Tekken 8: How To Unlock Alternate Outfit

Want to see your favorite fighter in a new light? Learn how to conquer challenges and earn all the alternate outfits in Tekken 8!

The character cast in Tekken 8 is huge, with 32 characters to choose from. Each character has a number of outfits that show off their personality and style. You will be able to buy most clothes right away with Fight Money, but you will need to find other ways to get others. We will show you how To Unlock Alternate Outfit in Tekken 8 in this blog.

If you only want to unlock the clothes for your favorite characters, it shouldn’t take long since you can focus on them. But if you want to unlock the alternate outfits for every character, it will take some time and work, but it shouldn’t be too hard!

How To Unlock Alternate Outfit in Tekken 8

  1. Unlock Super Ghost Battle mode.
  2. Challenge and defeat the corresponding ghost for the fighter you desire.
  3. Note that ghost difficulty varies.
  4. Achieve victory in the battle.
  5. Earn money during the battle.
  6. Return to the shop.
  7. Purchase the desired outfit with the earned money.

About the Game

Expected to retain Tekken’s core fighting mechanics with potential additions or refinements, including new “Heat” system affecting moveset properties

FeatureDetails (Based on speculation and leaks)
Release DateJanuary 25, 2024
PlatformsPlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PC
GenreFighting game, Adventure game
DeveloperBandai Namco Studios
PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment
ModeMultiplayer video game
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Significance of Alternate Outfits in Tekken Series

  • Chunkbase Website: This website has a tool that can help you find places in your world seed where slime chunks are.
  • Slime Finder Mods and Apps: Some mods and apps can scan your world and show you places where slime chunks are. Be careful using these on sites that don’t allow mods, though.
  • Exploring Swamps: Slimes usually appear in swamp biomes when the light level is low (below level 40). To improve your chances of meeting someone, explore these areas at night or in small spaces.
  • Iron Golems: Iron golems scare slimes nearby, making them jump and maybe group up, which makes them easier to catch. Put up one or two near where you hunt.
Tekken 8: How To Unlock Alternate Outfit
  • With water buckets, you can slow down the flow of slimes and move them to a central point.
  • Weapons: For quick killing, a sword or bow is best. You might want to use tools that have been enchanted with “Bane of Arthropods” to deal more damage to slimes.
  • Gear: Keep yourself safe from other monsters you might find in mines or swamps.

Tips and Tricks for Unlocking Alternate Outfits

  • Aesthetic Variety: Player can see their favourite figures in different costumes and looks with alternate outfits, which offer aesthetic variety. This change makes the game more interesting to look at and keeps it interesting, especially when you play for a long time.
  • Unlockable Content: In many Tekken games, you can’t get new outfits until you hit certain goals or complete certain challenges. For example, you might need to earn in-game currency or finish a certain level. This gives players a reason to explore the game fully and makes them feel good when they unlock new outfits.
  • Cosplay and Fan Engagement: Tekken has a lot of loyal fans, and a lot of them like dressing up as their favourite characters. New costume designs are often shown in alternate outfits, which can inspire people to make their own cosplays and get more people involved in the community.
  • Merchandising and marketing: Different outfits can be used to sell the game and its characters. As downloadable content (DLC) or as part of special campaigns, developers may add new outfits to the game. This brings in extra money and keeps people interested in it over time.


How do you unlock customization in Tekken 8?

To get Tekken 8 rewards, you have to beat the fights and challenges in the story chapters and arcade quests. Also, make sure you finish the cinematics until the end of the chapter. When you play on harder settings, you can earn more items. Finish every arcade game to be able to change how your avatar looks.

Does Tekken 8 have character creation?

Character creation in Tekken 8 lets players bring everyone from Leon Kennedy to Walter White into the fight. People who play Tekken 8 are already making the most of the customising system by making new characters with it.

Who is the real character in Tekken?

When you first look at Marshall Law in Tekken, you might notice right away how much he looks like the famous martial artist Bruce Lee. Law not only looks like Bruce Lee in The Game of Death, but he also often wears yellow clothes that look just like those.

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