How to Remove Suggested in Messenger

To make your Messenger experience more focused and personal, learn how to easily handle suggestions.

Here’s how to Remove Suggested in Messenger People” list: To begin, open the Messenger app and go to the search bar in the chat. Then, hold down on the contact you want to remove from the “Suggested” list. You can choose to “Hide from People You May Know” from a menu that shows up.

That person will no longer be in the auto-suggested list if you pick this option. This will help you send messages more easily and make the interface more useful and unique for you. People can change this workaround to make Facebook Messenger better and easier to use. In Facebook Messenger’s “Suggested” list, there are often quick links to start conversations.

People who aren’t important may show up on this list, though, which can be annoying. It is a shame that you can’t turn off “Suggested” in Facebook Messenger. Users can still be in charge if they remove some contacts from the list.

Stop adding contacts

  1. Open Messenger on your phone or tablet and go to the settings.
  2. See the settings page and pick “Phone Contacts.”
  3. Click on “Upload Contact.”
  4. Pick out “Turn Off.”

Take care of the contacts that have already been uploaded.

  1. Open up Messenger on your phone.
  2. To get to your profile page, click the “Profile” button.
  3. Tap “Phone Contacts” when you find it.
  4. The next page will have “Manage Contacts” chosen.
  5. Select “Delete All Contacts” from the list of options.

Benefits of Removing Messenger Suggestions

How to Remove Suggested in Messenger

Increased Privacy

  • Take away suggestions to stop getting unwanted Messenger messages from people you don’t know.
  • Protects private connections: It stops other people from suggesting your contacts, which is good for people who want to keep a low profile or are worried about their online presence.
  • Avoids inferences: Taking away suggestions can make it harder for algorithms or other people to figure out your social circles or relationships from Messenger’s suggestions.

Simpler Messaging

  • Reduces clutter: Clearing suggestions in Messenger simplifies finding and focusing on conversations with active contacts.
  • Reduces distractions: Removing suggestions helps you focus on your conversations without being distracted by irrelevant ones.
  • Customizes experience: Create a more personalized Messenger experience that prioritizes your desired contacts.

Recommendation Control

  • Empowers choice: Removing suggestions lets you choose who you see and interact with on Messenger instead of algorithms or unknown factors.
  • It can reduce bias in recommendations, as algorithms may accidentally favour certain people or groups.
  • Personal preferences: Removing suggestions shows you prefer private and intentional messaging app

Messenger Privacy Concerns and Solutions

  • Getting details and making lists Message apps keep track of many things about you, including what you say, who you talk to, where you are, and the websites you visit. You can use this information to make detailed profiles of users that can be used for ads or to spy on certain groups of people.
  • Many messengers only encrypt data when they send it, not when they keep it. This lets the site read your messages so they can show you better ads or follow the rules set by the government.
  • Anyone can get into stored data, even if it is encrypted. Hackers and other people who shouldn’t be able to see private data can see message company data that has been stolen.
How to Remove Suggested in Messenger
  • When you use encryption Make sure that the message is encrypted all the way to the other person when you send it. Those two people will be the only ones who can read it. A lot of people use Telegram, Wickr, and Signal.
  • Do not get enough information Pick carriers that don’t gather as much information instead of ones that do it all the time. Find sites that let users make choices about their data and are clear about how they handle it.
  • To get to web-based chat apps, use DuckDuckGo or Brave. These browsers don’t work with trackers or other tools that get data from outside sources.

Alternative Features to Messenger Suggestions

Contextual chat suggestions

  • Predictive Text: Based on typing patterns and conversation context, this feature suggests words and phrases.
  • Smart Replies: These brief, relevant responses are generated based on the message you received, letting you reply without typing.
  • These add visual: Flair and emotion to your conversations by suggesting relevant emojis based on message content.

Conversation Starters

  • Daily Question: Have thought-provoking or fun discussions.
  • Icebreaker Games: Play simple games to start conversations and have fun.
  • Conversation Topics: Think of current events and personal interests to discuss.


How do I delete a Messenger recommendation?

Tap “Suggestions” and disable “Suggest Friends”. This stops Messenger from suggesting friends. You can remove suggested friends from your list by tapping their name and then “Remove”.

Why do I have suggestions in Messenger?

If someone is suggested in Facebook Messenger, you may frequently message them or they may message you. Your messaging and Facebook activity inform the suggestions.

How do I hide recommended communities on messenger?

Tap Edit next to Communities. 3. Show or hide groups by tapping. indicates group appearance and concealment.

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