Overwatch 2: How to Get Heart Crosshair

Want a cute & deadly crosshair? This guide shows you how to get the heart crosshair in Overwatch 2!

In the busy world of Overwatch 2’s ninth season, where people are talking about reworks and big changes, a small but dedicated group of players are fixated on an addition that doesn’t seem to stand out: the heart-shaped crosshair. In this article we showed how to get heart crosshair in Overwatch 2.

Aside from the flashy hero updates and meta shifts, this small but important feature has won the hearts of a small group of fans. They see it as more than just an accessory to help them aim; it represents a deeper connection to the game, a mix of passion and accuracy. This heart-shaped reticle is a constant reminder of how much you love the game. With every shot, it’s etched onto the screen as a symbol of your love.

With its arrival, there is a small but significant change in the Overwatch experience. Players can now aim with a touch of affection, adding a whisper of romance to every exchange in the chaos of battle. When players equip this cute crosshair, it’s not just about improving their video game; it’s also about adding a touch of warmth and emotion to their virtual journey, making every match a heartfelt effort.

How to get heart crosshair in Overwatch 2

  1. Open the menu.
  2. Choose “Options.”
  3. Pick the “Controls” tab.
  4. Out of the menu on the side, choose General.
  5. There should be a section for Reticle.
  6. Choose “Advanced” from the “Reticle” menu to see a drop-down menu.
  7. To change the shape of your crosshair, go to the menu and choose “Dot Type.”

Understanding Crosshairs in Overwatch

To aim correctly in Overwatch, you need a crosshair that is clear. It helps you line up shots and keep an eye on enemies by acting as a target guide. There isn’t a single “best” crosshair, but knowing the different ones and how they work can help you get the best results.

Overwatch 2: How to get heart crosshair

Different kinds of crosshairs:

  • Crosshair: This is the classic two-line cross, which makes the centre point easy to see.
  • Dot: A single dot, which doesn’t cause much of a distraction but might make it harder to find targets.
  • Circle: This is like the dot, but it covers a larger area, making it easier to hit targets but also possibly hiding enemies.

Importance of Crosshair Customization

Better Accuracy:

  • Tailored Aiming: You need to use different aiming styles for each hero. A precise crosshair is good for a sniper like Widowmaker, but a larger, more spread-out one might be better for a hero with a shotgun like Reaper. You can make your crosshair fit the needs of each hero by customising it.
  • Visual Clarity: Picking a colour and level of opacity that stands out against different backgrounds will help you see your crosshair clearly at all times. This keeps you from getting lost while aiming and missing shots.
  • Personal Choice: Everyone has a different set of eyes and a different way of aiming. You can change the size, shape, and other features of the crosshair to make it feel natural and comfortable for you. This will help your muscle memory and aim control.

Better performance:

  • Less visual clutter: A crosshair that is too big or too crowded can make it hard to see enemies and other important details. Customisation lets you focus on your target and ignore other things that might be distracting you.
  • Better Crosshair: A well-designed crosshair helps your eyes snap to enemy hitboxes faster, which speeds up your reactions and helps you get more kills.
  • Psychological Boost: Being sure of your crosshair can boost your mood and confidence in general, which can help you play more aggressively and successfully.

Tips for Effective Crosshair Usage in Overwatch 2

Some general rules:

  • Pick out the right options: Try out different types, sizes, colours, and levels of transparency for the crosshairs to see what works best for you. Green or cyan dot crosshairs with low-opacity lines are popular choices. Keep in mind that there is no “one size fits all” answer.
  • Pay attention to the middle: Train your eyes to see the middle of your crosshair instead of the edges. This helps you keep an eye on your enemies and aim your shots perfectly.
  • Keep your crosshair’s thickness and opacity low enough to see enemies clearly but not so low that it’s hard to track. Don’t use things that aren’t needed, like outlines or dots that make it hard to see.

Tips for Heroes Only:

  • Hero Hitscan (like Soldier 76, Tracer, and others): For pinpoint accuracy, use a small, sharp crosshair. Pay attention to smoothly following your enemies’ movements.
  • Heroes who shoot projectiles (Junkrat, Pharah, etc.): To account for the time it takes for the projectile to move, make the crosshair a little bigger. Take more charge of your shots than with hitscan heroes.
  • Snipers (Widowmaker, Hanzo, etc.): For accurate aiming, use a crosshair that you can change and that gets smaller when you zoom in. Pay attention to how the enemy breathes and moves to land critical hits. Explore interactive features and resources on the official website.


What is the most used crosshair in Overwatch 2?

Most professional Overwatch players around the world use bright crosshairs, like Neon Green, Magenta, or Cyan, so they stand out in both dark and light Map environments. Hero hits should have a green dot. Red is also a good choice, but not if the outline opacity of your enemy is set to Red.

Is crosshair V2 good?

In terms of crosshair overlay technology, Crosshair V2 is the best. Professional gamers use it to choose from a lot of Crosshair presets. Choose the Crosshair that will help you the most in the game you like to play.

Does crosshair affect aim?

Better Crosshairs It really helps you aim, but changing your crosshair all the time will make it harder to aim. Keep going with Which fits you. I am not sure when I started to get better at aiming, but it happened slowly over time. It wasn’t like I woke up one day and could hit all my shots.

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