How to Turn Off Read Receipts in Facebook Messenger

There's no need to answer? Turn off read receipts in Messenger and read at your own pace.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Apple’s iMessage all have the controversial read receipt function. This virtual nod tells the sender the recipient read their message. The three platforms share this, but each handles notifications differently. In this article we talk about how to Turn Off Read Receipts in Facebook Messenger

WhatsApp uses the blue tick to indicate that the recipient received and read the message. Facebook Messenger and iMessage follow, but with different visuals. However, those with a more discreet communication style can hide their reading habits.

Users can read messages without anyone knowing if they turn off the read receipt function. This method focuses on privacy and is great for people who would rather not have to confirm when they understood a message in a conversation. The read receipt toggle strikes a balance between private and openness in the always-changing world of digital communication app

How to Turn Off Read Receipts in Facebook Messenger

  1. Quit being active.
  2. Tap the Profile icon in the upper left corner of your Messenger app.
  3. Click on Active Status.
  4. The toggle next to “Show when you’re active” should be turned off.
  5. Once more, click “Turn Off” when a box appears asking you to “turn off Active Status.”

Begin flying in airplane mode.

  • Hold down the Airplane Mode icon in the top-down menu on your phone.
  • Another option is to go to Settings and turn on Airplane Mode.
  • Open up the conversation you want to read in Messenger without telling the sender.
  • Later, close the app and make sure to swipe it out of the app drawer.
  • At that point, you can disable Airplane Mode.

Privacy Concerns and Considerations

Read Receipt Privacy Issues

  • There is pressure to act. The “seen” sign might make you want to answer right away, even if you need some time to think or are busy.
  • If you’re taking a while to reply, the read receipt may make you worry more about how the sender will see your delay.
  • Read receipts can make you feel like you have no control over what people see about you online.
How to Turn Off Read Receipts in Facebook Messenger

Considering and Working around

  • Turning off “Active Status” hides your internet presence, but it has nothing to do with read receipts. Other people won’t be able to see your online status, so you won’t feel like you have to react right away.
  • Trick: Read the chat while the app is in Aeroplane Mode, then close it without leaving the app. After reading the message, turn off Aeroplane Mode. You won’t get the “seen” notice until you reconnect.
  • Facebook Online If you read messages in a browser instead of the mobile app, the “seen” notice may come later. This gives you a short break to read messages without being rushed.

Pros and Cons of Disabling Read Receipts

Reduces immediate response pressure. Read messages at your own pace without feeling obligated to reply.May delay communication. Someone who doesn’t know you’ve seen their message may wait to send another, slowing the conversation.
Increases privacy. You can protect your time and boundaries by not telling people you’ve read their messages.Can confuse. Wondering if someone saw your message can cause anxiety.
Reduces conflict. Seeing that you’ve read their message but haven’t responded can cause misunderstandings or arguments.Can disrupt teamwork. Read receipts can help group chatters coordinate plans and stay on track.
Reduces distractions. Disabling read receipts can help you focus on other tasks if notifications distract you.Can miss important alerts. Disabling read receipts for all messages may cause you to miss important alerts.

Keeping Your Messenger Conversations Private

How to Turn Off Read Receipts in Facebook Messenger

Limited Function

  • Disable Active Status: Hides your online presence and last seen timestamp but keeps sending read receipts. Go to Messenger, tap “Active Status,” and disable “Show when you’re active.”
  • Browser-based Messenger: Unlike the mobile app, reading messages on Facebook’s desktop website may delay read receipts, giving you a brief window to read without appearing “seen.” However, this may not work.


  • Flight Mode Trick: Open Messenger on your phone, enable Flight Mode, read the messages, and disable Flight Mode before closing the app. This disables network access, preventing read receipts. It’s inconvenient and requires frequent airplane mode switching.
  • Third-party apps: Browser extensions like “Facebook Unseen” claim to block read receipts, but they may require intrusive permissions or violate Facebook’s TOS.


Can I turn off read receipts on Messenger?

Those eager to embrace this newfound privacy need a step-by-step guide. In the Messenger app, tap the menu ☰ button and select the gear icon to access the options section. Disable Read receipts in Privacy and Security.

Can you read a message in Messenger without the sender knowing?

Swipe up from the bottom and tap the left-hand airplane icon. You can now read everything in Messenger without senders knowing.

What does a read message in Messenger look like?

Can you tell if someone saw your Messenger message? A small circle with the recipient’s profile picture appears next to your Messenger message if they’ve seen it.

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