Minecraft: How to Get Goat Horn

Want a cool horn for Minecraft? Learn to lure goats, dodge their fury, and collect their horns!

In Minecraft’s ever-changing world, the 1.19 Wild Update adds the goat horn as a unique item, joining other new items like the recovery compass. You can talk to other players over long distances (up to 256 blocks) with this strange item. In this guide we showed how to Get Goat Horn in Minecraft.

All you have to do is blow loudly into the goat horn. There are eight different goat horns, and each one makes a different sound. Players can collect and change the sounds they use to communicate. With the latest 1.19 update, goat horns may not seem very useful in single-player modes.

But because Minecraft video game is always changing, it’s possible that future updates will add more features. For players, the idea that these horns could be used for other things or interact with other things is still very interesting. In the event that you are interested in acquiring additional information, you may go to the official website.

What is Goats in Minecraft

Goats are cute and mischievous mobs that live in Minecraft’s mountain biomes. They’re known for being very agile, having strong personalities, and sometimes pushing players off cliffs when they’re not paying attention. Here is a list of their most important traits:

Minecraft: How to Get Goat Horn

Where it lives

  • Plant in biomes with snowy slopes, rocky peaks, and frozen peaks.
  • Love being up high and can easily climb things that look impossible.

What to do

  • Neutral mobs, they won’t attack unless they are provoked.
  • Can be lured with wheat and used to breed, which can lead to a cute bunch of goat babies!

Minecraft: How to Get Goat Horn

  1. In survival, goats may ram you.
  2. Goats check nearby mobs for stationaryness every 30–300 seconds. If so, the goat will ram the mob.
  3. Stay still to have a goat ram you. It takes time, but don’t moveone will charge.
  4. The goat won’t drop its horn if it hits you, but if you dodge it and get behind a wall, it will.
  5. This only works on logs, stones, packed ice, iron, copper, or emerald ore walls.
  6. Although the player can place these blocks, the goat must hit a material that would naturally generate in its home environment to drop its horn.
  7. Even if the goat hits the wall, it won’t drop a horn if you use any other blocks.

Goat Behaviour and Drops

Experts in natural parkour

  • Going up walls: Forget ladders, goats can jump 10 blocks high, which makes it easy for them to get up mountains and cliffs.
  • Damage from a fall? What fall damage? Goats take 10 times less damage than other mobs when they fall, even though they can jump very high. Don’t worry about the dangerous cliffs; these sure-footed animals will get back up.
  • Powder snowNOPE: Goats don’t like powder snow like most mobs do, and they will actively avoid walking into it.

Spree of Ramming

  • Take it! Some things that goats like to run into are mobs that aren’t moving and players who dare to stay still for too long. Keep your distance from these cocky thugs!
  • Horn Power: If a goat rams into a solid block, it might lose one or both of its horns. There are four different kinds of these horns, and each one sounds different when played.
  • Goats That Scream: The screaming goat is a rare breed of goat that not only looks different but also has four different horns that make different sounds.

Best Strategies for Goat Horn Collection

Horns being found passively

  • Explore mountainous and snowy biomes: Go to biomes with mountains and snow; that’s where goats naturally spawn. Watch out for their ramming attacks, which often leave horns behind when they hit hard blocks like stone, packed ice, or some ores.
  • Listen for goat ram noises: Listen for the sounds of a goat ram. Goats make a unique grunt when they are about to ram. This can help you find them even if they are hidden.

A lot of horn farming

  • Build a “ram trap”: Make a “ram trap” by enclosing a long hallway and standing at one end of it with stone walls (or other valid “horn-dropping” blocks). Bring a goat in and don’t move. At some point, it will hit the wall and may drop horns. Plan your escape so you don’t get hit!
  • Create a breeding farm: Set up a breeding farm. This takes more work but will give you goats for a long time. Put goats in a pen with food and water, breed them, and then wait for their young to grow horns. Then, like with the trap method, you can “milk” them for horns by making them ram walls.

Important Gameplay Considerations for Goat Horns

Minecraft: How to Get Goat Horn

Offensive Strength

  • Ramming: Charge an attack with the horns to hit players and mobs hard and knock them back a long way. Can help stop enemy attacks or put distance between you and them.
  • Horn Toss: Use a charged horn attack to throw small mobs into the air. It can be used to push enemies off cliffs or into danger.

Useful for defence

  • Parrying: Time your horn attack just right to block incoming melee attacks and maybe even take the attacker’s weapon away.
  • Stunning: If your horn attack hits, it can temporarily blind an enemy, giving you a chance to attack back.

Going across

  • Climbing: The horns can be used to grab onto certain surfaces, making it easy to climb up cliffs or ruins.
  • Breaking: Some horn attacks can remove certain blocks, which could reveal new paths or hidden areas.


How do you make a goat ram in Minecraft?

Goats might ram you if you’re not on peaceful difficulty or survival. Every thirty to three hundred seconds, goats look around to see if any nearby mobs have been completely still. If they have, the goat will try to run that group over. So, if you want a goat to ram you, you have to stay still.

How rare is goat horn Minecraft?

As you may have seen, the screaming goat is the only way to get half of the goat horns in Minecraft. In Minecraft, this type of goat is very rare; only about 2% of the time, it will show up in a herd of goats.

Why is my goat not dropping horns?

It has to be an adult for it to drop a goat horn. It has to choose to charge and hit a solid block, like a tree block. Also, it has to be in the biome where it came from. Don’t forget that it has to be an adult and in its home biome.

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