Starfield: How to Get N67 Smartgun

Use the N67 Smartgun to cut through enemies! This guide tells you where to get Starfield's one-of-a-kind minigun and why you'll love it.

This guide shows you how to Get N67 Smartgun in Starfield video game, UC Distribution hub is a huge area where players can start an exciting quest to get the powerful N67 Smartgun. This heavy weapon is a testament to both raw power and cutting-edge technology. You can get this highly-desired weapon by making deals with a certain vendor in UC Distribution. It gives players a tantalising mix of firepower and futuristic looks.

The N67 Smartgun has great specs that make it a great choice for people who want to be in charge on the battlefield. High damage output and advanced targeting systems make it a lethal weapon that takes the combat experience to a whole new level. As players learn how to use this heavy weapon, they can also look into the many weapon mods that are specifically made for the N67 Smartgun.

Each one offers different improvements that can be used with different types of games. With a wide range of attachments and upgrades that can do devastating damage, the N67 Smartgun and its mods give you a fully customisable arsenal that gives you unmatched firepower and strategic options in the world of Starfield action role playing game

How to Get N67 Smartgun in Starfield

  1. Purchase: The N67 Smartgun is available at UC Distribution in New Atlantis’ Commercial District for 38,713 Credits. This base price assumes no Commerce skill points.
  2. Discount with Commerce Skill: With Commerce Rank 1, the price drops to 36,777 Credits. Note that further discounts are possible as you acquire more Commerce skill ranks.
  3. Early Purchase Recommendation: If your budget allows, consider buying the N67 Smartgun early in the game.
  4. Credit Earning: If needed, focus on earning Credits quickly to afford the N67 Smartgun.
  5. Combat Strength: The N67 Smartgun is effective against tough enemies like Terrormorphs in the UC Vanguard quests.
  6. Ammo Consumption: Be mindful of the weapon’s ammunition usageโ€”it utilizes 7.77mm ammunition with a 320-round magazine and fires at a rate of 350 rounds per minute.
  7. Limited Use: While powerful, note that you might not use the N67 Smartgun frequently in your gameplay.
  8. Modification Possibility: The N67 Smartgun is customizable; use a weapon workbench to enhance its features and improve upon the base version purchased at UC Distribution.

Starfield N67 Smartgun Location

Starfield: How to Get N67 Smartgun
  • On the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system, in the Commercial District of New Atlantis to be exact, you can find the N67 Smartgun.
  • Find the UC Distribution Centre in New Atlantis’s Commercial District. This vendor location has the N67 Smartgun for sale, but be ready to pay 36,000 credits or more.
  • That’s the main point! To get this powerful minigun, you don’t need fancy pictures; just follow the simple steps given. Space traveller, good luck!

Strategies for Efficient N67 Smartgun Use

Change It Up

  • Focus on mods that make your preferred firing mode better: Whether you like burst fire for more damage over time or single shots for more accuracy, pick mods that make your preferred mode more powerful. Think about lowering the recoil, improving accuracy, and increasing the damage.
  • Don’t forget about utility mods: Mods like longer magazines, faster reloads, and less energy loss can make your N67 much more reliable and save you a lot of ammo.

Learn how to use the firing modes

  • Burst fire: Burst fire does a lot of damage quickly and is great for fighting multiple enemies close up. But it can use a lot of ammo and needs good control of the recoil.
  • Single shot: Great for fighting at long range and killing important targets. Needs precise aim, but rewards with pinpoint accuracy and saving ammo.

Use your weak spots

  • A lot of the enemies in Starfield have weak spots where they take extra damage. To be as effective as possible, learn to find these weak spots and focus on them. It is easy to take advantage of these weaknesses with the N67 because it is very accurate.

Use with other weapons

  • Don’t depend on the N67 alone. For close-quarters fights, bring a shotgun or a melee weapon. For long-range kills, think about getting a sniper rifle. You can adapt and beat any challenge by switching between weapons based on the situation.

N67 Smartgun Stats and Specifications

Starfield: How to Get N67 Smartgun

In general

  • Type: Minigun (a rare and unique type of Microgun)
  • Manufacturer: No information on the maker
  • Purchase: The UC Distribution Centre in New Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri system), was bought for more than 36,000 credits.

The numbers

  • Damage: Base damage is high, and the “Shattering” trait makes it even stronger.
  • Rate of Fire: Like most miniguns, it’s very fast.
  • Accuracy: It’s not very accurate, and the high rate of fire causes it to recoil.
  • Magazine Size: The magazine is big, but it can run out quickly.
  • Reload Time: Long time to reload.
  • Range: Not too bad.


Where is the N67 Smartgun in Starfield?

The busy Commercial District of New Atlantis City in the Alpha Centauri System is where you can find it. Wen Tseng sells it at the UC Distribution Centre to be exact. It costs 38,713 credits, which is a fair price for such a great weapon.

What is the unique pistol in Starfield?

The Memento Mori and Trickshot are powerful unique pistols with multiple weapon effects and high base damage. The Ace Sidearm and Keelhauler are good early-game pistols, but there are better damage-dealing options.

How do you get unfair advantage in Starfield?

When you do the Eye of the Storm faction quest in the Crimson Fleet questline, you can get the Unfair Advantage. Make your choice about which side to side with during the end of this quest.

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