How to Set Animated Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to set animated backgrounds in Microsoft Teams for a more engaging meeting experience.

The animated backgrounds feature in Microsoft Teams adds a fun element to virtual meetings by letting people change their backgrounds into moving pictures. This feature makes the meeting better by encouraging participation and new ideas. In this guide we showed how to Set Animated Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams.

Users can choose from a collection of pre-defined backgrounds that Microsoft has put together. Each one has its own themes and visuals to fit different tastes and situations. By adding animated backgrounds without any problems, Teams users can make their virtual relationships more personal and fun, going beyond the limits of static backgrounds.

With the animated backgrounds feature, users can change their virtual environments to fit their goals and feelings, whether they want to add a subtle touch of motion to a business setting or make a casual get-together more fun. With more and more companies relying on remote workers, this function becomes an important way to keep people interested, encourage creativity, and make meetings memorable for everyone.

How to Set Animated Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

  1. Go to the pre-join screen before the meeting starts.
  2. Pick Effects and Avatars.
  3. Click on Video effects next, and then use the small video icon in the bottom left corner of the sample picture to choose an animated background.

Compatible Devices and Requirements for Animated Backgrounds


  • Currently in Public Preview channel.
  • Requires IT admin to enable Public Preview feature.
  • Only meeting participants in the Public Preview can use animated backgrounds.
How to Set Animated Backgrounds in Microsoft Teams

Supported Devices and Platforms:

  • Windows and macOS Teams client applications.
  • Not available on mobile devices (iOS, Android) or web browsers.

Hardware Requirements:

  • Minimum 8 GB RAM.
  • CPU with at least 4 logical processors.
  • Not supported on low-end devices.

Tips for Using Animated Backgrounds Effectively in Microsoft Teams

Think about the audience and situation:

  • For formal talks, choose animations that aren’t too obvious to keep things professional. Avoid bright colours or motions that are hard to focus on.
  • For more casual meetings or talks, animations that are more fun can work, but make sure they don’t take over.
  • For external viewers, make conservative choices to avoid coming across as unprofessional.

Put truth first and stay away from distractions:

  • Pick movements that don’t move around much: Don’t watch cartoons that are too busy or move too quickly; they can be annoying to you and other people.
  • Get a good contrast: Your movement shouldn’t blend in with your clothes or other things on the screen, which would make you invisible.
  • Check your background first: Take part in a test meeting to see how the animation looks and make any necessary lighting changes.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Animated Backgrounds

Look over the basic needs:

  • Internet link: Make sure you have a strong and stable internet link, because slow connections can make it hard to load animated backgrounds.
  • Updates for your system: Make sure that both your running system and Microsoft Teams are up to date. This usually includes fixing bugs and making the programme run better.

Drivers for graphics:

  • Update Drivers: Video processing can go wrong if your graphics drivers are out of date or broken. Go to the website of the company that made your graphics card (for example, Intel, AMD, or NVIDIA) and get the most up-to-date drivers for it.

Setting up Microsoft Teams:

  • Clear Cache: Sometimes, problems with temporary data can be fixed by clearing the Teams cache. Look in Teams’ settings for a way to clear the cache or information.
  • Turn off GPU Acceleration: This is less likely to work, but turning off GPU hardware acceleration in Teams settings might help sometimes. Find the “General” section in Teams’ settings and turn off the “Disable GPU hardware acceleration” choice.


Can you add custom video background to Microsoft Teams?

When setting up your video and audio before joining a Teams meeting, select background effects. Here you can choose to blur meeting background, select from a list of images, or upload your own image.

Why is there no option to add custom background in Teams?

Talk to your IT department or system administrator to find out if the tool that lets you change the background has been turned off. They might be able to help you. Not all versions of Microsoft Teams let you change the background. Make sure you know what version you’re using and see if upgrading or moving to a different version might help.

How do you add an animated GIF to MS Teams?

In a chat or channel message, choose Emoji, GIFs, and Stickers from the list on the right. This will add an emoji, GIF, or sticker to the message. You can use this to look for a specific sticker, GIF, or emoji, or you can use the collections above the search bar to move around.

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