How To Print Notes in PowerPoint: 5 simple steps

Get tips to print both slides and speaker notes for your next presentation.

Microsoft’s PowerPoint presentation software has a tone of tools that can assist you in creating the greatest presentation imaginable. Printing PowerPoint presentations with speaker notes is one of these functions. In this article we will show you how To Print Notes in PowerPoint.

In corporate contexts, this capability could be really helpful, particularly if you are presenting a thorough presentation and want your audience to be able to follow along with ease. Additionally, it might be helpful for practicing your presentation and maintaining organization during delivery.

Printing PowerPoint slides with notes is easy. Just one setting needs to be altered in the “Print” menu. Although using a Mac differs slightly from using a PC, the two procedures are otherwise fairly comparable.

Why Print Notes in PowerPoint Presentations?

  • Reference guide: Having printed notes with you during the talk gives you a place to look at them. This way, the speaker can quickly look down at important facts, figures, or specifics without having to remember them all or look back at the computer.
  • More thorough information: In PowerPoint, the notes pane can hold more information than what is on the slide itself. By printing these notes, the speaker can go into more detail about certain points or give more background information without making the slides look crowded.
  • Setting up and moving things: Putting talking points in order and writing them down in notes helps the speaker stay on track and keep the presentation flowing smoothly.
  • Handouts: Giving out printed notes as handouts gives people a physical copy of the main points, data, or other information that was talked about. So, they can follow along, make notes, and come back to the information later.
  • Accessibility: Some people in the crowd might not be able to see the screen well or take good notes. Handouts that are printed out can be especially helpful for people who have trouble seeing or learning.

How To Print Notes in PowerPoint

  1. Click the File menu to open it. In the PowerPoint window, click “File” in the upper left corner.
  2. Proceed to Print: From the menu, choose “Print”.
  3. Select Print Layout from the drop-down box under “Settings.” Press the minus sign and select “Notes Pages.” With this option, you can print each slide along with the speaker notes that go with it.
  4. Examine and Modify (Optional): You may see an image of how your notes will print on the right side of the window. Here, you can change the print range, page orientation, and number of copies, among other printing settings.
  5. Print: Select “Print” if you’re happy with the preview and the settings.

Troubleshooting Common Issues When Printing PowerPoint Notes

Notes that won’t print at all:

  • Check how to print: Click on “Print Layout” and make sure “Notes Page” is chosen. This is in the “Print” menu.
How To Print Notes in PowerPoint
  • Check the printer’s connection: Make sure your printer is turned on, linked correctly, and set as the default printer.

It looks like the notes are missing or cut off:

  • Change the Paper Size: Make sure that the paper size in your printer’s settings is the same as the paper you’re using. A mistake can sometimes cut off parts of something.
  • Master Check Notes: Click “View” and then “Notes Master” to change the size of the text box if you need to. It needs to fit in the printed area.
  • Font size and margins: In the Notes Master, make the fonts bigger and the margins smaller so that they fit inside the printed area.

Content from slides that overlaps with notes:

  • Remove the “Slide” option: If you only want to print notes and not the slides, remove the “Slides” option from the “Print Layout” menu.
  • Change the master layout for notes: Select “View” then “Notes Master” and click on a blank spot. Choose “Notes Master Layout…” and uncheck any heads or footers that aren’t needed and could be covering up notes.


How do I extract notes from PowerPoint?

Select “File.” Select “Export.” Choose “Export” from the “Create Handouts” tab. In the “Send to Microsoft Word” dialogue box, choose “Notes below slides” or “Notes next to slides.”

Does saving PowerPoint as PDF keep notes?

It will save your PowerPoint as a PDF file rather than printing it. Additionally, since you selected the Notes option from the drop-down menu, the conversion will preserve all of your great notes. You don’t need to worry about formatting problems when sending your presentation.

What does saving a PowerPoint as a template do?

A PowerPoint template can be defined as a set of slides or a pattern that you save as a.potx file. Layouts, colours, fonts, effects, background styles, and even content can all be found in templates. Your own unique templates can be made, saved, used again, and shared with others.

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