How to Open TG files in Windows and Mac

Struggling with .TG files? Learn how to open them on Windows & Mac!

There are files that have the that many computer users may not know what they are. Extension of TG. These are special file types that can be used in different ways based on where they came from and what they were made for. They can be anything from picture files to specific software programme files. In this article we will explain you how to Open TG files in Windows and Mac.

To know what a TG file is and how to read it, you need to know about the different file types and the programmes that work with them. One way the could be used is.Tiled Group Icons for Windows are what TG file extensions are for. These are icon files that were made just for Windows OS. They show folders, programmes, and files on your computer’s screen. This kind of file can usually be opened with Microsoft Windows.

Why Open TG Files?

  • Most common reason: This is the most likely thing that will happen. TG files are mostly used with TuxGuitar, a free and open-source programme for making guitar tablature and music scores and changing them.
  • The goal of opening the TG file is to see and change the musical score or tablature, which includes notes, chords, and other musical symbols, if it really is a TuxGuitar file.
  • TG files can also be compressed archive files made with the TAR archiving system and GZIP compression, though this happens less often. These are often found on computers that use Unix, like Linux or macOS.
  • Reason for opening: In this case, you would need archive management tools that can open TAR.GZ files in order to open the TG file. To get to the original files and folders inside an archive, these tools can: Extract the data of the archive.
  • File extension: The “.tg” extension isn’t only used for TuxGuitar files, but it’s what most people think of when they hear the word.

TG File Compatibility with Windows and Mac

Can open TG files natively?NoNo
Software needed to open TG files:TuxGuitar (free, open-source)TuxGuitar (free, open-source)
Alternative for compressed archives:WinZip, 7-Zip (third-party, paid or free versions available)The Unarchiver (pre-installed), StuffIt Expander (third-party, free)
Ease of use:May require additional software installationMay require additional software installation

How to Open TG files in Windows and Mac

On Windows

  1. Download and set up 7-Zip. If you haven’t already, go to and get 7-Zip. It’s an open-source and free tool for storing.
  2. Click the right mouse button on the TG file: Pick out the TG file you want to open and press the “R” key.
  3. Choose 7-Zip: Hover your mouse over “7-Zip” in the right-click menu and select “Extract Here” to open the files in the same folder or “Extract To” to choose a different place.

On Mac

  1. Archive Utility Built-in: macOS has a tool for working with compressed files, like TG archives, that is already installed.
  2. Click twice on the TG file: Find the TG file and click twice on it. The Archive Utility should immediately get the files out of the archive.
  3. The recovered files can be seen: Along with the TG file, a new folder will be made that contains the downloaded files. Now you can get to these files.

Tips for Successfully Opening TG Files

  • Clues from the context: Look for hints about where the file came from or what programme made it. Did you get it by email, download it from a certain website, or make it with a certain piece of software? It’s easier to find the right file type for “.TG” now that you have this knowledge.
How to Open TG files in Windows and Mac
  • Online Search: Use the file extension and keywords that are linked to where the file came from to do an online search. Say something like “open.TG file from website XYZ.” This could take you to a forum or chat where people share the programme or way to open the file.
  • “Open with” from the menu that comes up when you right-click: Choose “Open with” > “Choose another app” when you right-click the file. You can look through the list of loaded programmes to see if any of them look like they might be able to open the file.
  • Online Converters: If you can’t read the file type directly, you might be able to find online converters that can change it to a format that you can use. But be careful when you post files to websites you don’t know.


What is a TG file?

This kind of TG file is called a “TuxGuitar Document.” It keeps tablature and notation for the guitar that were made with the TuxGuitar programme.

What if I can’t open the TG file?

Look at the end of the file: Check to see if the file is file and not a.txt or.jpg file with the same name.

How to open a TG file?

Windows & Mac: Download and install the free, open-source software TuxGuitar.
Open TuxGuitar: Go to “File” -> “Open” and select your TG file.

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