How to Open VBC Files in Windows 11

Confused by VBC files? Learn how to open them on Windows 11 in simple steps.

Although it was formerly widely used, the VBC file format is no longer widely used in modern computing systems. Visual Business Cards and VodBurner Crude recordings are the two main file types that are commonly linked with VBC files. However, because of changes in technology and user preferences, VBC files are becoming less common. In this article we will show you how to Open VBC Files in Windows 11.

In the past, digital versions of business cards were created and shared using Visual Business Cards, or VBC files. The purpose of these files was to facilitate the sharing of professional and contact details, but as more adaptable and generally compatible formats have emerged, their use has declined over time.

Conversely, VodBurner Crude files are linked to VodBurner, a programme intended for Skype video call recording. These recordings are automatically saved in the VBC format by VodBurner. However, the use of VodBurner and the VBC files it is linked with has decreased due to advances in video recording technology and the availability of substitute recording applications.

VBC Files: What They Are and How They Work

With the ending “.vbc,” VBC files are not directly used by the Windows operating system. They are source code files that were made in the programming language Visual Basic. Visual Basic (VB), which is short for “Visual Basic,” is a programming language made by Microsoft for making apps.

These VBC files hold the directions that tell a computer what to do and how to do it. They’re like a code; they tell the computer what to do and how to do it. Windows, on the other hand, can’t directly understand and follow these directions.

A special tool called a translator is needed to turn a VBC file into an executable file that Windows can understand and run. Vbc.exe, which is part of the Microsoft.NET Framework, is the tool most often used to build VBC files. This system gives you the libraries and tools you need to make and run programmes written in different languages, such as Visual Basic.

How to Open VBC Files in WIndows 11

  1. After conducting research, we discovered that the most effective method for opening a VBC file is to locate the file in question using Windows OS File Explorer, then double click on it to start the associated application.
  2. Try searching for a programme that can open the file in question if a VBC file is not opened in an application and you instead receive a “Windows can’t open a file” error message.
  3. If you are aware of an application that can open VBC files, launch it and check to see if the programme has a File->Open main menu option.
  4. Try searching for “VBC viewer,” “application to open VBC file,” or “open VBC file” searches online using your preferred search engine if you are unsure about the programme that serves as a VBC file opener.
  5. Once the programme has been installed, see if it can open VBC files.

Tips for Opening VBC Files Efficiently in Windows 11

  • Link a code editor to a VBC file: Once you know which code editor you like best, right-click on a VBC file and choose “Open with.” Pick your code editor from the list, or if it’s not there, browse to where it is. Choose “Always use this app to open.vbc files” to make things easier in the future.
How to Open VBC Files in Windows 11
  • As long as the VBC file is part of a bigger project, it’s usually faster to open it in the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) you’re already working on that project. Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code are two popular IDEs for developing in Visual Basic. These IDEs give you a complete space to work with code, create projects, and fix bugs in apps.
  • Use online tools (for certain tasks): Some online tools say they can open and edit VBC files in your web browser, but they shouldn’t be used for main editing because of security and compatibility issues. But these tools don’t have a lot of features, so they might not be good for real development work. Be careful with them and only use them for simple jobs or viewing if you have to.


What are VBC files?

Visual Basic is a computer language used to make software programmes. VBC files are source code files that were written in Visual Basic. They have directions that can be read by humans and need to be compiled into a programme that can be run.

Do I need to compile the VBC file?

Yes. Before you can run a VBC file, it needs to be turned into an executable programme (.exe file). Most of the time, this is done in a programming environment like Visual Studio.

Are there online tools to open VBC files?

There aren’t many ways to open VBC files online. Some websites have simple code viewers, but they might not let you change or compile the code completely. You should use a specific development environment like Visual Studio because it is safer and more reliable.

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