Nightingale: How To Get Mechanical Gears

Level up your crafting! Learn how to get Mechanical Gears in Nightingale

Once you get to Nightingale, it might be hard to find the Mechanical Gears you need. These are necessary for a number of improved Crafting Workbenches, so you should get them if you want to improve the quality of the things you make. In this article we will explain you how To Get Mechanical Gears in Nightingale.

But there are a few things you need to do before you start looking for mechanical gears. It is suggested that you wait until you get to a certain point in Nightingale’s game main story. In the event that you try to skip ahead too soon, things might not go as planned, and you might not be able to easily get to your goal. If you want to get Mechanical Gears in Nightingale, please read this.

How To Get Mechanical Gears in Nightingale

  1. Head into a Provisioner Realm to buy Mechanical Gears or check an Essence Trader for availability.
  2. Set up the Brazier in your camp with 6 Ingots and 3 Shafts.
  3. Interact with the Brazier to unlock the Mechanical Gears recipe.
  4. Craft a gear for 2 Ingots each by interacting with the Brazier.

Types of Mechanical Gears Used in Nightingale

Gear TypeDescriptionAdvantages
Spur GearThe simplest gear type, with teeth parallel to the shaft axis.– Easy to manufacture and assemble. – Efficient for transmitting power at right angles between shafts.
Helical GearSimilar to spur gears, but with teeth angled across the gear face.– Quieter than spur gears due to the gradual engagement of teeth. – Can handle higher loads than spur gears of the same size.
Bevel GearUsed to transmit power between shafts at an angle, typically 90 degrees.– Allows for changes in shaft direction.
Worm GearOne gear with a screw-like thread meshing with a gear with teeth.– Very high gear ratio, allowing significant speed reduction. – Self-locking (worm gear cannot rotate the driving gear).
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Importance of Mechanical Gears in Nightingale

  • Essential for Workbenches: You need Mechanical Gears to craft higher-tier workbenches. These upgraded workbenches allow you to craft a wider range of tools, weapons, and other equipment, essential for survival and progression in the game.
  • Unlock Advanced Crafting: Mechanical Gears are required for crafting advanced crafting stations, like the Advanced Tool Bench. These stations unlock the ability to create even more complex and powerful items, further enhancing your capabilities.
Nightingale: How To Get Mechanical Gears
  • Furniture and Decorations: While not directly impacting gameplay, Mechanical Gears can also be used to craft some furniture and decorative items for your base, allowing you to personalize your living space.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Mechanical Gears for Nightingale

  • Question: What are the gears in the “Nightingale” project supposed to do? Figuring out what the gear is for will help you choose the right type (spur, helix, bevel, worm, etc.) and material.
  • Torque and Speed: How much torque and speed do you think the gears will need? To avoid overloading, excessive wear, or inefficient operation, it is important to choose gears with the right capacity and speed rate.
  • Thoughts on Noise: Is noise an important issue for the project? It might be necessary to choose gear types that are quieter, like helical gears, or use methods to lower the noise.
  • Strength and Durability: The gears need to be made of a material that is strong enough to hold up under the loads and not break easily. Steel, nylon, and different types of industrial plastics are all common materials. Each has its own pros and cons.
  • Thoughts on Weight: The weight of the gears may be important depending on the use. If you need to cut down on weight, think about using aluminium or lightweight plastics.


Are there different types of Mechanical Gears?

There are no signs of different kinds of Mechanical Gears in Nightingale right now. The game mostly has one type of Mechanical Gear that can be used for different making tasks.

How many Mechanical Gears do I need for crafting?

Different items need different amounts of Mechanical Gears to be crafted. You might only need one or two gears for some things, but you might need five or more as well. It’s important to look at the cooking information for each thing to find out exactly how much is needed.

How do I get Mechanical Gears in Nightingale?

How most people do it is to craft them. A Provisional Trader in the Realm can give you the plans for a Brazier. Get 6 Ingots and 3 Shafts to build the brazier in your camp once you have it. You can use the Brazier to make Mechanical Gears for two ingots each.

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