Resident Evil 4: How To Get And Use The Bolt Thrower

Craft your own ammo & set deadly traps! The ultimate RE4 Bolt Thrower guide.

In the remake of Resident Evil 4 video game, players can choose from a huge range of weapons, including the Bolt Thrower, which looks like a crossbow. Players have to decide how to spend their hard-earned Pesetas, since there are so many weapons to choose from and only so much space in their inventory. In this guide we showed how To Get And Use The Bolt Thrower in Resident Evil 4.

As a new item, the Bolt Thrower makes players think about what it can do in the game. How well the weapon works becomes a very important part of this decision-making process. Whether or not the Bolt Thrower changes the game or is just a nice-to-have depends on how well it kills enemies and how well it fits with the player’s preferred fighting style.

When exploring the scary environments of Resident Evil 4, buying the Bolt Thrower isn’t just a matter of money; it’s also a matter of strategy, and it shapes the intense and tense survival horror experience. To get more information go to their official website.

How To Get And Use The Bolt Thrower in Resident Evil 4

Find Out Where To Get The Bolt Thrower

  1. Introduction: The crossbow Bolt Thrower debuts in Chapter 2 of the story.
  2. Acquisition: Players can purchase it from the Merchant during the initial encounter with a mysterious figure.
  3. Recovery of Stolen Gear: Once Leon reclaims their stolen gear, a cutscene prominently features the Merchant’s store.
  4. Financial Preparation: To afford this impressive weapon early in the RE4 Remake, players should actively search for various treasures or ensure the Pearl Pendant remains unsoiled.

How To Use the Bolt Thrower

  1. Obtain: Acquire the Bolt Thrower during gameplay; it occupies 2×4 inventory space.
  2. Stealthy Approach: Utilize the Bolt Thrower’s quiet and stealthy nature to approach enemies undetected.
  3. Sneak Attacks: Take advantage of the Bolt Thrower’s quietness to eliminate unsuspecting enemies efficiently.
  4. Limited Damage: Acknowledge that the Bolt Thrower’s primary strength lies in player strategy rather than its damage output.
  5. Upgrade Option: Consider upgrading the Bolt Thrower to enable it to shoot explosive mines, preventing bolt recovery.
  6. Drop in Bolts: Be aware that the Bolt Thrower’s bolts exhibit a significant drop, discouraging long-range usage.
  7. Target Kneecaps: Opt for aiming at the enemy’s kneecaps to disable them before executing a final blow with a knife or switching to another weapon.
  8. Handle Crowds: Use the Bolt Thrower strategically, particularly when dealing with a larger crowd of enemies.
  9. Unique Combat Perspective: Embrace the fact that acquiring the Bolt Thrower in Resident Evil 4 Remake introduces a unique perspective on combat not typically offered by other guns.

Tips for Maximizing Bolt Thrower Ammo

  • Shoot for Retrieval: Remember that most of the bolts you fire will go through enemies and can be picked up with a quick knife stab. Don’t waste bullets on targets that you can easily hit with your melee weapon later.
  • Prioritise Headshots: If you have an upgraded Bolt Thrower, a headshot will often kill the target instantly, letting you get the bolt back. Put this first when you’re up against tougher enemies like Ganado chiefs.
Resident Evil 4: How To Get And Use The Bolt Thrower
  • When enemies shoot at you more than once, use the explosive bolts. You can kill a group of enemies with a single well-placed shot, which lets you grab more than one bolt at once.
  • Environment Kills: To kill groups of enemies without using more ammunition, use explosive bolts on barrels or explosive crates that are in the environment.

Enhancing Gameplay with the Bolt Thrower

Making the Most of Versatility:

  • Master of Stuns: The Bolt Thrower’s best feature is its strong stun ability. Many enemies, especially Ganado, will fall over after just one bolt to the body. This gives you a chance to hit them again with a headshot or critical melee attack. This helps keep fights under control and saves ammunition.
  • Crowd Control: Throw explosive mines at groups of enemies to do a lot of damage in a wide area. This is great for getting through choke points and narrow hallways because it thins out the crowd before they can overpower you.

Upgrades for strategy:

  • Power and Stun: When you upgrade, focus on making damage and stun last longer. This helps the Bolt Thrower take charge of battles and save ammo on weaker enemies.
  • Think about Explosive Mine Efficiency: If you mostly use mines to control crowds, you might not need to improve their damage. Instead, spend your money on reload speed or capacity to set traps faster.

Useful Creative Applications:

  • Environmental Puzzles: To skip tricky platforming or enemy fights, use the Bolt Thrower to flip switches or knock things over from a distance.
  • Weak Spots on Bosses: Some bosses, like the Regenerator’s eye, have weak spots that are easy to see. A well-placed bolt can do a lot of damage without using up too much firepower.


How do you get the Bolt Thrower in Resident Evil 4?

In Resident Evil 4, you can find the Bolt Thrower among the Merchant’s goods early in the game. You’ll meet this nice guy right after you get out of the Factory but before you get to the Mountain Village.

How do you get the mine thrower in RE4 Remake?

This item costs 28,000 PTAS and can be bought from The Merchant in Chapter 3: Part 1. You can also connect the Mine Thrower Scope to it.

Is Punisher better than handgun RE4?

It fires more often, reloads faster, holds more bullets, and is more accurate. Even though Punisher has more stats than SG-09 R, that doesn’t mean it’s a better handgun. That’s rightโ€”SG-09 has a five times greater chance of a critical hit with its Exclusive Perk. Critical hits are often better than penetration.

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