Palworld: How to Catch or Hatch Bushi

Unsheathe your samurai dreams! Learn how to catch or hatch Bushi in Palworld!

In the event that you have been living under a rock and have not yet heard about Palworld game, here to help. On closer inspection, what was initially thought to be Pokémon with guns turned out to be more of a combination of Ark/Rust and Zelda Breath of the Wild and Pokémon. in this article we will discuss about the how to Catch or Hatch Bushi in Palworld.

Although there are a lot of things to grind for and collect in this video game, the most exciting thing is definitely collecting the Pals themselves. This is similar to other collectathon games. Bushi is a character that can be acquired beginning at level 23, and if you want to acquire all of them, you will need to acquire it.

Who is Bushi in Palworld?

By hatching Big Fire Eggs with Incubators, you can find Bushi, a Fire elemental Pal in Palworld (with the number 072 in the Pal Deck). Bushi can be found either as a Boss, roaming in a specific area, or by following the instructions in the Pal Deck. Bushi is a level 23 threat when he is a Boss Pal, and he can be easily defeated by a player who is well-prepared and has a strong team of level 20 heroes behind them.

How to Catch or Hatch Bushi in Palworld

  1. Warp to the Mount Obsidian Anubis Statue fast travel point and search for Bushi.
  2. Throw out your Water-type Pal and attack it when you find it. The handgun, crafted with 50 Ingot and 15 High Quality Pal Oil at level 29, is a good weapon. Muskets can be crafted at level 21 with 25 Ingot, 5 High Quality Pal Oil, and 30 Wood for long-range attacks.
  3. To avoid knocking Bushi out, remove your Water-type Pal when its health drops to 10%.
  4. Throw Giga or Hyper Spheres and spam them until Bushi is caught.

Types of Bushi in Palworld

Ken BushiAgile swordmasters wielding katanasHigh Attack, Evasion, and Crit ChanceLow HP and DefenseNone (Fully Evolved)
Tachi BushiPowerful katana warriors with strong stancesHigh HP, Attack, and DefenseSlow movement and attack animationsLevels Up
Yumi BushiSkilled archers with longbowsHigh Ranged Attack and AccuracyLow Defense and HPLevels Up
Teppou BushiFirearm specialists wielding arquebusesHigh Ranged Attack and AoE damageExtremely slow reload time and vulnerability during reloadLevels Up
Onmyoji BushiMagical warriors manipulating elementsDiverse Element-based attacks and buffsLow base stats and limited MPSpecial Event

Tools and Items for Successful Bushi Catching and Hatching

  • Poké Balls of Good Quality: Buy Ultra Balls or Master Balls, which have higher catch rates. Remember that Bushi are fierce fighters, so get ready to fight!
Palworld: How to Catch or Hatch Bushi
  • Throwing Paralyse Traps weakens Bushi before you throw your Poké Ball, which makes it much more likely that you’ll catch it.
  • Traps for Specific Elements: Match the Bushi’s weakness to the trap element to get even more capture advantages. There are fire traps for Ice Bushi, water traps for Fire Bushi, and more.
  • Food: Giving a Bushi food before you try to catch them can calm them down and make it a little easier to catch them. For the best effect, choose food based on what they like.
  • An incubator is a must-have if you want to hatch Bushi eggs. If you improve your incubator, the eggs will hatch faster and have better stats when they grow up.
  • Fertiliser: Putting fertiliser on Bushi eggs can make them hatch more often and maybe even make their children stronger. Pick fertilisers based on the type of Bushi you want to grow.


How do you get Bushi in Palworld?

This is Palworld during the day. You can find Bushi near the Mount Obsidian Anubis Statue warp point. The Pal of the Fire type will poke around the fast travel point and the areas with rocks and waterfalls west of Fisherman’s Point at the base of the mountain.

What is the strongest pal in Palworld?

The black and red dragon Jormuntide Ignis, which can be found at the No. 2 Wildlife Sanctuary in the northwest of the map, is the Pal with the best attack power right now.

Where can I find Vanwyrm?

But before you try to go there, make sure your character is dressed in something that can handle the heat. In the volcanic biome, the south of this area is where you can find Vanwyrms in a number of different places.

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