How to React to Messages on Discord

Discord is a popular communication app that’s free to use. It’s loved by a majority of its users due to its ease of use and ability to connect to people from all around the world in real-time for gaming, socializing, and more. In this article we will show you how to React to Messages on Discord.

Many people enjoy Discord because it allows users with similar interests to share their opinions and thoughts with each other through this platform. When compared to other social media platforms, Discord doesn’t have any algorithms that decide what type of content to show its users. Instead, users have the authority to choose what they want to view and interact with, which makes it a lot more convenient for them.

If users need content of a specific type, Discord has servers that are dedicated entirely to that particular type of content they are looking for. There are many popular discord communities related to gaming, tech, anime, crypto, and students.

How to React to Messages on Discord

On desktop

  1. Find the message you want to respond to in Discord for PC or Discord for Web. It could be a direct message from a friend or a message in a website where you’re logged in.
  2. Move the pointer over the message. You will see an option bar in the upper right part of the chosen message that gives you a list of things you can do with it. Click on Add response.
  3. There will be a new window pop up with all the emojis you can use to respond to a message. Choose the one that you think is best. Discord will show how you feel about the message below it.

On Phone

  1. Find the Discord app on your phone and open it.
  2. Look for the message you want to answer.
  3. Hold down on it until a new window appears.
  4. If you want to do this, you need to find a happy face that is grayed out and has a plus sign on top of it. This button is called the “emoji picker.” When you tap it, a new window will appear with all the reply emojis.
  5. Pick a symbol to use as a response. The most-used emojis are at the top of the mobile app, just like they are on the desktop version. Of course, you can use the search bar to quickly find a certain image.

Monitoring and Analyzing Message Engagement on Discord

Bots for Discord Server Analytics:

  • Options: Many Discord bots focus on server analytics and offer a variety of tools for keeping track of metrics for message interaction. Mee6, StatBot, and Garen are all popular choices.
  • Engagement measures: Message count, channel activity, user engagement, and reaction usage are some of the measures that these bots usually keep an eye on. Some even offer useful information, like word clouds and mood analysis.
How to React to Messages on Discord
  • Customization: A lot of bots let you change how the data you want to track is shown and offer different types of screens and reports.

Features that come with Discord:

  • Membership Insights: Discord’s built-in membership insights feature gives you basic information about what members are doing, like how many messages they send and how many times they join live chats.
  • Channel Insights: You can see simple analytics for each channel, which lets you compare activity levels and find places where things could be better.

Observation and tracking by hand:

  • Qualitative Analysis: This method isn’t based on data, but watching your server can give you useful information. Keep an eye on the channels with the most conversations, the topics that get people interested, and the users who give the most.
  • Engagement Tracking Tools: If you want to keep track of certain metrics by hand, like the number of daily messages sent, answers to specific prompts, or participation in discussions, you could use online tools like spreadsheets or project management platforms.


How do you add a reaction to text in Discord?

If you move your mouse over a message, you’ll see a group of icons appear to the right of it. You can see a list of possible emoji when you click on the smile icon. Pick out the emoji you want to use and click on it. As a response, the chosen image will be added to the message.

Why can’t I react to a message on Discord?

You will not be able to add responses to a certain channel or message if you do not have the right permissions. Check the roles and rights on the server to see if this is what’s wrong. Message Age: Discord lets you add responses to messages after a certain amount of time has passed.

What is super reaction Discord?

What are “animated” super reacts? They can only be used for certain things. Everyday users can use two super responses a week, but Nitro users can use five. At the moment, it looks like doesn’t let you tell the difference between normal and super replies or use them.

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