How to Get water in Sons Of The Forest

Discover safe ways to stay hydrated in Sons of the Forest. Avoid the dangers!

In “Sons of the Forest,” making sure your character stays hydrated is important for staying alive in the harsh settings. You can find different drinks all over the map, but finding a reliable source of water is the most important thing. In this article we will talk about how to get water in Sons Of The Forest.

Luckily, the games gives you more than one way to get this important item. Natural sources of water, like streams, rivers, and ponds, can be found all over the wilderness. These sources not only provide water, but they are also important refuges and places to refuel. A steady source of clean water can also be obtained over time by building water collectors or rain catchers in your base.

But people should be careful because water sources could be dirty or home to dangerous animals, which makes the job of getting food more dangerous. So, balancing the need to stay hydrated with the difficulties of living is one of the most important parts of “Sons of the Forest.” For more information go to their official website.

How to get water in Sons Of The Forest

  1. Monitor your thirst level.
  2. If low, “You Are Thirsty” appears in the bottom left corner.
  3. Find water.
  4. Recognize not all water sources are safe.
  5. Note lakes and rivers are dirty.
  6. Avoid drinking from dirty sources.
  7. Choose between collecting rainwater or boiling dirty water.

How to Use the Water Tank

  1. Gather sticks: Kelvin can assist in finding sticks scattered across the forest.
  2. Hunt turtles: Locate turtles near water sources and use a spear or similar tool to obtain their meat and shells.
  3. Construct water collection system: Utilize 16 sticks and a turtle shell to build the water collection system.
  4. Utilize collected rainwater: The water collector can hold up to five drinks. It’s crucial to use it promptly as it may dry out during dry periods.

Understanding the Importance of Water in Sons of the Forest

  • Need for Survival: Like being hungry, being thirsty can kill you in the video game. Your character’s thirst goes away over time, especially when they do hot things like run, fight, or explore. Your health and energy will get worse if you don’t drink enough water every day. Eventually, you will die.
  • Management of resources: Unlike food, clean water sources that are easy to get aren’t always given. Rivers, lakes, and streams are your main sources, but where you live and the time of year can change how easy it is to get to them. Some bodies of water freeze over in the winter, which can be a problem.
How to get water in Sons Of The Forest
  • Crafting and building: Water is used for more than just staying hydrated. It’s needed to make things like bone arrows and mending salves. Building a water collector also lets you collect rainwater quietly, giving your base a steady supply of clean water.
  • Planning and travel: For travel, it’s important to know where to find water. When you go on a trip far from known water sources, you need to plan ahead and bring a water bag or some other way to collect and store water.

Importance of Hydration for Survival in Sons of the Forest

  • Loss of Health: Just like in real life, as your character’s thirst grows, their health goes down. Your character will die in the end if nothing is done about it.
  • Less energy: Being dehydrated also lowers your stamina, which makes it harder to do things like fight, run, and jump. In battle or when travelling the world, this can put you at a disadvantage.
  • Challenges that come with the seasons: Winter adds to the difficulties. The difficulty of finding open water sources increases, making it even more important to stay hydrated through other means.

Tips for Keeping Yourself Hydrated:

  • Find natural water sources and drink from them. Look for lakes, rivers, and streams. Be careful, because you might not be able to drink some bodies of water.
  • Eat Certain Foods: Some fruits and nuts can help you stay hydrated, but you shouldn’t depend on them alone.
  • By making a flask, you can bring water with you on trips, making it a handy option.

Tips for Efficient Water Management

How to Find Water:

  • You can get water from streams, rivers, and lakes. These are easy to find and provide a lot of fresh water. Just walk up to the water and press “E” to drink.
  • 3D Printer: You’ll come across 3D printers as you look around. You can use them to make a waterskin that lets you take water with you.
  • Loot: Look out for bags and other packages that might have bottled water or other drinks that can help you stay hydrated.

Keeping water clean:

  • Drink wisely: Don’t drink a lot of water all the time. Your character should only drink when they seem thirsty. In the inventory screen, you can see how much water you have left.
  • Avoid doing things that drain your energy: Activities like sprinting and climbing use up both water and energy. Control your energy to keep from losing water that you don’t need to.
  • Build near bodies of water: Putting up your base near a lake or stream makes it easy to get water.


How do you get fresh water in the forest?

Polluted water, found in ponds. It is drinkable, but will damage the player’s health. Fresh or clean water, created by catching rain in water collectors or by boiling polluted water in a pot. It is the preferred type of water, as it is drinkable and will not damage the player’s health.

How do you get water in Sons of the Forest winter?

Streams, also called running water, let you drink. The lakes where they eat should be easy to find. Falls don’t freeze at the bottom; they only freeze at the top. It looks like an old cobblestone road with a thin layer of water never freezes.

How do you dry in Sons of the Forest?

You can find 13 sticks in the surroundings to use to build the Drying Rack. When you have the sticks, all you have to do is carry them to the Drying Rack and press the “E” key to put them in the right place.

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