Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Reach Sky Islands

Explore Tears of the Kingdom's sky islands! Master every launch, glide, and climb technique.

In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, Reach Sky Islands is a vast area that you can explore in the clouds above Hyrule’s land. However, due to the fact that it is fragmented, it can be a little difficult to travel at times. You will eventually be required to return to the sky at some time, but as Link freefalls down to Hyrule below, you will be able to explore all of the new stuff that is available

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom game at your own speed. We have quickly gone over all of the options that we are aware of with regard to how to go to the Sky Islands in TOTK below in order to assist you in reaching the many scattered locations in the sky.

What are sky islands in Tears of the Kingdom?

Sky islands are expansions of the general landscape of Tears of the Kingdom, and they are strategically placed to tower over the vast regions of Hyrule world. On these islands, players will discover a greater number of buildings, a variety of opponents, and a particular beauty in the landscape that is only seen on these islands.

Even though there are unique goods and exploring locations that players might not find on the ground below, there are also components of gameplay that are identical to those found on the rest of the map, such as encounters with enemies, therefore they are not completely distinct from the rest of the world.

How To Reach Sky Islands in Tears Of The Kingdom

Due to the fact that Link does not possess wings like Revali does, it is imperative that he discover a means of ascending into the air in order to reach Sky Islands in the sequel to Breath of the Wild. Since the game has been made available for the Nintendo Switch, we are aware that there are numerous ways to accomplish this as of yet:

Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Reach Sky Islands
  1. Use Recall
  2. Build vehicles
  3. Fast travel
  4. Soar into the skies from a Skyview Tower

Use Recall

With the Tears of the Kingdom Recall skill, you have the ability to reverse the momentum of debris that has fallen by using it. There have been shards of the Sky Islands scattered over Hyrule, and you have the opportunity to ride them back up into the heavens of the country.

Be careful, however, for some of these pebbles that have fallen do not actually lead somewhere; rather, they will simply lead you up to the sky, which is completely empty. If you want to get further detail, than you can visit official website

Build vehicles: rockets and hot air balloons

Sky Islands can be reached in Tears of the Kingdom by a variety of means, including the utilization of skills; however, Link can also employ cunning in order to access them. If you are able to locate the appropriate objects laying about, you can use the Ultrahand and Fuse skills to create a hot air balloon for yourself. This will allow you to travel to the location of your choice while slowly floating up into the sky.

Fast travel

You will soon have a collection of Shrines in the sky that you can easily fast travel to once you have explored a few Sky Islands. These Shrines will be located in heaven. This is perhaps the easiest way to get somewhere quickly, and it only becomes more useful as you progress farther into the game.

If you need to get somewhere quickly, this means you should utilize this method. Additionally, once you have obtained the Tears of the Kingdom Travel Medallion, you will have the ability to drop a quick travel point anywhere you choose, which will allow you to return to the skies whenever you find it convenient.

Soar into the skies from a Skyview Tower

When you activate a Tears of the Kingdom Skyview Tower, you will have the ability to fly in the air. In order to accomplish this, you will need to have mastered the process of acquiring the paraglider in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, even though it is not particularly difficult.


How do you get across the Sky Islands?

When compared to the other sky archipelagos, the Great Sky Island may appear to be a remote location; however, if you have rockets and have a better understanding of how to utilize the Wing gadget, you will be able to quickly travel back to the island and fly to another island. In addition to completing the objectives on Robbie’s Purah Pad, you should also be sure to obtain the Travel Medallions.

Where is Sky Islands located?

Sky Islands are mountain ranges that are located in the southeastern part of Arizona and in the northern part of Mexico. Because of the fact that some of the mountains are higher than 6,000 feet above the desert floor that surrounds them, the lowlands and the high peaks are dramatically different from one another.

Which temple is first in Tears of the Kingdom?

There are a number of compelling arguments in favor of beginning your journey with the Wind Temple rather than any of the other three shrines. After you have started the Regional Phenomena quest by mentioning Rito Village, non-player characters will naturally be exerting pressure on you to move in that way.

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