Spider-Man 2: How To Beat Mister Negative

Need help defeating Mister Negative in Spider-Man 2? This boss fight guide has you covered.

Mister Negative makes his return to the Marvel’s Spider-Man series in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, where he appears as an early boss that Miles must overcome. Martin Li, who played Beat Mister Negative in Spider-Man 2 game, is reprising his role as one of the game’s primary antagonists in this sequel.

Since Miles’s fate is inextricably linked with Li’s throughout the course of the narrative in Marvel’s Spider-Man, it is only natural that the younger Spider should be the one to engage in combat with Li. When Miles is held captive in Kraven’s facility, the plot of Marvel Spider-Man 2 reaches one of its most intense points, making it one of the most memorable moments of the movie.

The boss battles have been brought back as fantastic cinematic experiences, but they now have more of an RPG feel to them, with clear health bars for the bosses. They are still full of big set-piece moments, but the challenges you face in between them are significantly more difficult than they were in the original game, which was released five years ago.

How To Beat Mister Negative in Spider-Man 2

Phase One

  1. Low Sweep: Li will bring his sword down to the ground and fold it up next to his knee. This is a sign that he’s about to launch a broadside ground attack that forms a wave in front of him. Press X to jump over this and get away from it.
  2. Dash Attack: Li will pull his sword up next to him and briefly charge it up before dashing forwards to attack you. This is the dash attack. Your Spidey-Sense will show up when Li is getting ready to attack, and you can dodge or parry the attack when it turns red.
  3. Lightning Strike: Li will raise his sword above his head, bring it down, and slam it into the ground to send a mighty bolt of lightning straight at you. You can’t parry these, so dodge out of the way to avoid them.
  4. Projectile Attack: Li will hold up his empty hand and fire projectiles at you during this attack. Even though you can avoid these, this one leaves Li open for a few seconds for you to attack him instead.

Phase Two

Spider-Man 2: How To Beat Mister Negative
  1. Negative Energy Dome: Li will put up a dome around himself, temporarily blocking Miles’ powers. You need to avoid attacks until you can use your Thunder Burst skill. This will smash through the dome and break it, leaving Li open to a second attack.
  2. Tornado Sweep: Li will send a group of Tornados flying in different directions around him for this attack. Every one has a small space between it that you can use to avoid getting hit by a tornado when it comes your way.

Phase Three

  1. Catch the Demon: The first thing you need to do is catch the demon in front of you. You’re in a world where Mister Negative has a lot of power, which is bad news. As you zip from one platform to the next, try not to fall into the water below. If you do, don’t worry—you can get back up quickly. Also, you can swing from one building to the next. Just keep going, or you’ll lose your speed.
  2. Face Your Own Demons: Now that you’ve caught the demon, it’s time to face your own. It’s all about fighting and keeping fighting even when everything is aimed at you (or said to you). You should fight them the same way you’ve fought the other groups of Hunters since the beginning. The abilities Venom Jump and Reverse Flux can help you hurt more than one enemy at the same time.

Spider-Man 2 Gameplay

The main focus of “Spider-Man 2 Gameplay” is a thrilling adventure played from a third-person view. Players can be both Spider-Man and Miles Morales, Peter Parker and Miles Morales. They can fight enemies and explore a huge version of New York City. There are many Spider-Man suits in the game, and each one has its own special abilities. Players can freely switch between Miles and Peter while they’re on an adventure.

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Each character has their own tasks to complete and unique skills that make the game more fun. The fighting in “Spider-Man 2” has been improved so that players can block physical attacks, especially from strong enemies. When moving around the city, the new suits have Web Wings that let them glide, and they work better in places with strong wind currents.

The Importance of Healing and Health Management

  • In battle, Spider-Man will take damage from enemies and obstacles. If his health bar runs out, he will die and have to start over at the last checkpoint. Healing helps Spider-Man get better so he can keep fighting.
  • To see more of the open world, Spider-Man can swing through the city on his webs, but he will fall if he gets hit too hard. Spider-Man can stay in the air and keep exploring while he heals.
  • To finish challenges and side missions: In Spider-Man 2, many challenges and side missions require Spider-Man to kill a certain number of enemies or stay alive for a certain amount of time. Spider-Man can get through these problems and finish side missions by healing.


Is Mister Negative good or bad?

The man known as Martin Li is very wealthy and is praised for being a generous person. He uses his money to help people who are in need. But in his other life as Mister Negative, a cruel figure from the underworld, he uses his extradimensional energy powers to ruin everything he touches as the leader of a criminal empire.

Why does Mr. Negative hate Osborn?

Since he was a child, Norman Osborn did experiments on him that gave him powers but also killed his parents. Li tried to control his anger for years, but in the end he would lead a terrorist campaign to bring Osborn to justice and ruin his reputation, no matter how many people died in the process.

Is Mr Li a bad guy in Spider-Man?

Li is one of the main bad guys in the first game. He wants to get back at Mayor Norman Osborn, which is why he terrorised the city. After losing, he joined Doctor Octopus’s Sinister Six and was defeated again with the other members of the group.

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