Uncover the Whereabouts of Boatswain Ambrose in New World: A Handy Guide

Embarking on the quest to locate Boatswain Ambrose in the engaging world of New World? Look no further, as this guide has been thoughtfully updated to streamline your adventure. Share the insights with comrades-in-arms to enhance your collective New World experience.

Setting Sail to Find Boatswain Ambrose

Within the lush expanse of New World, Rivercress stems play a pivotal role in the quest to disclose Ego Weakness. The search for Rivercress can be a daunting task. This guide serves as a trusty compass, steering you towards the Rivercress stems you need to progress in your New World journey. Follow the steps below to scout out these elusive stems and advance your mission with confidence.

Primarily flourishing by water sources, Rivercress can be spotted along the banks of Everfall’s river, particularly to the south and west, or in the lush wilderness southwest of Windsward. These Rivercress stands shimmer with a distinctive blue luster and an orb-like silhouette, making them visible to the keen-eyed explorer. Should these areas prove barren, extend your search to the less-trodden paths where they may grow undisturbed.

To harvest these vital resources, make sure you’re equipped with a flint sickle and have honed a gathering skill to a minimum level of 30.


This compass to discovering Boatswain Ambrose in New World aims to assure a smooth voyage through the game’s challenges. Should doubts or propositions arise, cast a line via our contact form—your feedback sets the course for our continuing odyssey to craft enlightening content. Sharing this guide with others carves out new pathways for explorers and supports our quest for knowledge.

FAQ Section

Who is Boatswain Ambrose in New World?

Boatswain Ambrose is a notable NPC in New World, integral for obtaining crucial resources. He serves as a central figure for missions associated with Rivercress stem gathering and other pivotal in-game elements that aid players on their expedition.

What is required to gather Rivercress stems in New World?

An adventurer must be equipped with a flint sickle and possess a gathering skill of no less than 30 to successfully harvest Rivercress stems. These stems typically grow in proximity to bodies of water and are a treasure trove for questing players.

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