Skull and Bones: How To Repair Your Ship

Battling waves and enemies leaves your ship worse for wear? Learn how to repair and maintain your vessel in Skull and Bones!

In Skull and Bones, Repair Your Ship are more than just vehicles; they’re the customizable, player-controlled entities that make naval battle and exploration what they are. These ships are the main way to get around on the high seas. They are very well made so that players can change them to fit their own tastes and ways of playing.

These player-controlled ships aren’t just pretty things; they’re also very useful tools that can be used in exciting naval battles and wide-ranging exploring. Fight tough battles with a wide range of weapons and ship skills against both player-controlled and AI-controlled enemies. The captain is in charge of all aspects of naval battle, from strategic moves to broadside attacks.

Docks are very important to a pirate captain’s trip because they let them fix things and make them better. Players can spend their hard-earned coins to improve their ships by making the hulls stronger and the weapons more powerful. The dynamic nature of the game adds new elements, like the ability to fix ships in a number of different ways, use hang gliders for travel, and use healing cannons during battle.

How To Repair Your Ship in Skull and Bones

Using A Repair Kit

  • Repair Kit I
    • 6000 hull health healing.
    • The Blueprint is available from Sainte-Anne Carpenter.
      • 1x Metal
      • 1x Scavenged Wood
  • Repair Kit II
    • 18,000 hull health healing
    • The Blueprint is available from multiple vendors, including a vendor located at Vorona Falls.
      • 3x Scavenged Wood
      • 3x Rusty Nail

Foods That Increase Repair Efficiency

RecipeIngredientsRequirement To Get RecipeEffect
Trondro Gasy1x Raw Vegetables1x Water Flask1x FishContract RewardPurchase at Sainte-Anne Hawker+30% Stamina Regen+15% Repair Kit Efficiency-20% Brace Stamina Consumption when beginning to brace
Godrogodro1x Flour1x CoconutNone+30% Stamina RegenRepair Kit Efficiency +10%-30% Trim Crew Stamina Consumption while trimming sails
Vary Be Menaka1x Raw Beef1x Coconut1x Shark MeatBlueprint+10% Repair Kit Efficiency+30% Stamina Regen-30% Brace Stamina Consumption at beginning of bracing

Ship Furniture Increasing Health

Double-planked Hull+5% in hull health
First Aid Station+30% in repair weapons when your ship’s hull health is less than 33%
Rigging Station+1% hull health increase per second if you’re below 20% health
Scrapper Station+8,000 hull health once a crew attack is initiated
Joinery Workshop+10% in repair weapons for the amount of repair

Utilizing Cutthroat Fang in Crafting and Upgrading

  • How to Get the Cutthroat Fang: The Cutthroat Fang can be found as a rare drop in the game world, earned by defeating certain enemies or finishing certain quests.
  • Crafting: Players can use the Cutthroat Fang and other materials in the crafting system to make new weapons, ship parts, or improvements. If you need to make high-level items, the Fang could be a rare or important ingredient.
Skull and Bones: How To Repair Your Ship
  • Upgrades: Players could also use the Cutthroat Fang to improve guns or ship parts that they already have. Upgrading could improve the stats, performance, or skills of the player’s gear, making it better for exploration or battle.
  • Resource Management: Players may need to be careful about how they use the Cutthroat Fang because it is likely a rare resource. They might have to think carefully about whether to use it to make something new, improve their current gear, or store it for later use.
  • Unique powers: The Cutthroat Fang might also have unique properties or powers that depend on how the game is played. For instance, using the Fang to craft a weapon could give it acid damage, or using it to improve a ship part could make it faster or easier to move.

Skull and Bones: Gameplay

Skull and Bones lets you play as a scary pirate captain in the Indian Ocean, which is a huge open world. Start with a simple ship and work your way up to more notorious ones by taking on risky tasks.

Operating SystemWindows 10 64-bitWindows 10 64-bit or Windows 11 64-bit
ProcessorIntel Core i7-4790 or AMD Ryzen 5 1600Intel Core i7-8700K or AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Memory8 GB RAM16 GB RAM
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB or AMD Radeon RX 570 4GBNVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 8GB or AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB
Storage65 GB available space65 GB available space (SSD required)
DirectXDirectX 11DirectX 12
official site

You can change the ships in your fleet, from fast scouts to heavily armed frigates. Use cannons, muskets, and boarding tactics to fight exciting ship-to-ship battles. Find items on trade ships, finish quests for different groups, and make deals with other players to work together (or against them). Your search? Famed glory and the pirate throne!

Tips for Maximizing Cutthroat Fang Acquisition

  • Do side quests and missions. A lot of games have side quests and missions that can give players useful things or resources. Make sure you fully explore the game world and finish all tasks, as they might lead you to the Cutthroat Fang or give you hints on how to get it.
  • Enhance Your Ship: Spend money to improve your ship’s skills, like its speed, firepower, and armour. A ship with lots of useful tools will help you win battles and give you a better chance of beating the tough enemies guarding the Cutthroat Fang.
  • Form Alliances or Use Diplomacy: In some games, making deals with other factions or using diplomacy can lead to new quests and chances. You might want to join groups that may have knowledge or resources about the Cutthroat Fang.
  • Explore Hidden Areas: Get to know the game world inside and out, including any unexplored or hidden areas. You should be ready for tough fights because the Cutthroat Fang might be hidden in a remote area or protected by very tough enemies.


Can you leave the ship in Skull and Bones?

On the map, a port is shown by a yellow dot. To get off your ship and land in Skull and Bones, you’ll need to be close to one. If you sail close enough, you’ll be told to get off the ship.

How do you board ships in Skull and Bones?

First, you need to lower the enemy ship’s life to less than half. You can do this by fighting it at sea and firing guns at it. The ship’s health will pulse a teal colour, and an anchor sign will show up when it’s ready to be boarded. This is when you should dock your ship next to the enemy.

How do you repair a captained ship?

You can dock a Captained ship next to any Outpost. Talk to the Shipwright. Choose “Restore My Ship” at the bottom. If the ship is already in perfect shape, the choice will be greyed out.

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