How to Game Share on PlayStation 5

Share your digital games with friends on PS5.

Most new consoles have a useful feature that doesn’t get enough attention: the ability to Game Share on PlayStation 5. People could set up their PlayStation 4 at home and share games with their friends that way. This is even easier to do with the PlayStation 5. This PS5 feature is called “Console Sharing and Offline Play,” and it lets you share all of your games with anyone else who has that console, even if it’s not online.

You can play all of your PS5 games on another console if you share your games. Your games can be played by anyone whose console account you’ve shared with them. If you share games, you can’t just give them to anyone. One other console is the only one that can use your library. You can play online multiplayer games with the console you share if you have PS Plus. They will also be able to access your library of free PS Plus games.

If you set up Console Sharing on a friend’s PlayStation 5, they could play any games you had downloaded to your account even after you logged out of PlayStation Network. On your home console, you could still sign in to your PSN account and play your own games, but no one else could. You can only use Console Sharing on one PS5 at a time, but it looks like you can switch between them whenever you want.

How to Game Share on PlayStation 5

  1. Log in to your Playstation Network (PSN) account.
  2. Go to the “Main Menu“.
  3. Click the “gear” icon to access the “Settings” tab.
  4. Select “Users and Accounts.”
  5. Click on the “Other” option and select “Console sharing and offline game”.
  6. Click “Disable
  7. Sign out of your Playstation Network (PSN) account.
  8. Log in to your friend’s console using your PSN.
  9. Navigate to “Console sharing and offline play” on that console.
  10. Click on the “Enable” option.
  11. Sign out of your PSN on that console.

What Is Game Sharing on PS5

The act of giving someone else a digital video game is known as “game sharing.” It’s clear that you can share physical games by giving someone else the disc. This isn’t usually possible with video games, though. You can sign in to your PlayStation account on any PS4 and play games you own. Other people can’t play those games under your name, though, because you can only play them when you’re logged in.

How to Enable Game Sharing on PS5

The PS4’s “primary system” feature is used for game sharing. Some benefits come with making the PS4 your main console, such as having content you’ve already bought download automatically. People love the Xbox line of consoles because they let people share games. You and a friend can share your game libraries and Xbox Live Gold memberships, which come with Game Pass, with Game sharing. You can play more games and save money at the same time. The Xbox One lets you share games, but you will need two of them to do this.

Security and Privacy Considerations

  • Privacy: Other players will be able to see your PSN ID and profile information when you share games with them. You can turn off game sharing if you don’t want other players to be able to see this information.
  • Safety: If you’re not careful, sharing games can put your safety at risk. If you let someone you don’t trust play your games, for example, they could steal your account information or put malware on your console.
  • Sharing an account: Sharing games is only meant to be done with family and friends. Sharing your PlayStation Network account with people you don’t know is against the rules, and you could get your account banned.


This is the end of our article on how to share games on a PS5. Without a doubt, the day will come when there are no more physical discs. At last, we can buy a major console that doesn’t have a disc drive. It’s the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and the Xbox Series S. This makes gamers who like to share their games with family and friends sad. The PS5 and PS4 both have a feature that lets you do that, which is great. To find out more, go to their official website.


Why are my games locked on PS5 after game sharing?

Some games for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 have a lock icon on them. You can’t play them because they aren’t in your library. Go to settings and choose System Storage Management to get rid of the lock icon. Click “Unlock” next to the game that’s giving you trouble.

Is game sharing legal on PS5?

If you “share your account with friends on your PlayStation,” the police won’t arrest you, and your account won’t be closed. It was kind of known that you could share your PSN account on the PS4. This should answer your question.

What are the risks of game sharing PS5?

People who you have never met should never get your PSN login information from you. It might seem like the easiest way to share your games. This is against the PlayStation Community Code of Conduct, and your account could be stolen.

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