How to Take Photos in Tears of the Kingdom: 9 Steps

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, there’s a good chance you will want to take pictures as you explore the expansive and breathtaking world of Hyrule. We all love preserving our favorite memories because the world is so vast and open. In this article we will discuss about the how to Take Photos in Tears of the Kingdom.

In addition to scenic views of Hyrule and its islands, the Purah Pad can record images of enemies, creatures, plants, weapons, and other items that Link comes into contact with. The Hyrule Compendium, a repository of knowledge about the world that Link can access at any time, can be filled with photos to help Link. This feature can also be used to finish quests and discover a number of secrets. Below we will mention some steps Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Photo mode.

How to Take Picture in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

  1. Start the “Camera Work in The Depths” Side Quest that Josha and Robbie will give you at Lookout Landing to unlock the camera app in the game.
  2. Speak with Robbie and Josha, then agree to the quest. You’ll be asked to enter the Depths, they’ll say.
  3. Go to the large chasm outside of Lookout Landing that is encircled by purple and red goo.
  4. To start the quest, descend into the Depths.
  5. Hold the L button down to operate the camera.
  6. On your ability wheel, click the Camera icon.
  7. Click the A button to take the photo once you have everything you want in the frame.
  8. By pressing the X button to rotate the camera, you can also take selfies.
  9. Your Hyrule Compendium will be filled out by taking pictures of weapons, armor, supplies, creatures, and plants.

Unlocking The Camera App In Tears Of The Kingdom

  1. Ascend into the Depths by leaping into the Fissure.
  2. Meet Robbie’s assistant, who informs you that Robbie has fled into the night.
  3. Follow the trail of campfires that represent Robbie’s journey.
  4. Navigate by following the campfires through the night.
  5. Locate and engage with Lightroots, sizable tower-shaped flowers that give off a gentle green glow.
  6. Touching the Lightroots will illuminate the area, reveal a fast-travel point, and unlock a section of the Depths map.
  7. Follow the campfires until you come to Robbie, the goggle-wearing scientist.
  8. Get the go-ahead to photograph a statue nearby from Robbie.
  9. Gain access to the Hyrule Compendium and the Camera app.
  10. Photograph the statue.
  11. Visit Lookout Landing once more.
  12. To finish the quest, present Josha with the picture.

Tears of The Kingdom Gameplay

Players are mesmerized by The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s alluring combination of adventure and action. This eagerly awaited game delivers an expansive and engrossing open-world experience, carrying on the legacy of its predecessor, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, Tears of the Kingdom introduces a variety of new skills and bigger environments, giving the cherished franchise new life.

Players take on the role of the brave hero Link once more as they set out on an epic journey through a vast world filled with perplexing puzzles, difficult goals, and formidable foes. Tears of the Kingdom, unlike its predecessors, has a more vertically oriented Hyrule that beckons daring explorers to scale towering peaks, soar effortlessly through the air, and effortlessly cross rivers and lakes.


Where do I get Hylian rice in Tears of the Kingdom?

The general stores in Hateno Village, Zora’s Domain, Gerudo Town, and Koroko Forest all sell Hylian rice. The fact that Zora’s Domain has it on hand is especially beneficial for the “Gourmets Gone Missing” quest, which calls for this unique rice.

How do you use the wing in Tears of the Kingdom?

Carry the wing to the edge of the cliff, hold it off the cliff, and lift it up high. Now, slowly walk backward, lowering the Zonai wing gradually back to the surface – think of it like performing the plane’s takeoff in reverse.

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