How to Get Hanzo Cupid Skin in Overwatch 2

Land the perfect shot and charm your enemies with Hanzo's Cupid skin in Overwatch 2. Learn how to unlock it now!

There is once again love in the air as Overwatch 2 game celebrates Valentine’s Day with a wide range of fun events. The hardworking developers have created a web of excitement by adding a lot of challenges, game modes, and beautiful skins that will make players’ collections better. In this guide we showed how to Get Hanzo Cupid Skin in Overwatch 2.

One of the most anticipated additions is the Hanzo Cupid Skin, a delightful addition that turns the powerful archer into a cherub in love. This silly clothing not only shows how creative the Overwatch 2 design team is, but it also gives the battlefield a romantic feel. Overwatch 2’s Valentine’s Day celebration goes beyond the beautiful skins; passionate players have also made love-themed video game modes for the general community.

Sharing these community-made experiences adds a special mix of love and competition to the game, making Overwatch fans feel closer to each other. When players fight with heartfelt emotions or put on the Hanzo Cupid Skin, they will be surrounded by the romantic atmosphere that Overwatch 2 has skillfully created for this special event. If you want more information go to official website of Overwatch 2.

How to Get Hanzo Cupid Skin in Overwatch 2

  1. Overwatch 2 players need to spend 1,500 Overwatch Coins in the game’s store for the Cupid Hanzo skin.
  2. The Cupid Hanzo skin is a cosmetic item with no extra challenges; players can choose to buy it.
  3. Cupid Hanzo can be found in Loverwatch.
  4. During the Loverwatch event, players can obtain a special Hanzo intro without spending money on cosmetics.
  5. The Cupid Hanzo skin is a real version of the god of desire, erotic love, attraction, and affection.
  6. Hanzo’s holidaythemed clothes, winged bow, and pink arrows make him appealing to Overwatch 2 players who enjoy the game.

Hanzo Cupid Skin Features and Aesthetics

Colour Scheme:

  • The main colour is soft pink, which stands for love and care. Gold accents give it a touch of class and holiness.
How to Get Hanzo Cupid Skin in Overwatch 2
  • In some places, black and white show through, creating contrast and keeping Hanzo’s signature sharp look.

What to wear:

  • A loose-fitting white tunic with long sleeves that are tied with pink ribbons.
    Black trousers in the style of a hakama worn tucked into gold boots with heart-shaped buckles.
  • He had a golden quiver on his back that was shaped like a heart and was full of feathered arrows.

One piece:

  • Instead of Hanzo’s usual headband, there is a golden laurel wreath with two tiny angel wings on top of it.
  • A pink hair ribbon with loose ends makes him look even less serious.

Tools of war:

  • His bow changes into a beautiful gold arc that looks like Cupid’s wings.
  • The arrows have a pink glow around them, and the fletchings look like feathers that have been dipped in Cupid’s love potions.

Tips and Strategies for Completing Challenges

How to Master Hero Synergies:

  • Role Combos: Figure out which heroes go well with each other. If you need to do damage to win a challenge, try Genji and Zarya or Pharah and Mercy. Think about Lucio and Ana or Baptiste and Brig as support wins.
  • When you do counter-picking, you look at the enemy team and choose heroes that can stop their strengths. Hitscan heroes like Soldier 76 or Ashe might be a good choice if they have a Pharah ruling the skies.

Putting together a strategic challenge:

  • Combine Goals That Are Similar: Look for challenges where the goals overlap. If you need to kill McCree and win in Push mode, focus on pushing while shooting him in the head. In this way, you can move forward with both challenges at the same time.
  • Play Efficiently: Pick heroes that can do more than one thing needed for a challenge. A well-placed Reinhardt charge can get you eliminated, make you move closer to your goal, and maybe even earn you an achievement.

Understanding maps and playing with goals:

  • Get to know the layouts: Being aware of the strong points and flanking routes on each map can help you win. With this information, you should be able to finish objective-based challenges quickly and well.
  • Focus on the Goal: Remember that killing people doesn’t win games; taking points or moving payloads does. Pay attention to the task at hand and work towards your own goals at the same time.

Exclusive Events and Promotions

News of the Day:

  • Up until January 30th, Winter Wonderland has winter-themed maps, a snowball offensive brawl, holiday skins, and special challenges that are sure to make you feel like the holiday season.
How to Get Hanzo Cupid Skin in Overwatch 2
  • Greek gods fight in Battle for Olympus from February 8th to February 21st. This is a limited-time mode where heroes can change into different gods and use special skills.
  • Season 3 Competitive Play: Use your skills to move up the ranks and get special rewards.

Promotions Going On:

  • Overwatch League Tokens: To get special skins and cosmetics, watch Overwatch League games and earn tokens.
  • Twitch Drops: Watch Twitch streamers who are taking part to get free skins and in-game items.
  • Weekly Challenges: Do the challenges every week to get Overwatch Coins, XP, and other cool stuff.


Can you still buy Cupid Hanzo?

Overwatch 2 players will need to spend 1,500 Overwatch Coins in the game’s store to get the Cupid Hanzo skin. The Cupid Hanzo skin doesn’t give you any extra challenges; it’s just a cosmetic item that players can choose to buy.

How do you unlock Hanzo Skins?

This is a Mythic Skin for “Onryō” Hanzo. The Premium Overwatch 2 Battle Pass at Tier 80 can be used to get “Onry“” Hanzo. You can buy the Premium Battle Pass in the Overwatch 2 Cosmetic Shop for 1000 Overwatch Coins. It lasts for the whole season.

Is Cupid Hanzo free?

In Overwatch 2, you can get the Cupid Hanzo highlight intro in a few different ways. The first way is to finish the free secret Hanzo route in Loverwatch. The other way is to pay 2,600 Overwatch coins for the bundle. It is possible to buy this in-game currency.

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