Persona 3 Reload: How To Raise Social Links

Learn how to max out every social link in Persona 3 Reload, from choosing the right answers to scheduling perfect hangouts!

In Persona 3 Reload, the quest to improve social stats and make bonds stronger takes on a new form thanks to new activities and better gameplay. Even though places like Chagall Cafe and Mandragora are back, they have been changed in new ways to give players a wider range of experiences. In this article we showed how To Raise Social Links in Persona 3 Reload.

In contrast to its predecessors, Persona 3 Reload changes the values for stat boosts in activities like watching movies, playing arcade games, and other hobbies. This means that players need to plan how to deal with these changes in order to improve their overall progress and social connections.

The game forces players to change how they play, so they need to be on the lookout for new opportunities and open to trying out the new ways people interact with each other. Raising social links in Persona 3 Reload takes hard work and a deep understanding of the video game’s complexities. The journey to master these complexities is both interesting and rewarding for players who want to do so. If you want to Check Price Go to Amazon.

Needed before:

  1. Social Stats: A lot of social links need certain levels of Charm, Courage, or Academics. It’s very important to level up these stats by doing things like studying, eating at certain restaurants, or going to entertainment venues.
  2. Unlocking: To get some Social Links, you need to do things like finish a storyline or reach a certain point. See the guides for more information.

Points of contention:

  1. Hangouts: The best way to get points is to spend time with a Social Link character. For a bigger boost, pick dialogue options that fit their personality.
  2. Special Events: Some things that happen in the story or on certain dates can give you a lot more Social Link points. Keep an eye out for chances!
  3. Gifts: Giving Social Link characters useful gifts can earn you extra points. Find out what they like ahead of time.
  4. Social Link progress is halved during Full Moon phases: This is called the “full moon penalty.” Try different things or focus on social links that aren’t affected by the moon.

The story and how the characters grow:

  • Deeper Connections: Adding social links to characters makes your relationships with them stronger and gives you more information about their personalities, motivations, and pasts. This adds to the story and makes the experience more emotionally powerful.
  • Unique Story Events and Dialogue: When you max out your Social Links, you can access special story events, dialogue options, and even romantic relationships. These give the game’s world and characters another layer.

Advantages of the game:

  • Personas that are stronger: Each Social Link is linked to a different Arcana, and if you’re good at that Arcana, you can combine stronger Personas of that type. This gives you a lot more options for fighting and for planning your strategy.
Persona 3 Reload: How To Raise Social Links
  • Special Skills and Bonuses: Getting all of the Social Links gives you access to special skills and passive bonuses that can make your game a lot better. These can be anything from buffs to stats and healing spells to unique fusion options and store discounts.

Planning and managing your time:

  • Sort: Not every link is the same. Pick out the characters and Arcana that are most important to your play style and focus on those first.
  • Making a good schedule: Make good use of your free time. Check the Network function to get an idea of which characters are available. Keep in mind that some links move the story forward.
  • Balance your activities: Don’t forget to explore Tartarus or improve your Social Stats. Try to find a good balance between the things you need to do.

Investment in Social Stats:

  • Each link has a social statistic that goes with it (Courage, Charm, Academics). High stats give you more dialogue options and help the link move forward.
  • Multiple Ways: You can raise your social stats by doing things like studying, working part-time, or going to the movies with your friends.
  • Prioritise Early: Spend money on Social Stats early to make it easier to move up in the game through links.
  • Find the important links: Pay attention to social links that let you access new Personas, skills, or story events that fit the way you play and your goals.
  • Plan your time well: Plan your days around the times you can use Social Link. Use the evenings and weekends, when there are more characters to choose from.

Improve exploring in Tartarus:

  • Quickly clean up sections: Try to finish new parts of Tartarus in one night if you can. This gives you more time to do other things, like Social Links.
Persona 3 Reload: How To Raise Social Links
  • Use Shuffle Time: Use Shuffle Time to get useful things, like cards with Social Link bonuses, which will save you time from having to grind.
  • Carry Personas that match: Having a Persona that matches the Social Link Arcana gives you extra points in conversations.
  • Pick the correct answer: Pay attention to the dialogue choices and pick the ones that fit the Social Link’s personality.


How do I increase my social link in persona?

Getting more Social Stats can be done in a number of ways. The main one is to read books or answer questions in class. Some of the part-time jobs will also give you Social Stats points. The main character will also be able to choose certain responses during a Social Link Rank once they reach a certain level of a Social Stat.

How do you raise courage in Persona 3 reload?

Depending on how hard and how much they cost, the activities near Iwatodai and Port Island Station give different point boosts. By consistently picking options that raise the protagonist’s stats, they will quickly reach their full potential.

What is the saddest Social Link in Persona?

In all Persona games, the Sun Rank is one of the saddest ways to connect with other people. Through this link, you can spend Sundays with Akinari Kamiki, a young man who is sick and loves writing. We learn that his health is really getting worse and that he doesn’t have much time left in this world.

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