MW3 and Warzone: How to Unlock the JAK Limb Ripper

Master MW3 & Warzone challenges to unlock the brutal JAK Limb Ripper attachment!

In This guide we talk about how to Unlock the JAK Limb Ripper in MW3 and Warzone. With its deadly under barrel chainsaw attachment, the JAK Limb Ripper, which was added in the Season 2 update of Modern Warfare 3 (MW3), changes the way close-quarters combat is done. This add-on from an aftermarket store isn’t just a nice-to-have; it changes the game, especially for people who have to fight zombies or enemy operators at close range.

But getting this powerful tool isn’t as easy as clicking a button; you have to be dedicated and persistent. To get the JAK Limb Ripper, players have to put in a lot of work by completing challenges and reaching certain goals in MW3 and Warzone. Once unlocked, it’s easy to see how useful it is in close-range battles, where it can quickly and brutally kill enemies within arm’s reach.

The JAK Limb Ripper is a unique weapon that combines usefulness and brutality. It adds a new dimension to gameplay and gives those who learn how to use it unmatched control in the battlefield’s most personal battles.

How to Unlock the JAK Limb Ripper in MW3 and Warzone


  1. In Warzone Urzikstan, get 10 Operator Kills in the Northwest Region (Resort, Power, Seaport, Cargo).
  2. In Warzone Urzikstan, get 10 Operator Kills in the Eastern Region (Military Base or Farms).
  3. In Warzone Urzikstan, get 10 Operator Kills in the Southern Region (City, Suburbs, Manor).
  4. Get 10 Operator Kills in the Central Region (Old Town, Low Town).
  5. In Warzone, place in the top 10 five times.
  6. In Warzone, complete 15 Contracts.
  7. In Warzone, get 40 Operator Kills or Kill Assists with a Recommended Weapon.


  1. Get 30 Operator Kills with alternate ammo equipped to a Recommended Weapon.
  2. Get 10 Operator Kills with the gun-butt of a Recommended Weapon.
  3. Get 10 Operator Point Blank Kills with a Recommended Weapon.
  4. Get three Operator Melee Kills in a single life three times.
  5. Get 20 Operator Kills with an Underbarrel Lethal Attachment equipped to a Recommended Weapon.
  6. Get 15 Operator Kills with Throwing Knives.
  7. Perform 10 Finishing Moves on enemy Operators.


  1. Get 50 Kills with a Recommended Melee Weapon while Frenzied Guard is active.
  2. Get 500 Critical Kills with a recommended weapon.
  3. Get 250 kills with a Recommended Weapon with Fire Damage.
  4. Get 10 Kills without being hit 20 times with a Recommended Melee Weapon.
  5. Get 10 Zombie Kills with a Throwing Knife.
  6. Get 150 kills with a Recommended Weapon while having at least four Perks active.
  7. Get one Mega Abomination Kill with a Recommended Weapon.

Strategies and Tips for Unlocking the JAK Limb Ripper

  • Keep up with the latest Call of Duty news: If you follow the official websites and channels, you’ll know about upcoming challenges and events that might offer similar unlocks.
MW3 and Warzone: How to Unlock the JAK Limb Ripper
  • Use events and weekends with double XP. These can really help you get through challenges faster.
  • You can pick challenges you like: Doing things that you enjoy will make the process more fun and maybe even go faster.

Advice on how to deal with future problems (if any):

  • Carefully read the details of the challenge: Know exactly what you need to do to reach each goal and avoid wasting time.
  • Pick the right weapons and game modes. Some challenges may require you to use certain weapons or game modes. Find out what other people have found to work.
  • Pay attention to meeting goals quickly: Don’t just play normally; work towards meeting the challenge requirements.

Benefits of Using the JAK Limb Ripper in MW3 and Warzone


  • Very high damage and the ability to kill with one hit: The JAK Limb Ripper in MW3 does very high damage and can often kill instantly within its short range. In close combat, this can be very dangerous.
  • Fun and novelty: The chainsaw is a one-of-a-kind and entertaining weapon that players who like unusual strategies and some blood will enjoy.
  • Useful in some situations: The JAK Limb Ripper can be useful for controlling crowds and killing zombies quickly in MW3’s Spec Ops mode or when there are a lot of them.

Area of war:

  • Surprise: The JAK Limb Ripper can catch enemies off guard on Warzone’s bigger maps and more varied battles, which could lead to unexpected kills.
  • Possible clutch plays: The chainsaw’s high damage can quickly end fights in close quarters, like in Gulag fights or inside buildings.

How to purchase MW3 and Warzone?

You can buy “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” (MW3) and “Call of Duty: Warzone” from online stores like Steam, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Store. Find the video games you want, add them to your cart, and then use your preferred method of payment to complete the purchase. Check to see if your device meets the requirements for playing. you will love how exciting both games are! Check Price on Amazon.


How do you unlock all operators in MW3?

To gain access to all of the new Operators, you must first complete their in-game challenges and other unlock requirements. To find the list of Operator challenges in-game, press the button prompt to open the top right menu and select the Challenges tile.

How do you unlock MCW in MW3?

In our last guide, you can also see a good loadout for the MCW. You can get the MCW by completing three Daily or Bonus Challenges in the Armoury or by reaching level 44 in MW3.

Is Makarov killed in MW3?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 makes a lot of mistakes, but it does one good thing for the bad guy Makarov: it leaves him alive. Makarov was lucky, but Soap MacTavish wasn’t. In the campaign’s last mission, the bad guy kills him, which makes many fans very angry.

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