How to Play MKV Files on Android Phone

Find out which apps and tips will help you play MKV files smoothly on your Android phone or tablet.

Matroska Video, or MKV, is a popular and flexible file format that can automatically combine high-definition video, multiple audio tracks, and captions into a single container. For sharing films and other media over the internet, this file with lots of features has become standard. In this guide we showed how to Play MKV Files on Android Phone.

Downloading movies online will often include MKV files because so many content makers and distributors use them. Playing MKV files on an Android phone, on the other hand, needs video player software that works with Android phones. Although many of Android’s built-in media players can play popular video formats, MKV’s unique features may mean that you need to use third-party apps like VLC Media Player or MX Player.

The watching experience on mobile devices is improved by these apps, which not only let you play MKV files, but also add features like subtitles, audio track selection, and smooth playback. As viewing high-definition content on smartphones becomes more common, being able to play MKV files without any problems lets users watch their favorite films and videos while they’re on the go.

How to Play MKV Files on Android Phone

Google’s video player can play MKV files.

  1. Consider the options: The first step is to consider various options for a video player on your Android device. AVI, WMV, MPG, MOV, and MKV compatibility are crucial factors to look for.
  2. Explore MKV players: Look for MKV players specifically designed for Android. These can usually be found online and many are free to download and use.
  3. Popular choices: Explore popular Android MKV players such as Rock Player, Mobo Player, and MX Video Player. These are known for their reliability and performance.
  4. Smart player compatibility: Ensure that the chosen player has the capability to play MKV movies directly without the need for conversion. This saves time and effort.
  5. Consider HD playback: Keep in mind that not all Android MKV players are capable of handling HD 720p or 1080p videos effectively. Check reviews and performance ratings to ensure satisfactory playback quality.
  6. Beware of limitations: Some programs may have limitations such as impeding downloads or lacking certain features. Be mindful of these drawbacks before making a choice.
  7. Alternative solutions: If your Android smartphone does not support MKV videos directly, consider alternative solutions such as conversion to a compatible format or exploring different video players.

 MX Player

  1. Download MX Player: Install MX Player, the best video player app for Android phones, from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open MX Player: Launch the app on your Android device.
  3. Play MKV Files: MX Player supports the MKV file format seamlessly. Simply select your desired MKV file, and it will play right out of the box.
  4. Explore Compatibility: Apart from MKV, MX Player is compatible with hundreds of other video file formats, ensuring versatility in your media playback.
  5. Utilize Features: MX Player offers hardware acceleration for smooth playback, allows for subtitle customization including motion, and provides various other enhanced functionalities.
  6. Enjoy Comprehensive Video Experience: With its multitude of features and wide file format compatibility, MX Player stands out as the go-to app for all your video needs on Android.

InShot Video Player

  1. Download and install the InShot Video Player, also known as XPlayer, app on your device.
  2. Open the app to access its features.
  3. Import your video and audio files into the app.
  4. Play a wide range of common video and audio file types, including 4K or Ultra HD videos.
  5. Enable subtitles for MKV files seamlessly.
  6. Utilize the secret folder feature to safeguard your videos.
  7. Leverage the player’s support for 4K resolution and hardware acceleration.
  8. Stream your media content to a TV using Chromecast.
  9. Take advantage of the media player controls for easy navigation.
  10. Download subtitles directly within the app for your videos.

Compatibility of MKV Files with Android Devices

Native Support:

  • Android 10 and above: Officially supports MKV format with both video and audio codecs like VP8, VP9, and Opus.
How to Play MKV Files on Android Phone
  • Earlier versions: Generally do not natively support MKV playback.


  • Third-party media players: Many free and paid media players like VLC, MX Player, and Kodi offer MKV playback support on various Android versions.
  • File conversion: Convert MKV files to a more widely compatible format like MP4 using video converters.

Things to Consider:

  • Even with third-party apps, compatibility might vary depending on the specific device and its hardware capabilities.
  • Some MKV files may use codecs not supported by the player, requiring additional codec packs or conversion.

Tips for Optimizing MKV Playback Performance on Android Devices

  • Use a movie player that supports hardware acceleration: There are a lot of media players in the Play Store that support hardware acceleration. This can greatly improve playback speed by shifting decoding jobs from the software to the device’s hardware. Look for players whose descriptions say that they allow hardware acceleration.
  • Changing the video resolution: If the MKV file won’t play, try changing the video resolution. Before you move the file to your device, you can do this with different video editing programmed. It takes less computer power to decode at lower resolutions, which makes playback smoother.
  • Turn off music and subtitles that you don’t need: MKV files can have more than one audio and video track. If you only need one subtitle and audio track, turning off the others can free up space and make playing faster. Most media players have settings that let you turn off tracks you don’t want to hear.
  • Close any other background apps: Before you play the MKV file, close any background apps that you don’t need to be running. This will free up system resources and make everything run faster, including playing videos.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with MKV Playback on Android

Check Basic Functionality:

  • Device Volume: Ensure your phone’s volume isn’t muted or set too low.
  • Different File: Try playing another MKV file. If it works, the issue might be with the specific file.
  • Different Device: Play the file on another device to isolate the problem. This helps determine if it’s the file or your device.
  • Restart Device: A simple restart can often resolve temporary glitches.

Address MKV Compatibility:

  • Native Support: Android doesn’t natively support all MKV codecs. Use a third-party media player like VLC, MX Player, or KMPlayer, known for their MKV compatibility.
  • Download Codecs: Some players allow downloading missing codecs to play specific MKV files. Check your player’s settings for this option.


Why wont my Android play MKV files?

An outdated Android version can cause numerous problems, such as the no-audio issue on your MKV files. Moreover, some older Android versions may not support the MKV file format, so you won’t be able to play your favorite videos without the proper operating system. The best way to fix the issue is to update the OS.

Can I phone play MKV?

Some third-party video players can play MKV files, which is helpful since Apple devices don’t support them by default. You can get VLC, Infuse, PlayerXtreme, and other apps from the App Store and use them to play MKV files on your iPhone without first changing them.

What app will play MKV?

If you want to open and play an MKV file, the best driver is VLC. You can also use video codecs or Windows video Player, DivX Player, and so on.

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