Hang Ten Surf Classic, a famous surfing competition, took place in California from 1962 to 2002. For more realistic and relatable superhero stories, putting them in a cultural context is helpful.


How do you get the hidden trophy in Spider-Man 2?

Most hidden trophies in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are rewards for completing specific main missions. Three of these mission trophies involve a side mission. Once you complete a mission connected to a trophy, you’ll earn the trophy.

How do you get the 30 trick trophy in Spiderman 2?

“Perform 30 air tricks in a row without touching the ground” is technically correct, but it ignores the fact that you can web swing or wing glide between tricks and only reset your trick counter when you land, whether on the ground or a building.

How do you do air tricks in Spider Man 2 ps5?

Hold down ◻ and move the left analogue stick in different directions while you’re in the air to do Air Tricks.

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