How to Rejoin a Group Chat on WhatsApp

Got kicked out of a WhatsApp group or left it? This guide tells you what you can do to get back into the fun.

Anyone can accidentally leave a WhatsApp group, which can make them feel temporarily cut off from friends, family, or coworkers. Luckily, rejoining is an easy process that makes sure you don’t miss this article how to rejoin a group chat on WhatsApp. The simple interface of WhatsApp makes the process easier and faster, letting you quickly rejoin.

To fix an accidental exit, open the WhatsApp app and find the group chat that you want to rejoin. Once you have found the group, tap on it to enter information about it. You can rejoin the group by going to the information about it. As soon as you click on this, you will be back in the discussions without any problems.

This quick and easy method makes sure that you can quickly get back in touch with people in your professional or social circles. Support for large group chats in WhatsApp is still a useful feature that makes it easier to talk to many people at once for many reasons. So, whether you left by accident or on purpose, getting back in is easy and will help you stay in touch with the people who matter most to you. If you want to get further information, than you can visit official website.

How to Rejoin a group chat on WhatsApp

  1. Open WhatsApp on Android by locating the white phone in a green speech bubble icon in your Apps list.
  2. In the CHATS list, tap the New Message button represented by a green-and-white speech bubble icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.
  3. Use the search function in the displayed contacts to find and tap on the group admin. This action opens a personal chat with the group admin.
  4. In the conversation, locate the message field below the chat, which states “Type a message.”
  5. Type your message in the provided message field, requesting membership in the group conversation from the group admin.
  6. Tap the Send button, shaped like a paper plane, next to the message field. This action sends your message to the chat.
  7. Wait for the group admin to add you. Once added to the group chat, you’ll receive a notification, and the conversation will appear at the top of your CHATS list.
How to Rejoin a group chat on WhatsApp
  1. Tap the Group Chat you want to join in WhatsApp.
  2. Choose Three-dots or options from the upper right.
  3. Next, tap Group info from the options.
  4. Select Invite to Group via Link.
  5. Finally, share the link with intended group members.

Creating a New WhatsApp Account

  1. Deinstall WhatsApp: Uninstall the application to start afresh.
  2. Install WhatsApp: Search for WhatsApp in your device’s app store and reinstall it.
  3. Create an account: This step is crucial. Use a new number instead. For tips on obtaining a private number for WhatsApp, refer to our post. Keep in mind that this may resolve the issue, but you will lose your chat history.
  4. After setting up your new account, ask the group admin to add you back with your new number.

Understanding Group Membership in WhatsApp

  • Making and running WhatsApp groups: This includes knowing how to set up the groups, what roles people can play, like admin and participant, and how to communicate well with the groups.
  • Joining and leaving WhatsApp groups: How to find groups, get invited to them, and leave groups that don’t serve your needs in a polite way are all covered in this section.
How to Rejoin a group chat on WhatsApp
  • Understanding group dynamics: To understand how groups work, you should look into the different kinds of WhatsApp groups, how to behave in groups, and the problems that might come up when people talk to each other.
  • Something else that only people who are part of a WhatsApp group can do?

Steps to Leave a WhatsApp Group

Leaving quietly (without telling other members)

  1. Open the group chat on WhatsApp.
  2. Press the name of the group at the top of the screen.
  3. Click to enter the group information page.
  4. Scroll down to find the “Exit group” option.
  5. Tap on “Exit group” and a confirmation message will appear.
  6. Once again, press “Exit group” to confirm and leave the group.
  7. You have now silently left the group.

Leaving with a message

  1. Before you press “Exit group” again, you might want to type a short message to say goodbye.
  2. Even though you don’t have to, this can be a nice way to let people know you’re leaving.
  3. Simply press “Exit group.” People in the group will be told that you’ve left.


Can I rejoin WhatsApp group after removed without admin?

You can rejoin a community you left by using the invite link or joining one of its groups. A community or group admin must re-invite you to rejoin a community after an admin removed you.

Why can’t I join a WhatsApp group?

WhatsApp sometimes disables the “Invite to Group via Link” feature to address unwanted contact, group abuse, spam, or other TOS violations.

What happens when you are removed from a WhatsApp group?

After being removed from a WhatsApp group, you can’t send messages or get updates. Open the group to see these two messages: ‘XYZ removed you’You can’t message this group because you’re no longer a member.

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