Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Move The Scuffed Rock

Don't let the Scuffed Rock block your progress! This guide reveals the key to moving it and its hidden loot.

In this article we showed how To Move The Scuffed Rock in Baldur’s Gate 3 game. After the dramatic crash landing of the Nautiloid in Baldur’s Gate 3, Act 1 introduces players to a wide range of environments that are ready to be explored. One of these places has a treasure waiting to be found under the sand, hidden by the Scuffed Rock, a stubborn obstacle.

This big obstacle is a challenge because it won’t give way without a show of great physical strength. Players must rely on their own or their party members’ athletic skills to move the rock and reveal the secrets it hides. The characters’ stats determine how well this plan works.

Higher levels of strength and athleticism make it more likely that the stone will be moved. Because of this, getting around on Baldur’s Gate 3 Strategy game sandy shores requires both smarts and strength, so only the most skilled adventurers can find the treasures hidden below the surface.

How To Move The Scuffed Rock in Baldur’s Gate 3

  1. Select the Rock with your mouse.
  2. Move it to a different spot.
  3. Ensure you have a character with a high enough Strength score to accomplish this task.
  4. Confirm that at least 13 Strength is available.
  5. Execute the movement.

Understanding the Importance of Moving the Scuffed Rock

  • Hidden Treasure: There is an Ornate Chest under the rock that is full of valuable items, such as a Potion of Speed, a Harper’s Notebook and Map, beautiful stones, and gold. This early-game boost could be very important for your party’s progress and survival.
  • Stories: The Harper’s Notebook and Map inside the chest are linked to the Harpers group and suggest that they have a hand in what’s happening. For players who are interested in the story, this can give them useful background information and lore.
Baldur's Gate 3: How To Move The Scuffed Rock
  • Exploration That Pays Off: Moving the rock rewards your interest and attention to detail. It makes you want to explore and interact with the world, which is a big part of Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • Strength Check: Someone in your party needs to have a Strength score of 13 or higher to move the rock. This gives you a chance to use different party members based on their strengths and weaknesses, which adds a strategic element.

Strategies for Overcoming Challenges

A fight:

  • Party Composition: Make sure your party is well-balanced by giving everyone a role and skill. Think about characters like tanks, healers, damage dealers, and support staff. Use character strengths and spells that work well together.
  • Positioning: To get an edge, use strategic positioning. Ranged characters should hide behind things, attack from the sides, and be in charge of choke points. Use high ground to get an edge in ranged attacks.
  • Get the most out of your actions every turn in Action Economy. Make good use of bonus actions, reactions, and movement. Sort targets by how vulnerable they are and how much of a threat they are.

Puzzles and exploring:

  • Pay attention to the small stuff: Look around you carefully for clues, hidden levers, and things that you can interact with. Listen for hints in the dialogue and sounds around you.
  • Try Doing Different Things: Play around with moving things around, casting spells, and using abilities in the environment.
  • Talk to Everyone: Use up all of your conversation options with NPCs. Look for information, hints, and other ways to solve the problem. If necessary, think about using persuasion checks.

Benefits and Rewards of Moving the Scuffed Rock

Reward for Playing:

  • Items: The main reward is a fancy chest that is hidden under a rock. A Harper’s Notebook, a Harper’s Map, a ruby, potions, gold, and an agate are some of the valuable things in this chest. You can equip your characters with these items, sell them for more resources, or use them to move certain quests forward.
  • Character Growth: A character with a Strength score of 13 or higher is needed to move the rock. This encourages putting together parties and using characters’ strengths, teaching you how to use their skills in a smart way.
  • Exploration: Finding and moving the rock encourages exploration and rewards paying attention to what’s going on around you. If you don’t actively look around you, you might miss similar secrets or hidden treasures.

Story Prizes:

  • Harper Connection: The Harper’s Notebook and Map give hints about a bigger story about Harper that runs through the whole game. This reward might get you interested in learning more about the world and its history.
  • Sense of Accomplishment: Moving the rock and finding the hidden treasure can be satisfying. It can give you a sense of accomplishment and show off your ability to solve problems.


How do you move heavy objects in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Most things in the game that you can interact with can be moved. Get close to the thing you want to move, then click and drag it with your mouse to where you want it to go. Things that affect how you move them are their size and weight, as well as their Strength score.

Should I let Astarion drink my blood?

When you wake up, Astarion will have taken your blood, making you Bloodless. You’ll get a -1 on all checks until you long rest again. You can only avoid the buff by letting him kill the character.

How do you move heavy objects without lifting?

Dollies: These make it easy to move heavy furniture without putting too much strain on your body. Choose between a hand truck with two wheels or a square platform with four wheels. Put your things on the platform of the dolly and move it in the right direction with the handle.

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