Palworld: How To Butcher Pals: 5 steps

Turn unwanted Pals into profit! Learn how to butcher in Palworld with this guide.

Want to know how to Butcher Pals in Palworld video game? Palworld is a unique take on the critter-gathering genre because it lets players cut up their Pals and serve them as tasty meals or thin the crowd for other Pals while also collecting Pal-specific resources. Do you need some Pal Fluids? Kill that Pengullet while it’s watering your Berry Plantation.

You can’t just club them to death, though. Below, we will show you how to kill friends in Palworld. If you need more help getting through the island, read our guide on how to get a Statue of Power in Palworld, where to find Pal Fluids, and how to get around in Palworld.

How To Butcher Pals in Palworld

  1. Pick out the pal you want to kill in Palworld in Palbox, then add it to your party.
  2. From the inventory, go to the menu and choose the Meat Cleaver. Then, put it in one of the weapon spots.
  3. Pick out the right pal object and bring the pal outside.
  4. Hold down the “4” button on your PC or The choices will appear when you click the right thumb stick up.
  5. If you choose “Butcher,” you’ll kill the appropriate friend and get some materials from it.

Safety Measures During Pal Butchering

  • Explore the world: Palworld’s world is very big and full of different things to see, from lush woods to snow-capped mountains. As you move around, you can find new animals, plants, and supplies.
  • Make your own house: In Palworld, you can make your own house or even a whole town. You can get creative and make your own place because there are lots of different materials and blocks to pick from.
Palworld: How To Butcher Pals
  • Tame animals: You can tame and become friends with a lot of different animals in Palworld. Ponies and camels are two of them that you can even ride.
  • Help the Pal. The Pal is a little animal that follows you around and does things for you. You can feed and play with the Pal to take care of it. If you want to get more details, than you can visit official website for more details.

Importance of Butchering Pals in Palworld

  • Getting Resources: In Palworld, killing Pals can help you get useful things like meat, fur, and bones that you can use in cooking, crafts, and other activities.
  • Population Control: If your Pal farm has too many animals, killing some of them can help you control the population and make sure everyone has enough resources.
  • Survival Mechanic: Some players might see killing Pals as a necessary way to stay alive in a hard world with few resources.
  • Concerns about ethics: Some players think that killing Pals is morally wrong because it hurts living things, even if they are imaginary.
  • Alternative Ways to Get Resources: In Palworld, you can get resources in other ways besides hurting Pals. These include farming plants, mining, and selling.
  • Emotional Attachment: A lot of players get attached to their Pals emotionally, and it might be hard or painful to kill them.


How many pals are there in Palworld?

Palworld is home to more than 100 animals called “Pals.” You can love your Pals or put them to work in a workplace and even kill them, as you may have seen in the game’s trailers. When you have this many Pals, it can be tough to decide which ones to keep and which ones to use as your base.

Can I use PAL for a girl?

Someone could be your “pal” if you just need a word or phrase to remember them. Also, that’s a word that men tend to use more, but the term “pen-pal” can be used by either gender. But these days, “pal” isn’t used in a good way very often. You could also say “best friend” or “BFF” (best-friend-forever).

Can I say dude to a girl?

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