Monster Hunter World: How to Get Aquacore Ore

Craft powerful charms! Discover the best spots & tricks to mine Aquacore Ore in MHW.

gamers continue to be captivated by Monster Hunter: World even after it has been out for several years. The game’s concurrent player count is currently through the metaphorical roof, with tens of thousands of gamers returning to the hunt for the most terrifying animals in the video game. In this article we will show you how to Get Aquacore Ore in Monster Hunter World.

Obviously, any monster hunter worth their salt is aware of the fact that in order to create the best gear and weapons, it is not enough to just slay enormous beasts such as the infamous Rathalos; the other half of the battle is to gather resources out in the open world.

Aquacore Ore is one of these valuable resources, but it might be difficult to locate if you are not aware of where to hunt for it first. In case you are curious about how to acquire some, we have compiled a comprehensive guide that will teach you how to acquire Aquacore ore in Monster Hunter: World. Check it out! If you want to learn more about this game, you can go to the official site.

How to Get Aquacore Ore in Monster Hunter World

  1. The Aqua Sac is an item you can get from the slippery piscine wyvern called Jyuratodus.
  2. This monster uses mud to capture and slow down the things it is hunting.
  3. It can be an annoying fight until you’re used to not only dodging the mud it flings around but also taking items with you to cure the Waterblight it can inflict on you and any other hunters.
  4. To get the Aqua Sac, you simply need to hunt the Jyuratodus in low-rank quests.
  5. If you’re having trouble finding it, make sure to go to the Wildspire Wastes.
  6. You can find it during investigations, from the Tailraider Safari, or you can just repeatedly take on The Piscine Problem quest to hunt this slippery beast as your main target.

Aquacore Ore: Uses and Crafting Possibilities

Crafting Charms:

  • Attack Charms: Add to your natural attack power, which is important if you want to do more damage with physical weapons.
  • Element Charms: These make your elemental damage even stronger, which is great for using elemental weapons on monsters that are weak in certain areas.
Monster Hunter World: How to Get Aquacore Ore
  • Defence Charms: These charms boost your defence and resistances, making you less likely to get hurt by monster strikes.

Decoration Crafting:

  • Attack Decorations: These add extra damage to your raw attack or elemental damage.
  • Defence Decorations: These give extra defence or protection to certain things.
  • Utility Decorations: Skills like Evade Window, Speed Eating, and Health Regen can help you move around more easily, stay alive longer, and be more comfortable.
  • Set Bonus Decorations: Unlock set bonuses from certain armour sets to make your chosen armour mix stronger overall.

Advanced Techniques for Obtaining Aquacore Ore

It’s a rite of passage to cut and mine your way through Monster Hunter World’s many landscapes, and the shimmering Aquacore Ore is a task even for experienced hunters. Under the shiny waves is this rare material that is needed to make strong weapons and armour of the Water element. Don’t worry, brave hunters. I’m going to show you advanced ways to get the most Aquacore Ore:

  • Coral Highlands: Coral Highlands is where you do most of your shooting. Look for the blue minerals that sparkle in the northern and eastern parts of the Coral Highlands, especially near the old ruins and the Steamworks.
  • Rotten Vale: Even though it’s not very common, you can find some Aquacore Ore near the lava lakes in the northeast and the toxic pools in the southwest in Rotten Vale.
  • Elder Recess: There is a small chance of collecting Aquacore Ore here while Elder Dragon is investigating.
  • Managing your stamina: Use Dash Juice and Mega Dash Juice to move around underwater as much as possible.


Where do you find Iron Ore in Monster Hunter?

As an item with a low level, Iron Ore can be found in Monster Hunter Rise’s first place, the Shrine Ruins. Players should already know their way around this area since it’s where all the first quests take place, and they should also know how to use the wire bug by now.

Where is the best place to find iron ore?

A good way to find iron ore is to look around in holes and ravines that are already there. There are often a lot of iron blocks and other useful things in these deep formations.

What are the 4 types of iron ore?

Earth has four different kinds of iron ores. Haematite, Magnetite, Limonite, and Siderite are the names of them. Haematite has the most solid iron of all the minerals. Magnetite has the next most metallic iron.

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