How to Run Benchmarks in Modern Warfare 2

Don't settle for lag! Learn how to run the built-in Modern Warfare 2 benchmark and optimize your settings for buttery-smooth gameplay.

Infinity Ward chose to Run Benchmarks in Modern Warfare 2. For the past few years, a lot of PC gamers have been waiting for this because it lets them fully keep an eye on how their system is running. The Benchmark basically tests a player’s PC with the graphics settings that are already set.

Some simple multiplayer scenes will be used in the test to find out a player’s average frames-per-second, which lets them know how well their PC is running. It may not seem like much, but this really helps players figure out what the best graphics settings are for their PC.

Different settings can be used to run several tests, and the best settings based on average FPS can be chosen. Some players have had trouble getting to the Benchmark Test in Modern Warfare 2, even though this feature was well received when the game first came out.

What is Benchmark in Modern Warfare 2?

The Benchmark tool in Modern Warfare 2 lets players test their performance within the game, without having to use a separate app. Players enter the Benchmark mode and are put in a lobby that is empty. They can move around in this lobby. After exploring the area, explosives will start going off along with other graphically demanding game events. This gives players a chance to do a full performance check.

How to Run Benchmarks in Modern Warfare 2

Benchmark Test:

  1. Go to the main COD HQ page on MW3.
  2. Select from multiplayer modes, Zombies, and Warzone.
  3. Scroll down to find the section for MW3.
  4. Scroll horizontally to find different modes.
  5. Click on Private Matches.
  6. Click on Benchmark to access the testing page.

Advanced Tips for Benchmarking in Modern Warfare 2

  • Update your drivers: For the best performance, make sure that the drivers for your graphics card and operating system are always up to date.
  • Stop background programmes from running: Close any background programmes that you don’t need that could be competing for resources.
  • Watch how hot the hardware is: Afterburner can help you keep an eye on your CPU and GPU temperatures while the benchmark is running. High temperatures can slow things down.
  • Control fan speeds: If you need to, change the fan speeds to make sure air flows well and stays cool.
How to Run Benchmarks in Modern Warfare 2
  • Multiple runs: To get a better idea of how well your system is doing, run the benchmark more than once and take the average of the results.
  • Change the settings for key graphics: You can change settings like anti-aliasing, volumetric effects, texture resolution, and shadow quality to get the performance and visuals you want.
  • Start high and then go down: Start with the settings at their highest level and slowly lower them until you reach the frame rate you want.
  • Try out different sizes: Test your system at 1080p, 1440p, and 4K resolutions to see how well it works in tough situations.

Optimizing Performance Based on Benchmark Data

  • Sources: Look for reliable sources like benchmark websites, YouTube channels, and online forums showcasing MW2 performance on various hardware configurations.
  • Metrics: Pay attention to FPS (Frames Per Second), minimum fps, CPU/GPU usage, and frame time stability (1% and 0.1% lows).
  • Compare Systems: Use benchmarks with hardware similar to yours to get the most relevant insights.


How do I run a benchmark while gaming?

Pick “Video” from the list. Select “Run Benchmark” from the “General” tab’s “Benchmark” page. A benchmark test will now be run by the game. Change the settings in the “Quality” tab to better match your system’s needs to make your game run better.

How do I check my FPS status?

To get to the Xbox Game Bar, press the Windows Key + G. Step 2: Go to the top and click on the Performance tab. Step 3: Then, in the new window, go to Performance options and make sure that fps (frames per second) is checked under Metrics.

How to benchmark CPU performance?

Press Windows Key + R to open the run menu and get to the CPU benchmark test. Type PERFMON into the box and press enter. You can run a performance monitoring test here that will look at the stats of your other hardware and compare them to your CPU’s performance.

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