MW3 Zombies: How to Complete Aether Extractors Contract

Time is of the essence! Dive into a step-by-step walkthrough of the Aether Extractors contract, from launchpads to launch codes.

The Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has a lot of very hard contracts that you can sign while you’re in Urzikstan. And the Aether Extractor contract is one of them. In this one, you have to kill a bunch of mercenaries and Complete Aether Extractors Contract in MW3 Zombies.

If the dead keep coming back into the area, it’s harder because you will have to deal with both mercenaries and zombies. Make sure no one is following you before you agree to the mission. Why make the contract even worse when it’s already painful? Here are the steps you need to take to finish the Aether Extractor contract and get one step closer to the endgame.

Aether Extractors Locations

  1. Aetherium Extractors in the Aether Mod: These are used to extract liquid aetherium from the Aether dimension. Their location would depend on where you find pools of liquid aetherium, which can be generated in various structures like the Aether Wellspring or the Garden of Gaia.
  2. Extractors in the Aetherium Skyblock Mod: This mod features several types of extractors, each with its own function and location. For example, the Aetherium Extractor can be crafted and placed anywhere, while the Geothermal Extractor needs to be placed near heat sources like lava pools.
  3. Extractors in Custom Modpacks: Some modpacks include custom machines called “Aether Extractors” with unique functionalities and locations. Knowing the specific modpack you’re playing would be crucial to pinpoint their whereabouts.

How to Complete Aether Extractors Contract in MW3 Zombies

To find out where the rockets are, all you have to do is open up your map. They’ll already be marked there. Your team will have to rush to these places in groups to fill the rockets with too much fuel, but it won’t be easy. When you get close, hordes of strong AI enemies will appear to protect the rocket.

Get your best pack-a-punch weapons, Perks, and gear to finish each goal quickly. To start the overload, press the button next to the rocket once all the enemies have been killed. You can finish the Aether Extractors contract and see a Reward Rift by overloading all three goals. For some of the best rewards in MW3Z, like Perks and Ammo Mods, use this Rift. Then, get ready to fill up.

Rewards and Benefits of Completing Aether Extractors

  • In the Aether Mod, there are Aetherium Extractors: If you finish them, you’ll get a steady supply of liquid aetherium, which is a valuable material that can be used to make powerful tools, armor, and decorative blocks. You could also turn on power structures, hidden mechanisms, and even fuel the Aetherium Reactor for more advanced automation.
MW3 Zombies: How to Complete Aether Extractors Contract
  • These are the extractors in the Aetherium Skyblock Mod: Depending on the type of extractor, completing them would give you different rewards. For instance, the Aetherium Extractor could give you materials you need to build your skyblock base, and the Geothermal Extractor could give you useful heat sources for running machines and growing plants.
  • Extractors in Custom Modpacks: Finishing them could give you rewards that are only available in that modpack. You can’t say for sure until you know what the modpack is about and what features it has. They could be anything from strong weapons and armor to new dimensions or even abilities that are made just for you.

Essential Tips for Completing Aether Extractors Contract

  • Gear Up: Pack your best weapons, armor, and tools. You’ll face Terminus squads and need to disable extractors quickly. Bring TNT or pickaxes for emergency demolitions.
  • Stock Up: Potions of healing, speed, and strength are your allies. Don’t forget plenty of ammo and food. Consider fire resistance potions if you’re facing a fiery foe.
  • Buddy Up: Teamwork makes the dream work! Grab some friends and coordinate your attacks. Distractions and shared firepower can be lifesavers.

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What’s the objective of the Aether Extractors contract?

They have a lot of armor and can really hurt you. Target them with fire, giving priority to medics who can bring dead teammates back to life. You can damage an area and keep people from moving by using grenades and explosives. You could use Sentry Guns or other traps to keep them busy while you turn off the extractors.

How do I handle the zombie hordes?

Do not feel too much! Keep an eye on what’s going on around you and deal with things in small groups. Use doorways and choke points to your advantage. For more firepower and survival, think about getting perks like Double Tap or Juggernog.

Is there a reward for completing the contract?

Yes! You’ll earn a hefty amount of cash and experience points. Additionally, you might unlock new starting weapons or customization options for your characters.

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