Modern Warfare 3: How to Get Magma Camo

Unlock the sizzling Magma Camo! Master Vortex War's Domain & claim MW3's fiery prize.

In the past few years, Call of Duty has done what a number of its competitors have done: it has added events to its online mode all through the year. In this article we will show you how to Get Magma Camo in Modern Warfare 3. Players who take part in these events can get something for their hard work and grinding. New skins are often the reward.

These skins, on the other hand, are only available at the event. If you miss them, they won’t show up in the Call of Duty shop. That’s why a lot of players will work hard for days on end to get them. But some players don’t like how much XP is needed to unlock the Magma skin, which is the event’s main prize. Vortex War’s Domain is the newest event in Modern Warfare 3 video game. You can visit the official website to learn more details about this game.

Requirements for Unlocking Magma Camo

Event Participation:

This camo was only available during the “Vortex War’s Domain” event, a sci-fi-themed update that is now over. In Modern Warfare 3, this means that you can no longer get the Magma Camo by playing normally.

Earning 1.2 Million XP:

During the event time, getting this huge XP goal would let you use the Magma Camo.

How to Get Magma Camo in Modern Warfare 3

  1. Magma camo unlocked in Vortex: War’s Domain event in January 2024.
  2. Event runs Jan. 3 to 17, camo unavailable after.
  3. MW3 Magma camo not unlocking? Likely goal unfinished.
  4. Unlock Magma camo in MW3, Warzone, or Zombies via earning XP during event.
  5. Bug made tracking progress tough.
  6. XP amounts for rewards not showing accurately during Vortex: War’s Domain.
  7. Activision disclosed correct values needed for each reward, including Magma.
Modern Warfare 3: How to Get Magma Camo
  • “The Goat” weapon sticker (9,500 XP)
  • Double XP token (21,500 XP)
  • “Through the Smoke” large decal (36,900 XP)
  • Double weapon XP token (56,350 XP)
  • “Ghost Fire” charm (81,100 XP)
  • “Skull Fire” large decal (112,450 XP)
  • “Volcanic” emblem (152,300,000 XP)
  • “A Little Rusty” calling card (202,950 XP)
  • Double battle pass XP token (267,200 XP)
  • “Winged Fire” weapon sticker (348,900 XP)
  • Double XP token (452,550 XP)
  • “Forged in Flames” calling card (584,250 XP)

Tips and Strategies for Efficiently Unlocking Camos

  • Double Weapon XP Events: Playing during Double Weapon XP events is the best way to level up your weapons faster and win most camo challenges.
  • Pay Attention to One Weapon at a Time: Instead of switching between weapons, focus on getting camo for one weapon before going on to the next. This lets you focus on what you need to and make progress faster.
  • Playlists and game modes should be used: Pick playlists and game types that are right for the camo challenges you’re up against. It’s possible that Domination would be best for “kills near objectives” challenges and Kill Confirmed would be best for “collecting dog tags” challenges.
  • Keep track of your progress: Stick to websites or spreadsheets to keep track of how your camo work is going for each gun. This helps you keep track of tasks and decide which ones are most important when you’re almost done with them.
  • Priceless Camo: These are the hardest because they often need certain types of kills, long kill runs, or even no attachments at all. It takes skill and patience to do this. You might want to use certain Perks and items, like bombs, to help you reach your camo goals.


What is the Gilded Camo challenge MW3?

The Gilded Camo challenge for the BAS-B weapon is “Get 3 Operator kills with 1 magazine 10 times with the BAS-B.” They have to finish this challenge after the first phase is over. Players will get the Gilded Camo for the BAS-B once they finish the task.

What is the hardest camo in MW3?

To get the Interstellar camo in Modern Warfare 3 game, which is thought to be the hardest to get because it takes so much time and work to unlock, you have to complete all of the game’s Priceless camo tasks.

What is the best gun in MW3?

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, the MCW and Holger 556 assault rifles are the most popular guns. The MCW is thought to be the best gun. With the right additions, the MCW can be a very dangerous gun because it is easy to control the recoil and handle.

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