Starfield: How To Get Lubricant (interstellar maintenance)

Feeling friction in Starfield? This guide unveils all lubrication methods, from shops to crafting, for smooth sailing through the cosmos.

In Starfield, lube is hard to find even though it’s needed for many things, like researching and making changes to weapons. Unfortunately, it can’t be mined or easily found with scanners, which makes it hard for people to find. Because lubricant is hard to find in the wild, players often have to find other ways to get it, like buying it from special shops or using computer commands, if they want to. In this article we will show you how To Get Lubricant in Starfield.

It’s not easy to find lubricant in the game world, so you have to rely on established sellers or use digital intervention. Lubricant can be bought in some shops in the video game, which is a handy but pricey option for players who need it. But the exact sites of these shops are still secret, so players are encouraged to look around carefully or ask community guides for help.

In addition, players can choose the easier option of using console codes to get lubricant, skipping the whole hunt. This way of getting lubricant gets around the intense gameplay experience, but it works for players who need it right away. Unravel the mysteries of Starfield! Dive deeper on the official website.

How To Get Lubricant in Starfield

Buying Lubricant from one of the many vendors spread out across the world is the safest way to get it for crafting in Starfield. Players won’t have to wait long to buy it, though, because it’s available early in Starfield. It’s not ideal to rely on traders because they cost credits and players might have to come back in 24 hours to get what they need at times that are random. The cost of lubricant is pretty low, so players should have plenty of credits to buy some. There are the following stores in Starfield that sell lubricant:

The Jemison Merchantile

  1. Identify two primary stores in the Alpha Centauri System: Jemison Merchantile and Outland store in New Atlantis.
  2. Attack these stores initially as they are likely targets for players.
  3. Explore New Atlantis after completing the main goal.
  4. Engage in side quests available in New Atlantis.
  5. Visit the general goods shop for resources when needed.
  6. Purchase Lubricant for 17 credits each from the shop.

Shops in the Outland

  1. Visit the Outland store in New Atlantis.
  2. Explore the store’s selection of space-related products.
  3. Note the focus on suits and mining gear.
  4. Identify the availability of Lubricant.
  5. Compare the store’s offerings to those of Jemison Merchantile.
  6. Consider the pricing, which is 17 credits for Lubricant.
  7. Make a purchase if satisfied with the selection and price.

This is Sheppard’s General Goods Store.

  1. Visit the Sheppard’s General Goods store in Akila City in the Cheyanne System.
  2. Explore the store for Lubricant and other items.
  3. Engage in “The Empty Nest” task to reach Akila.
  4. Utilize Sheppard’s store for crafting ingredients.
  5. Purchase Lubricant for 18 credits from Sheppard.

Exploring In-Game Mechanics for Obtaining Lubricant

  • Gather resources: Explore planets and space stations to find resources like oil, grease, or other suitable materials.
  • Refining stations: Use crafting stations onboard your ship or at outposts to convert those resources into lubricant.
Starfield: How To Get Lubricant
  • Blueprints or recipes: You might need to acquire blueprints or recipes for specific lubricant formulas.
  • Vendors: Galactic traders or specific merchants might sell lubricant in various qualities and quantities.
  • Bartering: Trade with other players or factions, offering them resources or items they need in exchange for lubricant.

Leveraging Crafting and Trading for Lubricant Procurement

  • Gather the Materials You Need: In Starfield, lubricant can be made from a number of different materials, such as certain minerals, polished chemicals, or even used parts that have been saved. You can find these items by exploring, going on quests, or buying them from vendors. While exploring planets, use your scanner to look through containers, bases, and wreckage for materials that could be used to make lubricants.
  • Invest in Crafting Perks: Depending on the lube recipe, you might want to focus on crafting perks that have to do with chemistry or engineering. This will make it easier to craft more items and maybe even get better lubrication.
  • Set Up Crafting Stations: On your ship or at the bases you claim, set up crafting stations. This makes it easy to make lube whenever you need it.
  • Visit trading outposts. Vendors often sell lubricants and other goods on space stations, planetary settlements, and other outposts. Visit these sellers often to see what they have in stock and buy lube when it’s available.
  • Talk about prices: Starfield has a method for trading goods. Use your charm and business sense to get better deals on lubricants, especially when you buy a lot of them at once.
  • Trade with Other Players: You could trade or barter with other players in the online group. This can help you get the oils you need or get rid of the ones you don’t need.


Can you farm lubricant in Starfield?

I found a good place to farm a lot of lubricant so I wouldn’t have to buy it from sellers or kill a lot of animals over and over again. You can raise the Herding Beetlecrab Grazer as a pet on planet Beta Marae I in the Beta Marae system, which is close to the Kryx system. This will let you make a lot of lubricant.

What plant gives lubricant Starfield?

The other option is to go on an adventure into the woods to find lubricant in plants like Jagged Heart leaf or Canary Reed. Animals, such as the Kelpstrider and the Cutterhead, are another source of lubricant.

Where to buy lubricant New Atlantis?

Once the main goal is over, players can look around New Atlantis and do side quests. When you need resources, the general goods shop is one of the best places to go. They usually have Lubricant for 17 credits each.

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