Tech Things You Can Do Even When You Have No Coding Experience

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Check Tech Things You Can Do Even When You Have No Coding Experience

If you’re looking to get involved in the burgeoning tech scene but don’t know how to code, many tech career opportunities don’t require any coding skills. If you’re someone who wants a career in tech, even if you can’t code, that’s great! There’s more to the world of tech than programming, and you don’t need to have programming skills to get a job in the tech industry. From startups to major tech companies, there is a wide variety of no-coding tech jobs available. Learning to code can be daunting. Frustrating. Maybe even fear. However, the technology industry is huge. If you think coding isn’t for you, there are plenty of technical jobs out there that don’t even require coding.

When you were a child, you might have thought that you would become a cricketer, a painter, a musician, a writer, etc. When you grew up, your dreams changed and you wanted to be something else and later when you were given the option to go to college. you got confused about your career and you didn’t know where you were or what you wanted to be in your life. . In this article, we’ll walk you through the technical things you can do even if you have no coding experience.

Tech things you can do even when you have no coding experience

User experience designer

User experience (UX) designers create products with the end user in mind. Its main objective is to increase user satisfaction. The UX field varies a lot. Some UXers focus exclusively on user research, while others may be more involved with product prototyping.

  • User research: understand users through interviews or other methods such as card sorting.
  • Informational architecture: learn the most effective ways to structure content on a site or app.
  • Data Driven Design: make design decisions based on data analysis.
  • Wireframing and prototypes: creation of test versions of websites/web applications

data analyst

Tech companies have a lot of data related to their business and someone has to collect it, extract it, analyze it and also manage it. This role primarily requires knowledge of SQL or hive or pig (any query language), Microsoft Excel, and even Google Analytics to organize a large data set. Many data analysts are familiar with statistical programming languages ​​such as Python or R, which are also widely used in this role. If you love math, statistics, and have the analytical skills to compile and manage a large data set, go for it.


Do you like drawing and art and want to get involved in technology? Then you may want to consider a career as a designer. There are several areas that you could specialize in, or you could do a little of each.

Some of these jobs include web design, user interface design, and mobile design, others include ad design, or even packaging design for companies that produce tangible goods.

A designer’s basic job is to create a cohesive look for a website, mobile app, package, or ad that draws the audience in and keeps them interested. It requires a keen eye for good design and a working knowledge of what will make it easier for the target audience to discover the website or product they are designing.

For example, you can design products and packaging for companies that produce tangible goods. Or you can design ads and branding, or even web pages. While everyone can benefit from some basic coding skills (especially in web design), many designers don’t have any programming or coding knowledge at all.

technical writer

Technical writer is another great option for people looking for a technical job without coding. In a nutshell, a technical writer is a professional who converts or compiles complex information into a concise, simple, and easy-to-understand document. In particular, with regard to the world of computing, a technical writer is required to write or update the documentation of a product or service, such as instruction manuals, user manuals, guides, white papers, etc. It can be said that technical writers not only write for users, but often create technical content for internal communication, such as project plans, design specifications, reports, etc.

with the help of the respective teams. In addition to excellent writing skills, he must have good research and exploration skills to become a successful technical writer. The great thing about being a technical writer is that aside from regular office jobs, you can also get proper freelance career opportunities in the tech world. Also, the average entry-level technical writer salary is around 4-6 LPA, and it can also go up based on your skills and knowledge.

Search engine optimization specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO), while often categorized under the marketing umbrella, is characterized by its own technicalities, particularly in dealing with rising rankings on search engines whose algorithms are constantly being optimized for up-to-the-minute relevance. hour. SEO specialists collaborate with web developers and designers to ensure SEO best practices are implemented on a website/web application.

Other common responsibilities of SEO specialists include:

  • Keyword research.
  • Work with content teams to drive SEO in content creation.
  • On-page copy optimization to improve search engine rankings.
  • Tracking, reporting and analysis of website analytics and PPC campaigns.

software testing

The software quality tester works closely with the developers to verify whether or not the software meets the specifications and requirements. They put the program through a variety of tests and check all kinds of bugs, errors, and the quality of the software or product before releasing it to the market. If they find something that doesn’t work as expected, they notify the developers to fix the problem. The software tester uses automation tools and techniques to find bugs and errors. Here you should note that automated tests require coding knowledge, but manual tests do not.

Final words: Tech Things You Can Do Even When You Have No Coding Experience

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