Minecraft: How to Get an Observer

Craft an Observer in Minecraft and unlock redstone's potential!

Despite the fact that the main gameplay experience of Minecraft Survival or Creative Mode is quite straightforward, experimenting with functional Redstone blocks such as the Get an Observer in Minecraft opens up a whole new universe of intricacy and an infinite number of opportunities for innovation.

In accordance with its name, the Observer “observes,” as evidenced by the qualities of its face that are both stern and slightly endearing respectively. The essence of precisely what this block observes and how that connects to other blocks, on the other hand, can be difficult to fathom, particularly for those who are new to Redstone mechanics or do not have much experience with them.

An easy method to understand the Observer is to think of it as the “if-then” conditional statement that is used in programming. This is despite the fact that there are numerous ways to explain its complicated functioning.

In Minecraft, what is an observer?

An observer is a Redstone piece that sends out Redstone signs when it sees changes in the world around it. It has a face-like shape on one side that can sense changes in the fluid or block in front of it. On the other hand, the Observer has a Redstone beeper that sends Redstone messages.

Once the monitor is set up, it can only be mined with a pickaxe. Mining won’t be a big deal very often, though, since it doesn’t happen naturally in Minecraft. To get the observer, you have to either make it by hand or follow the Minecraft steps for spawning it. This makes it a great choice for kids who like to do things with their hands.

How does the Observer work in Minecraft?

An observer is very simple in how it works, but it can be used to make amazing tools. Putting down a monitor is all it takes to use it. Where it looks at depends on which way its face is looking. It will send out a Redstone signal if it sees something in front of it. After that, you can use this Redstone signal to power other things, like engines or Redstone repeaters.

Required Materials for an Observer

  1. 6 cobblestone
  2. 2 Redstone dust
  3. 1 nether quartz

How to Get an Observer in Minecraft

Minecraft: How to Get an Observer

Nether Quartz

Nether quartz is the most important thing you will need to make a watcher. You will need to use your iron pickaxe to go into the nether and get at least one nether crystal.

Red Stone

The red stone block is the next thing you need to find and get. Find at least two red stone blocks in the area below and go there.

Cobble stones

After that, you’ll need to get cobblestone, which is the next thing you need. You need at least six Cobble stones. Get these stones with your iron tool.


You can now use the making table to make an observer. To add six cobblestones, two red stones, and one nether quartz, go to the crafting table and open up the 3×3 crafting grid. Then, follow the steps below. There is a spy in the box on the right side of the making table. Put this item in your “ready to use” store.

Tips For Using Observers Efficiently

  • Placement: Point the monitor at the block whose changes you want to find. Remember that it finds changes, not just blocks that are added or removed.
  • Redstone Output: The observer sends out a redstone signal whenever the watched block changes state, like when a chest opens, a lever flips, or even a flower grows.
  • Chain reactions: let you make complicated machines that are set off by a single event by using multiple viewers in a certain order. Imagine opening a secret chest and having doors with cascading pistons open.
  • For hidden triggers: Put observers in walls or under floors to find movement without showing the redstone wiring. This is great for traps or secret doors that you open by pressing on pressure plates.
  • Pulse Extenders: To make timed pulses for more complicated devices, use watchers with redstone repeaters. For complicated automated farms, this can be used to change how long the pistons move or the water flows.
  • Options for Detection: Try out different blocks! When put under carpets, observers can see changes in the water level, the content of item frames, and even the movements of mobs. There are a lot of options!


What can an observer detect?

Observers are a type of redstone block in Minecraft that can pick up on changes in the world around them, like when blocks are updated or when the state of redstone components changes. Observers can send out a redstone signal when they notice a change. This signal can be used to activate other redstone devices or processes.

What is the point of the observer in Minecraft?

What Does an Observer Do? In Minecraft, these rules apply to observers: The watcher only looks at the block in front of it and sends out a Redstone signal if that block’s state changes. The watcher sends out strong Redstone signals that last for two ticks each.

What triggers an observer in Minecraft bedrock?

It is a Block Update Detector (BUD) block that will send a short Redstone pulse if the block it is facing is changed in any way, such as being mined, put, opened, closed, or anything else. They are set up like in Pistons. On the side of the bigger red square, the Observer will see block changes.

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