How to Disable Sign in With Google Prompt on Websites

Don't want Google interrupting your logins? This guide shows you how to ditch the prompts and enjoy a smoother browsing experience.

Websites may need to Disable Sign in With Google Prompt on Websites for a number of reasons, such as user preference or privacy issues. A lot of websites let you sign in with your Google passwords, which makes the process easier for people who already have Google accounts. Some people may not want to connect their Google account to third-party services, though, for privacy or safety reasons.

Usually, changing the login settings in the website’s backend or using a different authentication method is needed to turn off this prompt. Website managers may need to look at the settings for their platform or the documentation that their website hosting service or authentication provider gives them. By turning off the “Sign in with Google” message, website owners can give users more options for how to log in and make sure their platform follows best practices for privacy and security.

Website managers must clearly tell users about any changes to the login process so that users don’t get confused and are given other ways to access their accounts. Keeping users informed about privacy and security steps can also help build trust with them and make the website experience better overall. Specific details can be found on the official website.

Why Users May Want to Disable “Sign in With Google” Prompt

  • Sharing Data: People may not want to give third-party websites their Google data, even if it’s just their name and email address. To keep info from getting shared too much, they might want to make separate accounts for each service.
  • Targeted Ads: Google uses information about its users to show relevant ads to them. Some users might not like being tracked at this level, so they might choose to use separate accounts on different sites to get around it.
How to Disable Sign in With Google Prompt on Websites
  • Account Vulnerability: If you use Google Login on more than one website, a breach on one site could leave others open to attack. People who care a lot about security might like having different passwords for each site.

How to Disable Sign in With Google Prompt on Websites

  1. Sign in to your Google account.
  2. Go to My Google Account.
  3. From the menu, choose Security.
  4. Check the box next to Signing in to other sites (you might have to scroll to see it). Then, choose Signing in with Google.
  5. To turn off the Google Account sign-in prompts, use the switch.

Addressing Security Concerns When Disabling “Sign in With Google” Prompt

Lessened risk of security:

  • Lessened Phishing Risk: If you don’t click on the prompt, you won’t be fooled by a fake “Sign in with Google” page on a malicious website that wants to steal your passwords.
  • Less risk to your accounts: If the website you use with “Sign in with Google” gets hacked, it won’t automatically put your other accounts at risk.

More risks to security:

  • Password Management: For each website you use, you’ll need to make and remember a different, safe password. If you don’t do it right, this can be hard and cause you to repeat weak passwords.
  • Having different passwords for each site can make it harder to remember them all. This can cause login fatigue, which can make you use weaker, easier-to-guess passwords.
  • Single-Factor Authentication (MFA) Loss: Some services may only let you use MFA if you “Sign in with Google.” If you turn it off, your accounts might not be as safe.


Why is Google constantly asking me to sign in?

For security reasons, Google may ask you to prove your account, especially if it sees that you’re doing something strange. You need to be logged in to your Google account before you can change your phone number or turn off two-step verification. You can’t make changes if you can’t log in.

How do I stop websites from asking me to sign in?

On the Third-party apps and services page, click the gear icon in the upper right corner. In the Sign in with Google settings, you’ll see a switch. When you click the switch, the sign-in offer will go away on third-party sites.

What is Google Account sign in prompts?

Any Android phone that is signed in to your Google Account will show you Google options. If your phone is compatible, Google will try to use Bluetooth as an extra safety measure when you sign in to new devices.

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