How to Refund Items on Roblox: 7 easy steps

Thinking of getting a Roblox refund? Get the facts before contacting support.

Roblox lets users trade Robux for in-game items, and it even has a feature called “Try On” that lets users see how accessories will look on their avatars before finishing their purchases. In this article we talk about how to refund items on Roblox.

Although Roblox video game does not normally refund for deleted or unwanted items, this is because digital goods are delivered right away. Meanwhile, users who find broken items or are having problems can get help by calling Roblox support. Technical support can talk to customers about problems with broken purchases and try to fix them or give them the help they need, but refunds may not be guaranteed.

This approach shows that Roblox cares about its users and wants them to have a good time in the platform’s virtual economy. More openness and trust in the Roblox community can be achieved by encouraging users to use support channels for help and resolution of any issues related to purchased items. For more information go their official website.

How to refund items on Roblox

  1. Go to the Roblox support page.
  2. Fill out the form with your information.
  3. Choose your device in Issue Details.
  4. Click on “Help”.
  5. Click on “Purchases Using Robux” for a broken item or “Billing & Payments” for a transaction that wasn’t authorised.
  6. In the text box, fully explain why the item is broken or not working as it should.
  7. You should get your Robux back if the support team agrees with your case.

Understanding Roblox Refund Policies

  • Important: It’s important to know that Roblox doesn’t usually give refunds for things like Robux, avatar items, and in-game purchases. This is because there are confirmation screens before purchases and once you buy something virtual, you can’t take it back.

Some exceptions:

  • Charges Not Authorised: If someone, like a child, bought something on your account without your permission, you can get a refund by calling Roblox support. As part of their “permissive refund policy,” they will look into it and may give you a refund. However, some payment processors may take care of these issues on their own.
  • Items That Aren’t Working Right: If you buy something that isn’t working right or is broken, you can contact Roblox support and explain the problem. In some cases, they might give you a replacement or a refund.

Common Reasons for Refund Denials on Roblox

  • Asking for a refund after the deadline: Roblox usually only lets people ask for refunds within 48 hours of the purchase. Refunds are usually not possible for transactions that happened more than this amount of time ago.
  • Accidental Purchases: If you bought something by accident, Roblox may need more information to make sure what happened. This could be information about the purchase, the device used, or the activity on the account. The refund process might be slowed down if you don’t give enough information or if you have a history of making a lot of purchases by accident.
How to refund items on Roblox
  • Consumable Items: You can’t get back in-game items that you use up right away, like Robux you spend on power-ups or special abilities. This is because once you buy them, they are “used” and can’t be returned.
  • Limited-Time Items: Like consumable items, you can’t get a refund on limited-time items like clothing or accessories that are only available for a certain event after you’ve bought them, even if you haven’t used them.

Tips for a Smooth Refund Process on Roblox

Before you ask for your money back:

  • Learn about Roblox’s refund policy: Read over Roblox’s policy on refunds. If you want to know if you can get a refund and under what conditions, this will help you.
  • Get the information you need: Make sure you have your order number, transaction ID, and any screenshots or receipts that are important on hand. This information will help the process of getting your refund go more quickly.

Making a request for a refund:

  • Contact Roblox customer service: Calling Roblox customer service is the fastest way to get your money back. You can send a support ticket or go to their website to do this.
  • Make your request for a refund clear by saying: When you talk to people, be polite and professional. Make sure it’s clear why you want a refund and include any supporting evidence you may have.
  • Wait. It may take a while to process refund requests. Roblox customer service will look over your request and get back to you as soon as possible.


Does Roblox allow refunds?

Whenever possible, we work with parents and customers directly as part of our permissive refund policy to provide a refund for unauthorized purchases. However, some third-party payment processors require refunds to go through their support services and Roblox is unable to refund charges for those providers.

Do you get Robux back if you delete a pass?

It’s not possible; if you take something away, Roblox wouldn’t give it back. There is a test mode in Studio that lets you try out purchases callbacks without spending real money. All you have to do is buy the game pass in studio. It won’t actually add the pass to your inventory, though.

Where is my robux pending?

Robux earned from Experience Pass sales are held in pending status being released for you to use. This pending status is called escrow. When this holding period is over, the Robux will appear in your Robux total. You can check your Pending Robux by viewing My Transactions.

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