Persona 3 Reload: How To Defeat Elizabeth

Persona 3 FES holds a hidden secret! Learn how to unlock the epic battle against Elizabeth and test your true Persona skills!

Persona 3 Reload Defeat Elizabeth is a big task for players who want to add more excitement to the game. To really beat this secret boss, you need to carefully plan ahead and know how to use strategy. When you face her, whether you do it after finishing the game or during New Game Plus, you can expect an exciting fight that will test your skills.

You have to beat the secret boss battle before you can fight Elizabeth. You can do this in two main ways: either by finishing the game once or by facing the scary Reaper on your first run. Going the Reaper way means climbing to the top of Tartarus and agreeing to Elizabeth’s dangerous request. For an in-depth look at Persona 3 Reload, check out the official website. They have all the info you need!

How To Defeat Elizabeth in Persona 3 Reload

  1. The door won’t open for anyone else in your group, so you have to go in by yourself.
  2. You can’t use a Persona that blocks, absorbs, or turns back any move she makes during her turn. It’s okay to resist. All effects that reflect light, like Mirrors, are also not allowed.
  3. You have to kill her with Armageddon before you can use it.
  4. You have 50 turns or less to beat her.

If you break any of these rules, she will call Pixie and kill you right away. If you use Armageddon, she will first use Diarahan as a move on herself. With Endure or Enduring Soul, you can make it through the 9999 Megidolaon, but she will keep dancing until you run out of extra chances.

Persona 3 Reload: How To Defeat Elizabeth

In this version of Persona 3, Elizabeth doesn’t let you use idle counterattack skills like Counter and High Counter. In standard Persona 3/FES/Portable, these skills were a big part of beating her. The old plan doesn’t work anymore. At least in parts.

Leveraging Persona Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Scan and Analyse: To find enemy flaws, you should always use the “Scan” command. By using Personas with high Knowledge stats to look at enemies, you can learn more about their resistances and defences.
  • To get matchup mastery, give your party members Personas that take advantage of their flaws. Aim for strikes that use elements, such as Agi (Fire), Zio (Electricity), Bufula (Ice), and Garu (Wind), on enemies that are weak. Both Light and Dark flaws are not very common, but they are just as dangerous.
  • Knockdowns: When you hit an enemy twice in a row in their weak spot, you get a Technical Knockdown that gives you extra turns and more damage. Use this with more than one person in your party for deadly combos.
  • Persona Fusion: Carefully combine Personas to make strong partners with a wide range of skills and elemental preferences. Give more weight to those that cover a lot of flaws and resistances.
  • To unlock powerful Persona fusions, boost your teammates’ stats, and give them new powers, you need to strengthen your social links with them. Try to find Personas that go well with their characters and ways of fighting.
  • Targeted Attacks and Defences: Support skills like Tarunda and Rakunda can help your team’s attacks and damage the enemy’s defences. On the other hand, use Matarunda and Makarakarn to protect your team and lessen the damage done by enemies.


What level should I be for Elizabeth p3p?

You have to be level 99 to be able to handle even her most basic weapons. It was already said by xiuskwild that you can’t use any character whose stats or skills have “absorb,” “repel,” or “null,” or attack mirror, magic mirror, tetrakarn, or makarakarn. She will kill you with megidoalon if you do.

How do you beat Elizabeth in Persona 3 Portable?

Let me explain. Elizabeth fixes herself twice: once when she has 10,000 HP and again when she has less than 6,000. She will start repeating the 9,999-damage Megidolaon after the second full heal. Armageddon is the only way to do enough damage to kill her, but you have to time it just right. It does 10,000 damage.

How to romance Elizabeth Persona 3?

She can be found outside the Velvet Room door in Paulownia Mall. To do this, pick the second choice to “ask Elizabeth out.” This will make an event like a social link where you take her to a different place each time. In the middle of June, I got my first date with her.

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