Palworld: How To Get The Legend Passive

Palworld's breeding secrets revealed! Learn to unlock legendary skills.

In Palworld video game, the Palpagos Islands are a huge and varied place where adventurers look for legendary Pals, each with their own special skills and strengths. The map is full of these elusive creatures, and each one lives in its own specific spot, waiting to be found and captured by brave trainers. In this guide we showed how To Get The Legend Passive in Palworld.

The most valuable thing about these legendary Pals, though, is their Legend Passive Skill. Legendary Pals are the only ones who can have this skill. It gives them huge advantages in battles and challenges, so even the most dedicated players are always looking for them.

The Legend Passive Skill puts these Pals in a league of their own, whether it’s by making them better at offence, defence, or special skills that change the outcome of a battle. Trainers who want to dominate the competitive world of Palworld make getting these legendary Pals and unlocking their Legend Passive Skill their main goal. This makes them search every corner of the islands for these hard to find and powerful allies. For more information go to their official website.

How To Get The Legend Passive in Palworld

  1. Catching more copies: Catching multiple copies of the same Pal until you get one with the desired passive skill is one way to get it since passive skills are randomised.
  2. Breeding: Another way to learn passive skills is by breeding in Palworld. Two Pals in a Breeding Farm can pass on passive skills to their offspring. Selective breeding and chain breeding can produce Pal offspring with the desired passive skills, but not immediately.
  3. Black marketeer or pal merchant: Players can directly buy Pals with passive skills from the Pal Merchant or Black Marketeer. Pals with rare skills like Legend or Lucky are rare in these venues, but they can be bred.
  4. It takes Level 40 to catch the Black Marketeer for their stock due to their low catch rate.

Understanding Passive Abilities in Palworld

Palworld’s survival game passive abilities are hidden traits that your creatures always have and that change how well they do in battle and other situations. You can’t directly use them like you can active skills, but depending on the ability, they can give you buffs, debuffs, or other effects. This list will help you understand them better:

Different kinds of passive skills:

  • “Stat Boosts” raise your Pal’s base stats, such as Attack, Defence, HP, Speed, and more. “Musclehead” (+20% Attack) and “Agile” (+20% Speed” are two examples.
  • Stat Debuffers: These hurt your Pal’s stats, making them less useful. “Frail” (-20% Defence) and “Clumsy” (-20% Speed” are two examples).
  • Utility Effects: These give you benefits that go beyond your basic stats. “Lucky” (increases the chance of critical hits), “Hibernation” (reduces food intake while sleeping), and “Motivational Leader” (increases player speed) are some examples.
  • Player-Focused Effects: Some abilities, like “Vanguard” (more damage), directly help the player. For example, “Logging Foreman” makes logging more efficient.

Importance of Legend Passives

  • Stat Boosts: The strongest thing about Legend Passives is the powerful stat boost they give. With this passive, both Attack and Defence get 20% better, and Movement Speed gets 15% faster. This combination makes a Pal much faster and better at fighting, making them a tough opponent.
  • Uniqueness: Legend Passives can only be used by Legendary Pals, which are very rare and powerful creatures. Because these Passives are so rare, people really want them. They make Legendary Pals more valuable and important.
Palworld: How To Get The Legend Passive
  • Potential for breeding: The Legend Passive itself can’t be passed on through breeding, but Pals who have the Legend Passive can give their children other useful passive skills. This lets you breed strong Pals with desirable trait combinations, even if the Pals aren’t Legendary.
  • Overall Power: The Legend Passive makes a truly powerful creature when combined with the already impressive stats of Legendary Pals. This makes them very useful in high-level battles, for gathering resources, and for exploring dungeons.

Tips for Efficiently Obtaining Legend Passives

How to Understand Legend Passives:

  • Figure out your goal: Do some research on the Legend Passives you want and pick the ones you want. If you want a single passive or a combination of them, you need to use different strategies.
  • How passives are passed down during breeding: Understand how inheritance works. When compared to common or rare passives, legend passives are less likely to transfer.

Strategies for breeding:

  • To build a strong base, start with Pals who have at least one or two of the Legend Passives you want. This makes it more likely that the transfer will work in future generations.
  • Approach that involves more than one generation: Don’t expect results right away. Try to make progress slowly by breeding Pals with more and more of the passives you want.


How many pals are there in Palworld?

You can’t find all 138 of Palworld’s Pals in the wild, though. A few of them, like the Elphidran Aqua and the Ice Reptyro, can only be found by breeding them on Palworld.

What is the strongest pal?

It’s no secret that Jetragon is one of the strongest Pals in the game. It’s the fastest mount in Palworld and can only be caught when you reach Level 50. Its Dragon-type attacks are the strongest.

What is the strongest pal in Palworld?

Level 4 of Gathering. One of the four legendary Pals is Frostallion. If a player breeds this Level 50 Pal with Helzephyr, a Dark-type form of it called Frostallion Noct will appear. As the only Pal with a Level 4 Gathering skill, this one is the best at gathering in the game.

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