Modern Warfare 3: How to Find Harvester Orbs Locations

Uncover hidden Harvester Orb locations & complete MW3's Reaper mission faster!

Finding a Harvester Orb is one of the many tasks you will have to do in Modern Warfare 3’s new zombies mode if you want to move the game forward. When you first see one of these orbs floating over you, it might make you feel a little uneasy. In this article we will discuss you how to Find Harvester Orbs Locations in Modern Warfare 3.

You need to find a Harvester Orb for the Reaper task, but that mission doesn’t happen until Act Two. Until then, you have a lot to do, like getting Cyphered Tablets and Essence of Aether samples. This is how to find Harvester Orbs in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 if you’re already ready to do it. Want to know more? Head over to their official website.

How to Find Harvester Orbs Locations in Modern Warfare 3

  1. Locate Harvester Orbs near the border of Low and Medium Threat Zones, usually on the south and southeast side of the map in MW3 Zombies.
  2. Look for flying purple orbs and shoot them to collect essence.
  3. Keep up with the moving orbs and destroy them.
  4. In a squad, take turns shooting the orb to maximize efficiency.
  5. Avoid getting too close to prevent electrocution.
  6. Destroying Harvester Orbs guarantees an Aether Tool for weapon upgrades.
  7. There’s a chance for additional rewards like weapons and valuables.

Significance of Finding Harvester Orbs Locations

  • Essence: Destroying a Harvester Orb grants a substantial amount of essence, the in-game currency used to upgrade weapons, perks, and equipment within the specific video game mode.
  • Aether Tool: Each orb guarantees an Aether Tool, which randomly upgrades a weapon in your inventory to a higher rarity, significantly increasing its power and effectiveness.
  • Disabling Spawning: Destroying Harvester Orbs temporarily disables the spawning of new enemies, granting a brief respite and allowing you to regroup or fortify your position. This can be crucial during overwhelming waves of enemies.
  • Map Control: Knowing the locations of Harvester Orbs and actively seeking them out allows you to control the flow of combat. Destroyed orbs prevent enemies from gaining the benefits associated with them, giving your team an advantage.
  • Survival: In “Survival” mode, reaching higher waves and earning stars for completing objectives requires efficient resource management and strategic gameplay. Destroying Harvester Orbs provides essential resources (essence and upgraded weapons) to achieve these goals.

Leveraging Tools and Equipment for Orb Hunting


  • Strong weapons: Because Harvester Orbs can fly and move quickly, it’s important to use weapons that do a lot of damage and have a long range. Take a look at assault rifles like the ACR or M14EBR or light machine guns like the M249.
  • Weapons that explode: If you can corner a Harvester Orb, grenades or rockets can do a lot of damage and quickly kill it.

Set of tools:

  • Perks: PvP perks like “Scavenger” can help you keep firing on the Orb by giving you more ammunition from enemies that have died. The “Gung-Ho” move can help you shoot faster, which makes it easier to find and hit the Orb.
  • Field Upgrades: “Portable Radar” can quickly show where nearby enemies are, and if they’re close enough, they might even show you where the Harvester Orb is. “EMP Grenade” can temporarily stop the Orb from moving, which makes it easier to hit.


Where do you get schematics in MW3 zombies?

If you do high-level contracts, loot caches and chests in dangerous areas, and complete Cargo Delivery tasks, you can find every Schematic. Some blueprints, like the Quick Revive recipe in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, can only be found in certain types of contracts. Other blueprints can be found anywhere.

What is the best gun for MW3 zombies?

The Lockwood 680 is very powerful and can easily kill any monster. It gets even stronger as you level it up. We are sure that the Lockwood 680 is one of the best guns for MW3 Zombies because of this.

What is a harvester orb in MW3 zombies?

You may have seen and run past Harvester Orbs in MW3 Zombies. They are bright purple orbs. They don’t have a set place where they spawn; each match, they will show up in a different part of Urzikstan.

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