Monster Hunter: How to Use Special Skills

Take your Monster Hunter skills to the next level! This guide reveals how to unlock, use, and master powerful Special Skills for epic victories.

Monster Hunter Now has added scary monsters to the open-world game theme. Capcom, which is known for making games with scary monsters, has teamed up with Niantic, Inc. to make an open-world RPG mobile game where fans can fight and beat these scary monsters. In this article we will show you how to Use Special Skills in Monster Hunter.

So, if you want to beat the monsters in this game, you need to know how to get and use special skills. Capcom’s newest game has guns that can be used with special skills that do terrible damage to monsters. This piece will show you how to get the most out of your in-game weapons and turn you into a fearsome monster hunter.

How to Use Special Skills in Monster Hunter

  1. The Special Skill gauge appears at the bottom of the screen during hunts.
  2. It slowly fills up as players connect attacks.
  3. When it’s ready, tap it once.
  4. During the animation, players are immune to monster attacks.
  5. Use it strategically to maximize damage potential.

Overview of Different Special Skills Available

  • True Charged Slash: Put all of your strength together and launch a devastating single swing that can cut through bone and flesh.
  • As you fly through the air with Spirit Helm Breaker, you can land a powerful blow on your enemy and often climb on top of it.
  • Perfect Rush Combo: Chain together a bunch of quick hits and strikes, ending with a strong shield bash that knocks the monster off balance.
Monster Hunter: How to Use Special Skills
  • When you do the Demon Dance, you become very angry and can launch fast moves that do a lot of damage but drain your stamina.
  • Spinning Bludgeon: Hit the monster with a bunch of hammer hits at once. This will stun it and leave it open to more damage.
  • Super Recital: Play a strong tune that makes your allies stronger and the monster weaker, which changes the course of the fight.

Monster Hunter: Gameplay

Track down huge animals in vast settings and use their scales and bones to make weapons. Learn how to use your chosen weapon, as each one has its own combos and skills. Learn how to read the monster’s roars and swipes before you attack.

Carve out weak spots to get materials for making better gear for tougher hunts. Plan your attacks with your friends and share the loot as you go. Every hunt is different, with different kinds of monsters, like fiery dragons and huge wyverns. Take them all down to become the best Monster Hunter ever.

Tips and Tricks for Enhancing Your Special Skill Usage

  • Understand your weapon’s special skill: Each weapon has a unique special skill with specific activation requirements, effects, and cooldowns. Study your weapon’s skill to fully grasp its potential and limitations.
  • Practice timing and positioning: Most special skills have optimal timing and positioning for maximum effectiveness. Practice activating them during openings, when the monster is vulnerable, or to escape tight situations.
  • Manage your cooldowns: Special skills have cooldowns, so plan your usage strategically. Don’t waste them on small openings or when the monster is enraged.
  • Chain skills with other attacks: Some special skills can be chained with regular attacks or other skills for increased damage or utility. Experiment and find effective combinations.
  • Utilize skill decos and charms: Many skills have decos and charms that enhance their effects or reduce cooldowns. Build your armor and talisman around maximizing your special skill usage.


How to do a charged attack in Monster Hunter Now?

To turn it on, tap and hold, then let go of your finger. You can do even more damage by adding more power from the Charged Side Blow state. You have to tap and hold, then let go of your finger when you can do a Charged Side Blow to turn it on.

How do you use special skills in Monster Hunter World?

When you’re ready to fight, select the weapon that lets you use the Special Skill. Now, a measure will show up in the bottom half of the screen, above your health. It will get bigger as you deal more damage. When the bar is full, you can tap it to use the Special Skill.

How do you use your special skill in Monster Hunter Now?

During hunts, the Special Skill gauge will show up at the bottom of the screen and slowly fill up as players make attacks. Just tap it once when it’s ready to go. While the motion is going on, monsters can’t hit the player, so try to use it at the right time to do the most damage.

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