Monopoly GO: How To Skip Community Chest Animations

Roll faster and land more money! Find out how to skip those long animations on Monopoly GO Community Chest cards

In Monopoly GO video game, the excitement of rolling the dice often makes the short pause when you see the Community Chest less noticeable. Exploring the contents of the Community Chest is one of my least favorite things to do as a player. In this game guide we showed how To Skip Community Chest Animations in Monopoly GO.

We always looking forward to the excitement of rolling for strategic advancement. Luckily, there is a useful workaround that can speed up the process and reduce the interruptions. This is done by carefully skipping over the long animations that go with the Community Chest and moving on to the next set of animations.

By using this method, players can quickly skip over the animations that take too long, getting right back to the action of rolling dice, which is what the game is all about. For people who enjoy the thrill of making strategic decisions all the time in the fast-paced world of Monopoly GO, this not only speeds up the game overall but also meets their needs. If you are interested in obtaining additional details, you can visit the official website.

Why Skip Community Chest Animations in Monopoly GO?

  • Spend less time: The animations are fun, but it can take a long time to watch them all the way through. Skipping the animations can make the game go a lot faster for people who like to play quickly or are short on time.
  • Pay Attention to Strategy: The animations can get in the way of serious Monopoly GO players who are trying to outsmart their opponents. They can stay focused on their strategy and make quick decisions when they skip them.
Monopoly GO: How To Skip Community Chest Animations
  • Battery Life: Most people don’t care much about this, but watching animations can use a little more battery on your device. It’s better to skip them to save battery life, especially for games that last longer.
  • Personal Preference: Some players just want a simpler experience and don’t think the animations are necessary. By skipping them, they can enjoy the main game without any extras.

Monopoly GO: How To Skip Community Chest Animations

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Find the settings for the animation.
  3. Disable the option for Unable to play animations.
  4. Keep the changes.
  5. Engage in the game.

Benefits of Skipping Animations

Faster Games

  • Less time spent playing: Rolling dice and property landing animations can make turns last longer. Skipping them speeds up the game, making it shorter and easier to understand.
  • Better pace: Since there are no animations to slow down turns, they are faster and more exciting. For fast players, this can make the game more fun and less frustrating.

Increased Focus

  • Fewer distractions: Animations can get in the way of the strategy of the game. If you’d rather focus on the board, property values, and your opponent’s strategies, you can skip them.
  • Better decisions: Less visual clutter helps players figure out what’s going on and buy, trade, and build properties faster and with more information.

Accessibility, inclusivity

  • Accessibility for people with disabilities: Players who have trouble paying attention may find animations too much to look at or distracting. They can still enjoy the game by skipping the animations.
  • More time-limited players can now play: skipping animations helps players who are short on time play faster. This could help busy people play Monopoly GO more often.

The Annoyance of Community Chest Animations

  • The Time Tax: People Animating chest cards is awful. It’s less useful to watch paint dry while spinning gears, shuffling envelopes, and making dramatic revelations. Every second spent on this pointless show stops the game from moving forward and makes it less fun for the players.
  • The Anticipation Anti-Climax: The long animation makes you look forward to a card that will change the game. But it’s usually $50 or a dull “Go to Jail” order. It’s like being on an emotional roller coaster for a yawn because of the anticlimax.
Monopoly GO: How To Skip Community Chest Animations
  • The Repetition Blues: No matter which Community Chest card you look at, it has the same animation. It gets old for even the most patient player after seeing the same gears and envelopes ten times in a row. Watching the same commercial break over and over again is boring and painful.
  • What Broke the Immersion: The flashy animations make it hard to get into the game. Players go into a cartoon world where Monopoly-style gears grind and envelopes dance. It gets in the way of the competitive spirit and strategic thinking that make Monopoly so much fun.


How does community chest work on Monopoly Go?

Landing on the Community Chest tile automatically funds it. However, the Jackpot mini-game lets you multiply the prize. To do so, remove more friends from the board before landing on a chest key.

How do you win community chest in Monopoly?

Every Community Chest Tile you land on adds money to the Board near the Free Parking Tile. Invite friends to play the game to open the chest and claim your prize!

What happens when you land on free parking in Monopoly?

The player who lands on “FREE PARKING” does not get any money, property, or other reward of any kind. This is just a “free” spot to rest.

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