Minecraft: How to Find and Use a Name Tag

Tame the wild and personalize your world! Do not let your favourite Minecraft mobs disappear. Instead, teach yourself how to find and use name tags to give them unique names.

Building relationships with the non-player characters (NPCs) that live in a village in Minecraft’s huge, blocky world makes the game feel more personal. As players trade and interact with the characters in a village more often, they form a special bond with them. To enhance this connection, the introduction of name tags becomes a valuable asset. In this guide we showed how to Find and Use a Name Tag in Minecraft.

Though not common, name tags are a great way to make NPCs stand out and make them more likeable by giving them unique personalities. These small, hard-to-find items let players give villagers unique names, which adds to the sense of ownership and story in the game.

With name tags, each NPC is more than just a pixelated character; they get a personality that connects with the player, making their relationship with the virtual world they live in deeper and more interesting. As players continue to work on and improve their chosen villages, name tags make the experience better and more personal for each player. For more information go to official website.

What are name tags in Minecraft?

A name tag is an item in Minecraft that lets you give certain things a meaningful name. This person’s name will then be shown above their head, making them easy to spot. These things can be most mobs, tamed animals, and even some items, like armour stands.

Minecraft: How to Find and Use a Name Tag

This is what name tags do in brief:

  • Naming: As the word “name” suggests, name tags’ main job is to give an object a unique name. You can give it any name you want, from funny to useful, like “Guard Pig” or “Wandering Trader.”
  • Identification: Giving something a name makes it easy to tell it apart from other things in the world. This is especially helpful for keeping track of specific animals or mobs.
  • Despawning is stopped: Naming a mob stops it from despawning, even if it goes off in a different direction. This can help you keep important tamed animals or friendly mobs nearby.

How to Find and Use a Name Tag in Minecraft

How to Find a Name Tag

Chest Loot

  1. Mining Shaft Dungeon Old City
  2. The house in the woodland
  3. You can find a name tag in the Bedrock Edition’s buried treasure chests.
  4. In both versions of the game, the name tag is most likely to be in the chest of a Mineshaft.


  1. Craft a Fishing Rod: Begin by crafting a fishing rod using the crafting table. The recipe typically involves using sticks and string.
  2. Find a Body of Water: Locate any body of water, such as lakes, rivers, or oceans, where you can fish for items.
  3. Equip Luck of the Sea Enchantment: Enhance your chances of getting a name tag by enchanting your fishing rod with the Luck of the Sea spell. Obtain the enchantment through an enchanting table or an anvil and an enchanted book.
  4. Begin Fishing: Cast your fishing rod into the water and wait patiently for a catch. Keep in mind that obtaining a name tag is considered a treasure catch, and it has a 5% chance of occurring.
  5. Consider AFK Fish Farm: For a more automated approach, set up an AFK (Away From Keyboard) fish farm. This involves creating a contraption that allows your character to fish automatically. Leave your character alone for an extended period, and check the results later.
  6. Be Patient: The fishing process can take hours due to the low probability of obtaining a name tag. Exercise patience and continue fishing until you achieve the desired result.


  1. Trading with a villager is the safest way to obtain a name tag in Minecraft video game.
  2. To initiate this trade, you must first interact with a librarian in the village until it reaches the “master” level.
  3. Once the librarian is at the master level, it will offer a 20-emerald name tag in exchange.
  4. Building a villager trading hall can make the process easier, utilizing other villagers to acquire emeralds quickly.

How to Use a Name Tag

  1. Craft an anvil in Minecraft and place it on a solid surface. Right-click on it or press the second action key.
  2. In the anvil’s farthest left slot, insert the name tag. Do not place anything in the other slot.
  3. In the top slot of the anvil, type the desired name you want to appear on your name tag. Ensure you are at least level one. Take the new name tag from the right slot.
  4. Use the name tag on any mob in the game to give it a unique name. Note that the name tag will be consumed during this process.

Tips for Efficient Name Tag Hunting

Getting ready:

  • Enchanted tools: Put on a Fortune III Pickaxe to get more name tags, and use Silk Touch to get the nameplates themselves.
  • Potions: Potions of Strength and Haste will make mining and exploring go faster. If you can become invisible, you can avoid crowds in dangerous places.
  • Food and supplies: Bring enough food and other things you’ll need for the hunt.

Places where:

  • Woodland Mansions: Woodland Mansions are rare buildings that appear in dark forests and a lot of the time have name tags in chests. Check out the mansion’s hidden rooms and chests.
  • Wrecks: Ocean Monuments and underwater shipwrecks can drop treasure chests that might have name tags inside them. Get ready for mobs and currents in the water.
  • End City chests: At the end of the End dimension, in End Cities, there are chests that might have name tags inside them. Get ready for Endermen and other hostile groups.


How do you name villagers?

Put the tag in the first menu slot on your anvil and choose the “Name Tag” box. Then just type in the new name you want to give a villager and pick up the Name Tag that comes up. To change the name of the tag, you’ll need at least 5 experience levels.

Are name tags rare in Minecraft?

Name tags can be caught while fishing as treasure with a 1 in 6 chance, on top of the 5% chance of being a treasure catch. The Luck of the Sea enchantment makes it more likely that you will find treasure.

Can you put a nametag on a skeleton?

I can’t promise it will work, but get a name tag from a dungeon chest or a trade with a villager. Name it what you’d like to name the skeleton in an anvil, go up to the skelly and right click /left trig/ whatever your β€œplace” option is, and it should name it.

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